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    HUGE UPDATE: PTR 2.4.2 changes!

    => http://d3resource.com/difficulties/ <=

    New thread: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-general-forums/diablo-iii-general-discussion/211419-difficulty-overview-2-4-2-html-view

    • The monster HP and damage increase is a pretty stable increase (and values up to TX haven't changed on PTR, I checked that). I extrapolated those values and also cross-checked with Ghom T10-T13 values on PTR (for HP). I've rounded up the last few digits for HP as that's an estimate; I'm sure Blizzard will update the Game Guide when the patch is out. The damage increase is a very straightforward progression and therefore those values are pretty much correct down to the last digit, I assume.
    • XP/gold changes are taken from in-game tool tips on the difficulty selection screen.
    • Legendary drop rates have never been confirmed for T7+ (Wyatt once posted them for up to T6), but no one ever complained and they "feel about right". Again, the increase from T1 to T6 followed a steady formula, so I just extrapolated up to T13.
    • Death's Breaths: I did some runs and also watched some videos, and also checked lower difficulties (99% sure those are unchanged). T13 seems to have guaranteed 2 DB drops and a chance for 3rd, from my testing 25% looked about right and also makes sense in terms of the other values. But it could also be anything between 15% and 50%. More data welcome.
    • Bounty cache mats is confirmed by multiple posts on the PTR forums.
    • GR keys is hard to tell, as the patch notes are relatively vague and it needs a TON of data to test this for every difficulty. If you look at the wording the scaling I assumed makes most sense (10% increase per difficulty). But this is where we need most data!
    • Keywarden machine drop - again, interpreting the patch notes this was the only progression that made sense in my opinion. But if anyone wants to go through the effort to do a large sample of keywardens to confirm/update this data, you're welcome.
    • I have no idea about the horadric cache legendaries. Honestly, I myself don't have the time to run dozen of bounties on T11-T13...
    • Ubers (update): Did a few T13 runs and got 3 organs every time. This has to be a joke... Realm of Fright on T13 ain't no joke (it feels like fighting 3 GR80 rift guardians), it should reward at least 5 mats.

    TL;DR: Most data is extrapolated or "patch note interpretation" and probably pretty accurate. Need data on GR keys, machine/organ drops, cache legendaries.

    Want to help out? Please consider logging your PTR drop rates and submit your data here:


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    Quote from AtACarnivorus»

    I just took a quick look and you should check that GR key number on T11 ;) Only a typo there.

    Haven't you heard? T11 is the new meta ;D J/k, yep, was only a typo. Fixed - thanks! And also thanks for all your invaluable testing.
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    Although there's this one, I'm going to make a new thread for this - maybe temporary and add it to the other thread in a few days. You might've seen the difficulty overview, but with the advent of T11-T13 (and the prospect of more difficulties being added in the future) I felt that the chart becomes almost too big, almost unreadable. However, I also didn't want to decide which numbers to exclude (or make 100 different versions of the PNG). So what I came up with is an HTML version which allows you to customize - turn off columns/rows you're not interested in. Here it is:


    While doing this I experimented with a transposed view, especially because readability on mobile might be better. You can find that one here:

    http://d3resource.com/difficulties/?2 (there's also a switch below the table).

    So, for the next few days I'm looking especially for feedback about:

    1) Which view do you prefer - the one with the top row showing difficulty levels ("view 1") or drop rates/values ("view 2")? You can switch and the cookie will remember your preference, but I'll have to choose either one as default, obviously.

    2) Any suggestions for improvement - please note that I won't be able to do all minor adjustments (especially code-based) as I did for the season journey tracker, but I'm rather looking for stuff that really bugs you or decreases QoL.

    3) As usual, all data is welcome - if you do any last minute PTR testing it'd be nice if you could put a sticky note next to your keyboard and make an easy check list for GR keys and DB drops. Not looking for T13 data but rather mid-Torments for GR keys (anything between T4 and T10) and a bit higher for DBs (T7 to T12).

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    Well, this popped up a while ago on Reddit, and I've waited for a long time but no one cared to re-do the chart. And since there are now approximately 23 threads per minute asking those questions, I thought I'd just give it a go. So here's the somewhat updated difficulty overview:

    (Click on the picture for a larger view)

    Disclaimer: Many of the values are guesstimates - solid guesstimates based on lots of work, but not exact science. In GR key drop rate and some T11-T13 data, like DP drop rate, could always benefit from more data.

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    Quote from alphahurley»

    So is the meta beginnign to be pretty much settled or if something is to happen it's hidden tests?

    I don't think any of the top clans have interests to share their insights at this point. But from some informal background noise I would be tempted to make a statement that this will 99% not be the final meta. (Before you ask: I don't know though what the meta is gonna be, but people should keep testing, a double DPS class meta simply only makes sense from a mathematical point of view if one class+build is way ahead of the rest which is not the case, Garg WD is strong but not like 5x as strong as the next best builds.)
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    Quote from bay_Dimcho»

    The code looks better now :) Nice touch with the "current" indicator.

    Two more suggestions:

    • clicking on <th> toggles all checks below - select/deselect
    • ordering/listing for the Haedrig's Gift bags - <ul> will do the trick


    Thanks! About the suggestions: Working on the first, yep. Actually, the "logic check" only works one way and is a bit messed up, I'm rewriting that entire part of the code as we speak, and will make a "check this entire column" thing when clicking on the th. About the Haedrig's Gifts... I had this as list before but it didn't really look as nice as I thought it would. I like the 2x3 layout, maybe I'll turn it into a table (or div, I'm never sure when I'm allowed to use tables for stuff like this - I wonder if there are even people who would argue that I should turn the entire SJ table into flex divs :P)
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    posted a message on 7 Reasons why Diablo 3 is still ...

