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    Yeah, I updated the data for S15 a few days ago already - but I don't swap the Journey Tracker before the season has ended, since there's always some people who do it last minute. Now that season has ended, I've switched to the S15 view. As usual we won't know the boss names except for the ones you pointed out. Apparently the data is too difficult to access for Nevalistis, so we'll have to fill in the blanks ourselves. I definitely will miss the season start, just not sure by how much - maybe I'll be just 5 hours late, maybe a few weeks. Last season it took me 8 hours solo (after a power level) to finish Guardian, so maybe I can complete all the info by Saturday evening. We'll see. If anyone is faster post it here and I'll update the tracker.

    Have fun everyone in S15!

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    Hm interesting idea, haven't considered that. Didn't make sense so far yet since it would just be "-" for 13 seasons and only one entry. Yeah, maybe I'll add it for the next season!

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    I think they're working on 3 things:

    1) D2 Remastered (this was now basically 100% confirmed I believe in a combination of recent articles and job postings and so on). But if they learned any lesson from SC:R they should know this is not gonna be anything else but calming down the D2 nostalgians.

    2) D3 new class and some new features (like that boss chamber that was promised at Blizzcon 2 years ago, some new items, maybe some new events to give us more interesting "themed seasons"). Basically, similar to the necro pack. Why? Because I think even if they work on an entirely new game, D3 is still too fresh to let it completely run out, especially with the recent presentation of themed seasons. I also don't think any new Diablo game would be ready for release right away (unless Blizzard now jumps into Steam-style official "early access" BS) and it'll also be a different genre (like Diablo Battle Royal or Diablo Racing or Diablo Theme Park or Diablo Go or whatever).

    3) A new Diablo game, which is not Diablo 4 - neither by name nor by spirit. Worst case they'll just try to put it into an existing genre (like MMO or Battle Royal or so), maybe they revive an old genre (like Adventure or Sandbox - I'd love an RPG-heavy Diablo-esque version of Raft, or Terraria, or Rust, or stuff like that - wishful thinking), and best case they try to define a new genre (back to the roots of Blizzard).

    The hype they caused with the video and the disappointment after previous years of toilet-sized Diablo stands would make a presentation of "only" #1+#2 turn this into a big meme of overhyping and underdelivering a franchise, so my hope is that they preview #3 and people get excited enough to waste their time until that is available by coming back to #1+#2.

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    Inspired by /u/briansey's post, I decided to do something similar. Since my PC crashed a day before the season an I couldn't fix it in time (plus preferred to watch the World Cup), I missed the season start. So I saved up 3 Challenge Rift caches (which means I didn't have to run any bounties), got a power level to 70, and wanted to push my luck. As I managed to find a spot in a T13 group as "rift closer", I managed to complete the UE set at around 2-3 hours played. The rest was pretty simple: I used a certain Journey Tracker website to keep track of my season journey process while leaving Kulle out, until the end:


    All 3 conquests (3 gems to 65, TX rift in under 2 minutes, GR75 solo) were just pickups along the way. In the end, it took me 8:15. After I got UE everything was solo; but I spent about an hour or so chatting with one of the power levelers in-game, so this is by far not the fastest possible (of course if you get carried the entire way this is probably doable in 2-3 hours or so). Learned some interesting things though - for example, make sure you have 200+ DB and some random legendaries to cube the final 40 items; leave the one bounty until the end, so you can join a random T13 bounty group; when being the rift closer, make sure you maximize toughness+speed so you can pick up DBs+items in the rift; and probably more that I forgot now (not sure if anyone's interested).

    Doing this entirely solo would've probably taken about 15 hours: 3-4 hours for getting to 70 (I'm not good at leveling solo, especially DH), then 2-3 hours getting the full 6 piece, and then an hour more because I would've missed out on the ~10-15 rift keys I got as T13 closer.

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    @Kikaha: I issued you a nickname change credit. Log out and back in and change the name to something else, then the name is free for your other account to claim.

    @user_616753: You now have a nickname change credit as well - same thing, just log out and back in again and you can change your name.

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    Forum Guidelines

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    However if you do feel that it was wrongly removed then PM our moderation team about the situation and we will review it.

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    The double goblin event is one of the known, datamined community buffs (and one that has been activated quite regularly in the past). There's a few others that we know of, thanks to a datamine in 2.0.5:


    So basically, the "themes" might be based around the following "events":

    • Double XP
    • Double legendary drop rate
    • Double gold find
    • Double rift keystones drop
    • Double blood shards
    • Double Horadric caches
    • Kadala's costs are reduced

    Maybe there are more, can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but this datamine obviously is quite old. But that's the kind of stuff you can expect.

    Double cache might be a season worth playing, as you can rack up a lot of mats for future reforging (32 mats per bounty run, so you could make about 120 mats per hour with a good group).

    I hope there's other, more interesting ones. I personally wouldn't mind one that would make things slower or harder, like 10% of the XP or double enemy damage/HP or so, because last season it took me 15 hours to finish guardian (solo self-found on HC after getting a powerlevel to 70), and after that I just lose motivation to play. I wish there was something past Guardian or Guardian would be much higher (like GR100 with all classes or whatever). But as a theme they'll probably keep it more on the casual side.

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    Thanks, apophiz!

    Tracker is updated now for S14, all that's missing are the boss names. Hopefully I'll get them before the season start, otherwise I'll update them as soon as I'm done with Guardian.

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    I plan on updating it, yes - but I have to wait until Blizzard send me the info. I've already contacted Nevalistis but haven't heard back from her yet, and last season I didn't receive the info in time, so there's a chance it won't be up before the opening weekend (at least the boss names). We'll see, I'm waiting for the S14 blog post which at least will give us the conquests and Chapter 4 reward.

    I've added a countdown and placeholders and so on, so at least that's there.

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