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    posted a message on Red critical?

    lol @ 150 billion damage

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    posted a message on Rebalancing in 2.6.1

    Lol yep I read all those listed ridiculous buffs. Really? Sets into the THOUSANDS of percent more damage?!

    I'm so bummed I've been wasting my time with POE instead /s

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    posted a message on Auto-scrolling is a real pain when using your editors

    It's been like that for idk, 6 years. Extremely frustrating.

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    posted a message on 2.6.0 HOTFIXES
    Quote from Ravendarke»

    Yes it is and you would know that if you would have at least basic understanding of how applications as Diablo works and what is required to push any client side patch on project of this scale, sadly, you don't, yet you talk and call something "half-assed" which is funny from guy with zero live achievement and zero knowledge on given topic.

    Calm down buddy.
    This pack IS half assed. It went live with many bugs that were known for days / weeks while on the PTR.
    And on the topic of a hotfix; It would be very easy for Blizzard to push out a client side patch / hotfix when they wanted. However, they seem to have some strange personal rules on when they push out patches. They're probably scared they'll confuse the players, since it wouldn't pass the 'grandma test', ya know?
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    posted a message on D3 duration and price

    Path of exile is absolutely better than Diablo 3 in every single area that counts.

    To your question OP; Yes, D3 is finish the campaign, then do nearly the exact same content while slightly upping the difficulty by a few % (greater rifts).

    Actually, if you want a quick rundown;

    Farm one area until level 70 with massacre bonuses.

    Craft armor and weapons because who needs to rely on item drops in an ARPG.

    Immediately skip a couple of the 17 difficulties and put it on T1 because then sets can drop.

    Now stand in town and do regular rifts or bounties.

    Spend a couple hours at most doing the Season Journey and then get handed your 6p set.

    Upgrade rare weapons that you craft and get your sets' mandatory unique weapon.

    Now skip even more difficulty levels and move on to T6.

    Now do greater rifts until you run out of stones, then do regular rifts.

    And now, because a game that's supposed to be around hunting loot instead just hands you everything, the only thing of worth is trying for leaderboards. So get ready to use 1 set for your class that's far better than the others, and have no choice in items because there's multiple mandatory legendaries that your set requires.

    But don't worry, having all the items drop all the time just means you get to hunt for the same pieces with just slightly higher stats!

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    posted a message on LoN Buff (The Forgotten Tale)

    Maybe sets should stop increasing damage by thousands of percent in the first place.

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    posted a message on Monks & Barbs - Season 10.

    One of the reasons I'm having a blast playing Diablo 4. Strange they chose to name it poe.

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    posted a message on Crafting suggestion: Upgrading items

    You see, THIS is what crafting should have been in D3, not this bullshit targeted upgrade rare > legendary of that same type.

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    posted a message on What new primal ancients actually are (and why that is nothing)

    Blizzard is too afraid to make actual items (not versions of the same item) super rare again. Therefore we get ancients, and primals. Can't wait to farm the exact same item 100 times hoping the stats are higher.

    Just the mere idea that we can't have super rare, hard to find items again like in D2 BECAUSE a small amount of people will whine that they can't find it during a season is depressing.

    I don't think we'll ever get an actual Diablo game again. It'l be this same arcade 'rare'-items-rain-down crap over and over.

    Anyway, yea OP you're correct.

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    posted a message on Buffing the numbers doesn't always solve the problem

    All we're going to see is higher and higher numbers. I wish we didn't crit in the trillions, but I also think we don't need 17 difficulties. W/e.

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    posted a message on Dont know how to feel about D3
    Quote from Shapookya»

    Quote from TauSigmaX»

    Quote from Critikz91»

    Hey guys just want to know how are you feeling about D3 atm/near future?

    I am bit disappointed, triggered and jealous when I see what the guys from PoE are getting soon.

    ... and we are discussing about primal ancients...


    Looking at how much content PoE gets constantly, it's obvious that Blizzard chose wrong with a buy2play model. While D3 monetization was insanely high in 2012 and 2014, they barely make money these days with it. PoE on the other hand is a top100 seller on steam, years after its release.
    Yep. I used to be on the 'omg D3 > poe' train, but now not so much. I still think D3 FEELS better, but that's about it.
    Watching Rhykker's interview with David Brevik, I have to say I feel the same; D3 is in 'maintenance mode'. D3 doesn't even have a Game Director anymore, and the Necro is probably just a fill in because the team that's left doesn't have anything else to work on.
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    posted a message on I was lurking on the US forums, and found this....

    I would absolutely pay for cosmetics

    dyes / pets / xmog / portraits / banners / wings, you name it.

    Hell I'd pay for boxes that are randomized. Whatever it takes for Blizzard to take this game seriously.

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Item's Changes

    Wow that's a great change actually!

    I love the gated idea as well, AND the fact they'll be even more rare.

    PLEASE don't ruin this great idea by suddenly giving us a way to target them.

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Item's Changes
    Quote from D3RUS»

    So. Let's see.

    1. The goal of playing a game is to have fun. It's all about enjoyment. Entertainment.

    2. Endless hours of repetitive and fruitless grinding is NOT fun.

    So what IS the answer? Hundreds who used to play have given up on the game because end game progress requires you to play for days on end.

    I still play. But not like I used to. After I got to a certain cap - a gearing wall if you will - the ratio of work/reward was not satisfying. I doubt primal ancient items will change that.

    Which is it?
    Do you not like grinding for gear?
    Or did you stop having fun because there's no gear to grind?
    I ask because you say both, literally one paragraph apart.
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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Item's Changes
    Quote from Arydor»

    Realistically, instead of harpooning Primals into the game and calling it a "good thing"... they could just lower the drop rate of Ancients to that of Primals.

    Oh wait, they DID that, and it was TERRIBLE. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp? Ancients rain from the sky now, what do you think will be the progress on Primals? One season of them being super rare, and then the next season they'll be everywhere.

    A VERY simple solution to finding a balance between the Primals as produced, and what would actually be better for the game, is;

    The Primal Ancient Soul - Consumable. Upgrade an Ancient Legendary Item into it's Primal form. All stats will be rerolled as they are. Primal items receive a 10% increase stats.

    It can have a super rare drop rate, to the point where you'll find about 5 per season. At least then it gives people the choice on what is Primal, as opposed to getting Primals that are useless, and keeping the competitive portion of the game intact. Most people would use their first one on their best weapon for the giant increase that an ancient weapon provides over a legendary one.

    I still stand by Primals are bad. Not even tackling the rest of the issues with the game, but that would be a much better solution than the path already taken.

    Lol so you want 5 free primals per season?!

    This attitude astounds me. Having a way to target primals MORE than the ability to upgrade rares would completely ruin the whole point of primals.

    But I guess the idea of having actual super rare items to find in a Diablo game is outdated.

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