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    Ugh dude I feel the same way. I get discouraged just reading the blue tracker, and their responses to people. I actually stopped watching youtube vids of the fnf, because I swear to god if I hear another person ask where their attribute points went, or if they can change the angle of the camera, I'm going to implode and create a singularity Oo

    Side note, yep this website is where i go for mah news =D only joined / knew about it a month ago tomorrow, but in a way I'm glad, because if I had to sit in here for like 5 years like I do now, refeshing 435 times a day, I think my brain would have killed me out of pity.

    keep it up Dfans =D
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    Blizzard is known to have bugless betas ?? Wtf are you talking about. Anyway stop flipping shit people, there is a reason it's in beta stage.
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    Quote from PakstraX

    Quote from Ophion

    Well, from a subjective point of view I could point out a ton of things that I would consider to be issue, personally I'm no fan of respecs at all. Objectively however I can't say that unrestricted customization is a bad idea, because a lot of people like that. I will disagree with them, but I won't say that it is a problem, not any more than I will say that the existence of soccer is a problem because it takes up too much of what is shown on TV in the evenings.

    Also remember that you can always opt to not respec every 5 minutes and say to yourself "I will only respec in town". I'm sure the people you are playing with will understand.

    You have a point there. But from the point of simple math, the current system is definitively not something that Blizzard nor I would agree with. This solution is something that could work (for me and Blizzard), as it is, in my opinion, the simplest. What could be the other?

    Maybe this could be turned into a discussion about the best possible way to solve this problem.

    So far I can think of these:
    - The above (only in town)
    - Putting a timer on in
    - Being locked while in combat (similar to Stone of Recall)
    - Being locked while in certain areas
    - Buying a respec (like in WoW)


    I think you are crazy; "the current system is defiantly something blizzard nor I would agree with?" I beg your pardon sir, but I'm pretty positive that Blizzard put in the system because they DO agree with it. There's no drawbacks!! Also what are you talking about, the skills will become boring? If that is the case, then NONE of your solutions work because I will just spend a liiiiittle more time/money in respeccing, then be on my mary way. Also it's already stated that it is locked while in combat, past that you people are just scared of something you haven't seen before. "AMG WTF you mean I can do something without a huge penalty?! This HAS to be broken! there's NO WAY players will find this a fun and interesting way to experiment with what skills they like best out of their character that they created!!!"
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    Quote from Don_guillotine

    Quote from Snaks42

    Also I'd like to turn everyone's attention to what is called the 'sunburst' machine, or N-machine. What is it? Well it proves there is such thing as free energy, because you get back more than 100% of the energy you put into it.

    There is no free energy. The first two laws of thermodynamics -- which are such strong scientific concepts that they are called "laws" for a reason.

    The first states bluntly that energy can not be created or destroyed (as it only ever changes form). The second states that without outside intervention, entropy in a system tends to increase (it becomes more chaotic).

    The N-machine is just as much of a hoax as all other perpetual movement machines.

    Quote from LinkX

    That being said, there actually is a legit theory for Time Travel when taking into consideration String Theory, via use of Worm Holes. Just not backward in time, only forward.And if I got any of that wrong, the scientists on the forum will correct me, I am certain. :P

    String theory is just a load of bollocks. It was the hot topic and now it's slowly dying as scientists have tried to find any evidence for it -- to no avail. It is just math, and seems to be incorrect.

    There is no need for a wormhole for traveling to the future. All you need is a concept called "time dilation", which makes time go slower the faster you go. All it takes to travel to the future is to move close to the speed of light, and after you stop, you are in the future (since time for the rest of the universe has moved a lot faster).

    Wormholes are theoretical devices that are theoretically possible that would allow travel back in time, but they're 100% hypothetical.

    Ok first thing you got wrong, this is 'not' a perpetual motion machine, those are two COMPLETELY different things. These are not hoaxes, look them up. You can even build one yourself to find out. http://www.brucedepalma.com/n-machine/
    What this does, that i've already explained, is rotates a magnet and harnesses the energy that it creates. This happens because the magnet rubs up against the magnetic field that is the whole universe, and puts out energy (more than the energy requires to turn the magnet). The reason there are only some spots with a magnetic field is only certain objects bring the field out, it actually exists in sub space.

    Second of all, quit regarding everything you've read from the start of time as fact. The only 'fact' that we know is that with all our knowledge of physics and the universe, we know almost nothing. Try opening up your mind to think ahead instead of closing your mind to think in the footsteps of others.
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    Man some people are ridiculous, i am STILL hearing the complaints about no mods/ offline only/ RMAH.

    no mods and offline only go hand in hand. To make mods, someone would need the architecture of the game to change things around. And to play offline your computer would have to have every diablo 3 file. This leads to immediate hacking, duping, and scamming. with a real money auction house this HAS to be forbidden, because while before the aforementioned hacking and duping was annoying, now its a way to make money illegally, posing real legal threats to blizzard.

    Now I'm sure your question is, well why the eff do we even NEED a RMAH? Because unless you want diablo to go the way of WoW with almost every item soulbound / BoA, and you want to lose the fun of your friend finding that awesome sword and letting you have it, you need the RMAH. Without it, all those 3rd party websites will pop up, and people will STILL be able to buy and sell the items, but its unsecured, and shadey, and when you spend that 200$ on those items, and they don't deliver, you are screwed, blizz won't, and can't step in to help. Its a lesser of two evils, and I would rather have blizz oversee player to player transactions.
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