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    Quote from CLGeezy

    We will gladly do so, once you stop deleting and locking threads with constructive criticism just because you don't like what people have to say. The community is losing faith in you Blizzard. We expect some type of feedback on the issues at hand and not a cold shoulder with a side of condescension. The constant inability to address the issues, exploits, and bugs we keep asking about along with the incessant nerfing of some of the more fun aspects of the game.....is pretty much telling us you don't care. I'm sure this thread will be locked or deleted....but first answer some things for us all.

    1. When "exactly" will Chiltara be fixed?

    2. When will you elaborate on the loot-table system?

    3. Why is there no efficient way to earn gold atm? New players are missing out on key features of the game due to this.

    4. Will there ever be a change in the socket system?(say legendary gem drops that have affixes of their own or separate procs)

    5. Have you ninja nerfed Kadala?(noticeably less legs the last few days)

    6. Will you ever increase the cap on the bloodshards?

    7. Any plans for future features for clans? (clan trading, ability to have more than one leader, etc.)

    8. Option to select rifts or bounties while searching for a public game.

    9. Any other question asked in the last week, that has been swept under the rug....
    #'s 1 & 2; They don't have to tell you.

    #3; It's called bounties and rifts. I've been crafting / enchanting gear for two characters for the past week and a half, and everytime I get down to about 3m gold, I run some bounties and rifts. A short time later (about 2 hours) I'm back up to 10m. Gems do cost a lot, and Blizzard has already said they are reducing costs.

    #5; Considering the amount of detail they've given us when it comes to rifts and kadala, I'm going to go ahead and say no, there hasn't been a nerf.

    #6-9; Whenever they damn well feel like it. Demanding information in such a way won't in any way expedite the process. Why don't Bnet users stop breaking the forum rules, and the threads will stop getting locked?

    Also, coming in trying to compromise on THEIR rules by saying you'll stop breaking them when you get what you want doesn't do anything. Stop being a douche.
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    posted a message on Thorns build, LIVE! *Actually "works" Sort of...*
    lol @ people trying to get OP to use cookie cutter items / skills.

    The whole point of his thread was to show off a thorns sader. GJ OP, and it would be cool to see a video =D
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    Quote from ruksak
    Quote from zachafella831


    Why do feel the need to display a pentagram in all your posts?
    Cuz hail fucking satan ....that's why.

    hahahahaha, you just made my day ruksak =D First post I see when I come home... lmao
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    posted a message on 3 hours farming T3 Rifts + Kadala = 0 legendaries
    Quote from zachafella831

    Just another reality check for a lot of us players out there battling the RNG in this "social experiment of a game" called D3 ROS.

    Just another reality check of the blatant cruel RNG that some accounts suffer.

    Just another reality check enlightening us that a "Middle Ground" is needed in obtaining loot in this flawed system.

    Just an eye opener for everyone blinded by "RNG is RNG / I'm geared and find loot so everyone else must too" logic.

    Have a nice day.
    3 hours means nothing. Was that 3 rifts? or 15? And absolutely we do NOT need a 'middle ground', which I assume by that you mean a system that will just give everyone legendaries on a set timer.

    The thing people seem to not understand about randomness, is that chances are you WON'T experience the average most of the time. Remember, because it's random, that means more likely than not you and everyone else is either on the lucky, or the unlucky side of it, thus resulting in an 'average'.

    Just the other day, I solo'd almost 5x T3 rifts and didn't get a single drop, and that includes gambling. The next day I proceeded to go on a seven drop streak, within 45 minutes. You'll never see the 1 drop every hour average, or whatever it is. You'll instead constantly see the zero drops for X amount of time, and then the lucky drops for Y amount of time.

    TL;DR: Get ova it
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    Act 5, so I can level my Crusader in Adventure mode =D
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    posted a message on Bye bye guys
    Whether or not I agree, I do respect your opinions. I do however take offense with blanket statements about WHAT Diablo is SUPPOSED to be. If you're talking about yourself personally, fine, but when you try to encompass the entire majority with little more than anecdotal evidence, it just doesn't hold water.

    1. If PVP and SC / HC ladder races is what you liked, awesome. But I have just as much 'evidence' that the item hunt was a bigger part of D2 for many than those.