    So the 7 points, for those who can't endure the insanely annoying voice or can't watch:

    1) Game has no direction

    2) No PvP

    3) Always online

    4) Casters wearing axes

    5) The auction house (no idea what the point of this was, if there was one)

    6) No skill runes (from listening to this point I'm pretty sure he has not even played Diablo 3 ever...)

    7) They made it WoW

    You can argue about PvP, I'll give him that. But the rest is not even factually correct.

    1) The game has always been about killing monsters. That's the essence of Diablo, has always been, and still is.

    2) PvP isn't coming for a reason, but as I said, that's a valid opinion.

    3) Play D3 on console for a second and you see how bad it would be without that restriction. Also, he's talking about trading and PvP all the time... which kind of contradicts his rant.

    4) He talks as if he knows anything about fantasy but he makes a fool of himself. "Mages wearing swords, how stupid" - ever heard of Glamdring? "Damage is higher if the weapon is bigger" - no it's not? The damage is higher if the weapon has more magical power. Weapons, just as any items, are imbued with magical power that provide a character's strength.

    5) He's just rambling here, completely incoherent.

    6) In essence, it's the typical "omg no skill tree" complaint. Which is stupid to the max. Yes, skill trees in which you have to waste 10 points on useless skills to get to your desired spell are really much better! (Sarcasm)

    7) No, Blizzard North (yes, that section of Blizzard David Brevik was part of) turned Diablo 3 into WoW. That was from 2001 until 2006. After that Diablo 3 was developed again from scratch, back to the roots.

    The video is neither funny nor correct, and I still don't understand why people have the urge to waste their own and everyone else's time to highlight their hate towards a video game. Can this chipmunk please comment something that actually deserves criticism, like current politics or so? And if so, maybe be a bit constructive and factually correct? Probably too much to ask.

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    Quote from AragornE»

    Do you have information about class specific sets for Season 7 from Haedrig gift?

    Added to the bottom of the page!
    Quote from Cyberdoc»

    Nice job! Have the conquests been confirmed? I thought I read the 3x Leg gems to 65 was a conquest, not Guardian? I do not have PTR loaded so cannot check too easily

    Yep, added them to the conquest view (just when you click on "conquests" for highlight).
    Quote from neo-data»

    Hey thx for the Tracker but i got a bug @ higher resolution (4K) I added a screenshot to show it :)


    Quote from udomsa33»

    Nice! Thank you very much :D

    For completeness sake you can also add the Conquests? Not really necessary though, but just in case you wanna cover everything.

    When you highlight the conquests you can see them all.
    Quote from ol_baid»

    Maybe adding the actual conquests when clicking the Conquests highlight would be a nice feature. Like an additional row appearing next to Guardian or similar, also with this click-to-mark-as-solved feature. If the full text is too long, display only full text if hovering over a single conquest "cell".

    Great work, great overview.

    Like the way I did it? ;-) Check it out, should be almost exactly what you asked for.
    Quote from bay_Dimcho»

    First of all - bravo. The good work done deserves admiration :)

    If you want some tips for improving the code, here they are:

    • is enough for a HTML5-page and it save time (w3c)
    • avoid using
    • tags for layout (w3c), define some bottom/top-margin CSS-classes instead
    • Avoid qualifying ID and class names with type selectors (google)
    • indentation make the code prettier (you always put "stop looking at my ugly code"), use it

    p.s. making the page responsive (different resolutions) shouldn't be much of a hustle (great articles on this topic here)


    Actually went ahead and addressed all those issues (at least where I felt it was feasible and useful), so thanks again for this (responsive design remains the only to-do point now...)
    Quote from neo-data»

    Quote from Bagstone»

    Quote from neo-data»

    Hey thx for the Tracker but i got a bug @ higher resolution (4K) I added a screenshot to show it :)


    Ouch! Yeah that's div tags for you. Gonna fix that ;-)

    Better but not perfect ;)


    when i delete "display: inline-block;" for div#legend it works fine.

    Okay, fixed it. It was a bit more than just one tag, but now everything should be fine even on super large displays!


    Did a bunch of fixes besides the ones mentioned here; most importantly some logic checking (like, finishing the GR75 solo conquest will check off all solo GRs, and augmenting 3 50+ gems means you've finished some upgrading and so on. I do not check for everything to not make it blow out of proportion; basically only where more than 2 conditions were given.
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    posted a message on Season Journey Tracker

    Yeah on phone you would have 2 columns visible at most. But that defeats the purpose of having everything visible at a glance, at least that's what I had in mind ;-) If I were to turn this into an app (which I'm not doing) you could obviously swipe between difficulties and make a different activity for each difficulty. Hm. Hmhmhmhm. Will think about it, but currently can't think of a good solution that would make me happy.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.2 Release Date Question

    No, an era should end when the season ends. Otherwise all the non-season players (who stayed away from seasons for a reason) are being screwed over by season players grabbing all the non-season leaderboard spots as well (which is what is happening right now).

    It's no rocket science, correct, but usually patch=new era is a slap in the face for non-season players. However, the reasons for this decisions have been outlined (I just wish it would've been done more clearly).

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