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    Quote from Twoflower

    Funny to see that after more than a year we stillhave the same fucktards with the same arguments.

    What a kiddie forum. Learn to read you suckers.

    Always good to have you around bud. Your unbiased insight and intelligent arguments really sway me to your side, and man do you have a knack for leaving personal attacks out of the argument. Instead you focus on the meat of the issue, much respect. The way you laid out everything that's wrong, and more importantly how you put down your own feedback on how to fix said problems amazes me. Keep the threads a'comin!
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    Sorry but I disagree with your premise that chests are near impossible on anything challenging. T2 is pretty challenging on my DH, yet I haven't failed one yet. Not trying to sound like a dick, but you need better gear / learn how to kill them the fastest.
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    Hmm, scheduled maintenance tomorrow morning? /tinfoilhat Ichooseyou!


    Awww /tinfoilhat off D= Just noticed on the launcher it's on the bottom, but it only comes up for news on SC2 and HS. Nvm QQ
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    Quote from CardinalMDM

    Real easy...and they're on the PTR, too, not just the beta...I love those things.

    They appear as yellow pools, in spots where a healing well would be, though they appear much rarer than you'll see healing wells. When you "drink" them, you gain a flat increase of 25% XP until you gain a certain amount of XP via the buff...and it goes away when that character dies. Meaning, your Barb can't drink a pool, then you log in with your Monk and he gets extra XP as well. However, it does last beyond logout. So if your Barb gets one, and didn't expire the XP buff when you logout...when you log in with your Barb again, it'll still be there.
    And I believe it stacks 5 times. You still only get the 25% bonus XP, but the amount of XP until it expires grows.
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    posted a message on Did something happen recently?.
    Quote from Thornagol
    Quote from shaggy
    Quote from Maka

    Yeah, I can think of a few. Diablo 2, Titan's Quest, Torchlight, Elder Scrolls games (with mods), the Disgaea series......that's just off the top of my head. I'm sure I can come up with more if I think about it for a while. None of these operated under the philosophy of "max level or die".
    You *EXPECTED* those games to have 12+ months worth of content? I don't think so.

    Most people I knew who picked up Skyrim, for example, played it for about 100-200 hours then moved on. There was absolutely no expectation that they'd be playing the game two years post-release. When I bought D2 I don't think I actually *EXPECTED* to play it for five years. I can't be sure because it was a damn long time ago but I sincerely doubt I picked up the box and said to myself "If I don't play this game for AT LEAST A YEAR then it's terrible." I know when I purchased Titan Quest it surely wasn't under the expectation that it HAD to last 12+ months otherwise it was a failure.

    Hell, I just recently gave RIFT a shot... and RIFT is an MMORPG... and I don't recall going into it with the assumption that I had to play the game for a year. The point being anyone who thinks ANY game should last them that long needs to take some fucking medication because they are seriously delusional.

    I mean, seriously, I played WoW for 8-ish years, and I played EQ for around 5 years. I never EXPECTED either of those games (and they are/were subscription-based MMORPGs) to entertain me for that long. For people to EXPECT non-subscription games to entertain them for 12+ months is lunacy.
    I totally agree with this statement. However, I think that a good community can extend the life of a game. A productive community can come up with new ways to play the game and extend the life of the content. If the devs partner with the community, then they can build patches in that drive the efforts in the community.
    I agree with your statement and I think your points are valid, but I think on the topic of mods for games it's just a difference of opinion. I personally have NEVER liked mods for games, even D2. The only thing I can really pinpoint as to why I don't like them is that they just don't feel like the original game, and for some reason that bugs me. I like playing the game with all the of the exact same rules as everybody else.

    But I could defiantly see the need some people have for mods, especially when there's really no end game. In a game like D3, I'd argue that farming for items WAS the endgame, but now that they are BoA we need something else. I really think a ladder system as well as something akin to challenges would really help the game, and alleviate some people's need of mods.
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    posted a message on On Enchanting Legacy Gear (Repost)
    Thanks for putting together this Thread Jaetch!

    As for my stance on this however; I agree with not allowing legacy items to be enchanted, for a couple reasons.

    1) Blizzard has spent months and months balancing the game, the difficulties, class skills and monster damage and HP. Suddenly putting loot 2.0 back to it's F&F status would throw that all out of whack again, just to let people enchant legacies.

    2) Just making these particular items that become overpowered when enchanted un-enchantable would be extremely confusing to anybody who doesn't follow closely with the game, and would still end up causing outrage.

    3.) Another option I've heard is just changing those current items that are on live now, such as removing the +APS on EF, ect. I'm willing to bet that would actually piss off people more, because now you're directly screwing with items that people already have. Not a great option.

    In the end, just making a blanket rule of all legacy items being unable to be enchanted is the best way to go, in my opinion. Blizzard doesn't have to go back and re-balance parts of the game, they don't have to waste time creating special rules for a select few items, and they don't have to go back and directly manipulate items that people already own.

    I hope they stick with this, I think it will result in a healthier game.
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    Quote from mannercookie

    There is literally 0 people in this thread who have a clue about what they are talking about.
    Well, at least I can accurately describe what type of person you are.

    Sorry MC, I just can't take you seriously. I've liked some of your past threads, but you've now lost all credibility, and I just can't take you at your word anymore. You've shown your true elitist colors. You demand that the only way to play, is your way.

    It's unfortunate that you're unable to conduct yourself in a more personable way, because maybe then you could garner some support on this subject that you're obviously passionate on. It's sad that that isn't the case, and instead you insist you're the only one who knows anything on this topic, that everyone else has no idea what they are talking about, and that if we disagree with you, we are all trolls.
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    posted a message on Blizzard removes enchanting for "60 items", oh but 2.0.1 60s can be enchanted...
    Oh no, Blizzard is fostering a fresh start environment in RoS?


    I personally really like the move.
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    posted a message on More Stash Space! Finally!
    Quote from gurg0

    1 tab doesnt feel like victory
    it feels like they gave us bone to shut up
    Yea you're right! We shouldn't even accept this new single tab! It's practically a slap in the face!
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    posted a message on What about "Split-Farming" with individual rewards?
    I see why you'd want individual bounties so people can farm by themselves while in a game with friends to trade items, BUT, I would be against that. I think a system to turn on / off personal bounties would end up being too convoluted, and my personal elitist view is if you're in a multi-player game the best type of farming should be working together, and I'd rather not see playing solo while in MP games encouraged.
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