    2. You mention that In D2, there was "Way more to do than farming", but you don't actually give any examples that don't also exist in D3. D2 ladders were still farming, except it was for XP and not so much items. But hey, at RoS launch if there isn't ladders, then you are correct for the time being; there's nothing to do but farm. However the difference is, I'm 100% confident we will see additional content that acts as a goal WITH your farmed gear, whether that's leaderboards, challenges and / or ladders.

    3. I'm not really sure what the complaint is here about the self found that you mentioned. Do you just not like having the ability to buy your gear? Because in D2, if you didn't buy off of 3rd party sites, you were ALSO at the mercy of the 'rng gods', because if you didn't get good drops to trade, then you couldn't acquire the gear needed for your build.

    4. We'll just have to completely agree to disagree when it comes to the newer combat pacing. I find that having no reason whatsoever to acquire any toughness / survive-ability on your gear and facerolling the highest difficulty is utterly boring. I personally love the combat changes. It's far less 'stand in everything and smash buttons', and more 'move around the field, avoid damage when you can and smash buttons'.

    But in the end, it's still sad to see a player go. I wish you luck, and hopefully you'll be back one day.
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    posted a message on Bleu's Fire Demon Hunter!
    Hey everyone, I wanted to post another build that I've been playing for awhile now since the patch, and it works out really well imo, and I farm T4 pretty fast with it.

    I'm really excited because my buddy Ice and I started a youtube channel just the other day called IceBleu Gaming, and I'm spending my time trying to learn as much as I can about the process. We'll definitely be making RoS coverage videos, as well as Hearhstone, Heroes of the Storm, WoW WoD, as well as a bunch of non-Blizzard titles.


    Of course in my first video I become a huge noob and die at one point (spoiler alert), BUT w/e I just really wanted to try out making a video. Also, I think it was to a ghost electrified, SOOOOOO kind of not totally my fault haha.

    So below is my build. The playstyle is how you would expect; kite with entangling shot, use twin chakrams for huge AOE, and cluster bombs for champs / anything high HP. Vault is your only defensive skill, which is perfect because you can escape frozen, and break jailer with it. And ofc the big combo is Wolf + Rain of vengeance. At the moment I've got ~1M toughness and ~240k dps, with 47% extra fire damage. I think in my video I say 48%, because, you know, math is hard.

    Entangling shot w/ Justice is served. Regens more hatred then the other runes, does very nice single target DPS for a generator, slows enemies so you can kite AND procs the Cull the Weak passive. It's a VERY clutch skill in this setup.

    Chakram, twin chakrams. Does massive damage and because it's dead zone is very small compared to the other runes, it's not near as frustrating playing around it.

    Cluster Arrow, cluster bombs. Probably an OP skill to be honest, but it's our big nuke. Positioning is key to take advantage of it's innate AOE, so try to clump up anything you're trying to kill. For best results, try to have the middle of the arc when you shoot hit your target, since the skill shoots the same distance no matter how far out you target. It's very easy to hit for 2-3m, multiple times with one cast, since each grenade dropped deals 525% weapon damage.

    Companion, Wolf. An awesome solo and group buff, he also tanks for you. Use in conjunction with RoV and a full bar of hatred for Cluster Bombs.

    Rain of Vengeance, Flying strike. I mention in my video that I could use Anathema, but the stun lets you position yourself a lot better and is more utility than pure dps.

    Vault, Tumble. The only defensive skill needed in this build. Kite with ES, vault when needed and Cluster Bomb when they are all lined up =D

    Passives; Cull the weak for 20% damage on slowed targets, Archery for pure + damage, and Steady aim for 20% damage when no enemies are near you.

    If you do watch my video, thank you very much, and feel free to rage at how noob I am in the comments =D
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    posted a message on Guartanteed Legendary from Diablo...worth resetting quests now?
    Quote from Shadow_Jackal

    I heard someone say you have to run Act 1 all the way through 4 to get the drop. Is that true? I assumed you just had to run Act 4..
    Yep, you only get it if you reset your quests, start from the very first quest and complete every quest and kill diablo. To get it again, you have to do all that again.
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    posted a message on Crushing Blow Replaced ??
    Quote from shaggy
    Quote from Xiep

    Now we also have a boring system, which consist on get whatever stats increases sheet dps the most. It would be more fun to say: Hem, I 've got enought IAS or CRIt, so I must get aoe dmg or cold dmg or whatever.
    How is "get 30% crit then get 50% cold damage" any better than "get 80% crit?"

