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    Lol yep I read all those listed ridiculous buffs. Really? Sets into the THOUSANDS of percent more damage?!

    I'm so bummed I've been wasting my time with POE instead /s

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    Path of exile is absolutely better than Diablo 3 in every single area that counts.

    To your question OP; Yes, D3 is finish the campaign, then do nearly the exact same content while slightly upping the difficulty by a few % (greater rifts).

    Actually, if you want a quick rundown;

    Farm one area until level 70 with massacre bonuses.

    Craft armor and weapons because who needs to rely on item drops in an ARPG.

    Immediately skip a couple of the 17 difficulties and put it on T1 because then sets can drop.

    Now stand in town and do regular rifts or bounties.

    Spend a couple hours at most doing the Season Journey and then get handed your 6p set.

    Upgrade rare weapons that you craft and get your sets' mandatory unique weapon.

    Now skip even more difficulty levels and move on to T6.

    Now do greater rifts until you run out of stones, then do regular rifts.

    And now, because a game that's supposed to be around hunting loot instead just hands you everything, the only thing of worth is trying for leaderboards. So get ready to use 1 set for your class that's far better than the others, and have no choice in items because there's multiple mandatory legendaries that your set requires.

    But don't worry, having all the items drop all the time just means you get to hunt for the same pieces with just slightly higher stats!

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    Maybe sets should stop increasing damage by thousands of percent in the first place.

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    One of the reasons I'm having a blast playing Diablo 4. Strange they chose to name it poe.

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    Quote from Shapookya»

    Quote from TauSigmaX»

    Quote from Critikz91»

    Hey guys just want to know how are you feeling about D3 atm/near future?

    I am bit disappointed, triggered and jealous when I see what the guys from PoE are getting soon.

    ... and we are discussing about primal ancients...


    Looking at how much content PoE gets constantly, it's obvious that Blizzard chose wrong with a buy2play model. While D3 monetization was insanely high in 2012 and 2014, they barely make money these days with it. PoE on the other hand is a top100 seller on steam, years after its release.
    Yep. I used to be on the 'omg D3 > poe' train, but now not so much. I still think D3 FEELS better, but that's about it.
    Watching Rhykker's interview with David Brevik, I have to say I feel the same; D3 is in 'maintenance mode'. D3 doesn't even have a Game Director anymore, and the Necro is probably just a fill in because the team that's left doesn't have anything else to work on.
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    Quote from Moboroshi»

    1% is an extremely bad idea considering legendaries have such a HUGE RNG. They ider need to increase the drop rate of Primals or make some kind of upgrade system for Ancient legendaries, maybe destroying Primals could give another material that can be used to upgrade an ancient witj to a primal with the same stats.

    One thing is clear : Something must be done because in this game we have no trading so with 1% a guy might play all season without finding a GOOD primal.

    This is on-point one of the reasons Diablo doesn't feel like it should to many players; people want everything either handed to them, or somehow guaranteed so they don't 'feel left out'.
    There's a chance someone might play all season and NOT find the primal weapon he wants? THAT'S FREAKING GREAT! That is a GOOD thing! We NEED super rare items that might take months and months to find!
    If Blizzard implements some way to 'target' a primal you want, or increases it's drop chances EVEN more (which between drops, gambling and upgrades they still aren't THAT hard to find) then they've truly lost all connection with what used to make a Diablo game a Diablo game.
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    The ONLY saving grace of PAs is that they are extremely rare, and you'll likely have to blow through multiple stacks of mats to get one from upgrading.

    Keep them rare.

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    Honestly I would have actually liked this idea if you couldn't craft them.

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    Quote from Demonmonger»

    My personal opinion is that we are going to get an announcement at gamescom or blizzcon about a DLC pack that will tie up all lose ends of the D3 story. This new story pack will also come with two new classes, and a new act.

    The fact is that they are working on several things they have not even talked much about yet. For instance, the endless maps they showed us at blizzcon. Those were interesting, and I am curious to see what type of game mode that will be.

    Also, the new zones and monsters they are adding, at least to me, seem like a prequel to the introduction of a new demon lord/demon army. Maybe all of this will be what leads up to D4?

    It's taking them at least 8 months from announcement to release the necro. There's no way in hell they are capable of also releasing 2 more classes with another dlc, let alone a whole new act.
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    Quote from Bagstone»

    Quote from Demonmonger»

    I still find it funny that the only people with an issue are the ones who have 2,000 hours in the game.

    At some point things become stale, it is not the fault of the game, if anything, it is the fault of your addiction.

    They cannot give you 100% of everything that is behind the scenes, but if you learn to read the language, they gave a lot of hints. But you have to be able to understand implied theory, start educating yourselves!

    I admire your perseverance, always trying to point out the positive aspects. I did that for a looooooong time. I went from super casual (D3V, never really got to MP10 farming status and not even close to paragon 100) to competitive (several high leaderboard spots in the first 3 eras) to semi-casual again (played only one weekend in the past 5 seasons, with the exception of S5 IIRC). I think it's not too much to ask that the game should still be exciting after ~35 hours played, but that was my approximate playtime in 4 of the past 5 seasons.

    Also, as someone who reads a lot on the forums and tries to grasp the community's perspective from all sides (not just the top players or the casuals, but sort of both) I can tell you that there are people annoyed/disappointed in every range. I know people who still play 500h+ every season, but that's just a handful. I know people who play only a few hours, not even until Conqueror, and even more people who don't play at all. Their complaints are always very similar: there's nothing to gain but paragon. For a non-hoarder the stash tab is meaningless, and the cosmetic rewards or achievements are just not enough.

    Diablo is a loot-based game. Remember the Blizzcon video where past Diablo developers were just providing brief statements or single words about what makes the Diablo universe? Multiple of them shouted "loot". But in Diablo 3 right now, loot is meaningless. It is given to your for free at the start of each season. With Challenge Rifts, you will play with fixed items (not even your loot) and you will not even get loot (besides the reward if you make it into the top of a leaderboard, which is obviously only an option for a very small number of people). I'm a Diablo Fan, but Diablo 3 is moving into a direction which is, in my opinion, betraying its origin. It's not about "me having played thousands of hours". It's simply about the developers making changes that are wrong.

    And I can tell you from looking at the statistics of Diablofans views, Reddit views, counters on my Diablo tools like the Journey tracker, and most importantly by just looking at the leaderboards (on some of them you get ranked with a GR40ish) that I'm not the only one. If in a game with 30 million sold copies only a few thousand are still playing at all, I think it's fair and just to discuss how to improve the situation.
    Very, very well said Bagstone, thank you.

    Maybe the same sentiments coming from someone else besides me will elicit actual discussion, instead of flaming and hatred.
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