    The original team set out to get AWAY from that kind of thing. The idea is that we're supposed to spend our time killing shit, not in menus and in town, and with spreadsheets trying to figure out how to make our gear work. We're supposed to be enjoying the game, not crunching numbers. I've posted the link so many times in the past month that I'm not even going to go get it again.

    Complexity was never the intent of the Blizzard North team so stop asking for it. The original intent of the series was to eliminate the exact kind of mechanics that you're claiming we so desperately need.

    I lied. Here's the link. The original vision for Diablo simply doesn't mesh with your idea of breakpoints and the like. Deal with it.
    Agreed. A system where I get excited because X item rolled with Y crit, but in reality it doesn't add ANYTHING to my overall stats because it doesn't hit the breakpoint is infuriating.
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    posted a message on Bleu's lightning DH
    So I've been working on a build around the legendaries I've found so far, and after many hours of this one decided to post it, just because of how well it does.


    I've managed to stack +50% lightning skill damage, as well as 15% entangling shot and 14% chakram. That + lightning damage is insane, since every attack I use in this build benefits from it. There's actually two variations to this build, the one I posted a link to is my solo build. T3 is farmed fast by myself, and I rarely die even though my only defensive is vault. I've managed to ween myself off of smokescreen / prep and shadow power, at least for T1-T4. My sheet DPS after passives is about 260k, and my toughness is about ~720k.

    Build 1, solo;

    Generator; Entangling shot w/ shock collar. 800k crits from this is very common, plus it doubles as a CC, and triples as a trigger for my cull the weak passive.

    AOE spender; Multishot, fire at will. Crits constantly for 1.2m - 1.6m, and it's actually almost good enough on T3 to take down champs by itself. If there's 4 or more mobs, this is the skill I use. I actually really prefer this skill over ball lightning, because it hits harder per hit, has a wider aoe affect, is almost instant AND it goes through waller walls.

    Single target spender; Impale, ricochet. Even though grievous wounds has higher actual single target damage, because of my lightning damage this thing rocks. 3 or less mobs and this is what I use. If I've got my entangling shot up (which you should rotate between ES and impale, to make sure your passive is up), 2m + crits are constant. This skill burns through champs.

    Big Cooldown; RoV, Shade. I don't use it just because it's lightning. Being able to cast wherever you want is a huge plus, and the 30 second CD is very bearable.

    Second big cooldown; Companion, Wolf. He does awesome damage on his own, and is also a great party buff for 30% extra damage for 10 seconds, on a 30 second CD. Combine with RoV and a full hatred pool of impales, and you've got some insane burst damage.

    Defensive Skill; Vault, Tumble. This skill is really clutch. Breaks jailer, and gets you out of every type of floor pool. The tumble rune is simply because more vaults = you live more.

    Passives; Archery, Cull the Weak and Steady Aim. All DPS passives atm. Since my only disc spender is vault, night stalker isn't needed, and for T3 I don't need any more toughness.

    Gear; My + lightning gear is Andy's visage, thunder god's vigor, and Wondrous Deflectors (crafted). Hoping to craft a nice + lightning ammy as well. My legacy gear ATM is my windforce, dead man's, nat's chest and boots, inna's pants and crafted ammy. I found a hellrack that lowers my sheet DPS by just a couple K, and it works just as well, so the life steal on my windforce isn't needed. I just prefer it because of the knockback =D (And I want to find strong arm bracers for the + dmg to knocked back enemies).

    The second Variation of the build is for group play. I replace multishot with Chakram, boomerang. It gets higher crits, about 1.7m +, and it's a good enough damage dealer to be both my AOE and my single target spender. I then replace impale with Marked for Death, Contagion, to help the group's DPS even more.

    That's my lightning build! It's very fast paced and fun, and I'm REALLY liking the + elemental damage affix. ATM I'm hunting for more + fire damage, to make a rapid fire and / or strafe build. Hope you guys liked it!
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