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    posted a message on S13: which bosses for season journey??

    Thanks - does anyone have the other bosses after chapter 3? I'm not playing this season (not anytime soon anyways).

    I messaged Nevalistis about this a few times but she was not able to get to that information before season start, which is why I wasn't able to update the tracker beforehand (and since I'm not playing myself I have to rely on others).

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    posted a message on My Farming Guide for Cosmic Wings

    Nice guide, I'm sure it will be helpful for those still looking. At first I was like "that's excessive use of color" but then I realized... you kept the guide in rainbow color style. :P

    Just two points from my personal experience to add:

    1) I did not farm on Normal, but T6 or so. The reason being that if I accidentally engage a RBG (happens really often if you're quick, like with a dash monk who gets through some maps in 2-3 seconds with perma dash) I can poke it every few seconds and prevent it from despawning while inviting other people (and not insta-kill it as on Normal). Of course that only makes sense if you have separate games open and not all 4 of you are looking for RBGs in one game.

    2) You might want to clarify very clearly that it's sufficient to be in the party, you don't need to be in the *area* when the goblin is killed. So if you're farming in different games, invite people, and have already engaged the goblin, as soon as the people have entered your game they should be able to get into the portal, even if they're still standing in town. There are lots of people who think you need to be there when the goblin is killed.

    As for the goblin spawn chances on certain maps, I'm not so sure about that. I remember seeing lots of different data from different people, but the reason that some areas always pull ahead (like Cave of the Blood Clan or whatever it's called and Leoric's Passage) might be a self-fulfilling prophecy: rumors are it has higher chance to spawn goblins, so more people check it more frequently and more thoroughly, and find more goblins there... rinse repeat. Therefore I'd just pick areas that you like to traverse and most importantly you're very very fast going through (if you often run into dead ends in caves just switch it up, because as you said, efficiency is key). For example, I liked all the tower maps because they're static and with dash/teleport you can make some shortcuts and check 4 individual maps super quickly.

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    posted a message on haedrig's gift

    I'd be up for it. However, from previous times this came up on various places I can tell you that the majority of people probably wouldn't like it. The sets and Haedrig's Gift guides people towards their "meta builds" and lets them avoid having to think about choices and skills. Despite constant cries for "balance, variety, freedom" I think that actually a lot of people rather *want* to have no freedom - this is indicated by the race to establish metas and the inertia in shying away from it.

    I do my own "non-Haedrig" run every once in a while, by playing up HC (after I've grabbed Haedrig on SC). One season we went to the extreme: me and a friend got a powerlevel on HC to 70, but then started to "play up". It's actually really fun (and challenging) to get ANY gear when you're level 70 and naked! Just getting into Torment 1 took us a while (especially since it's HC - you can't just do chest runs), and it took us a few hours before we had our set complete. Most fun I've had in a while, but you need to really think about skills+items you get and add some math to the mix. Definitely not for everyone.

    Btw, Blizzard doesn't like votes/petitions, so that's not gonna happen ;)

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    posted a message on Move Speed Question

    One reason why people put max paragon in MS might be because it's so damn annoying to check "how much do I need for max MS". Also, if you switch specs using the armory and put on different boots, paragon doesn't change - so you need to swap 26 points from main stat into MS when switching from no MS boots to MS boots.

    If you're at 15000 main stat, 26 more paragon points make so little difference (less than one percent damage), but missing 12% MS can be really huge, so many people don't care, max MS, and just never look at it again.

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    posted a message on Boters paradise D3

    I initially didn't want to post here (and will not with regard to the topic in general, I've tried to make my point in the past and have since given up after our letter fell on deaf ears, but I appreciate everyone's efforts to cleanse Diablo from this plague). Just a heads-up: Please don't post any information that links to illegal third party websites (such content has been removed without notice). Thanks.

    But one thing that irritates me how people discuss account sharing - as an option for D3, as a "legal" alternative to botting, or as an attempt to explain obnoxiously high hours played. To make this as clear as possible:

    Account sharing in ANY Blizzard games is not allowed and can lead to permanent cancellation of your game license. Source.

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    posted a message on Brainless Builds Comparison: Sage's set builds (with videos)

    Yeah. Damn. You got me. Or rather, the game got me. S12 has me fully hooked. But from previous seasons I know that might end any day ;-) Today's the last day my group has *said* to be online, so if they really stop playing as of tomorrow I might do so as well. But well... not necessarily very likely. We'll see. Still got some goals in mind and some keys to throw away :P

    But no shortage of DBs and even if, T13 (with no Sage) is just better, so I personally would discourage anyone from running Sage's at this point. Sage's on T13 will only yield about 20-25% more DBs and you WILL sacrifice more DPS by replacing 2-3 pieces of gear with Sage's, no doubt. Pre-T13 and depending on your class, Sage's is still great though (especially on wiz/monk/crus with bad gear).

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    posted a message on Please can someone explain to me why play the same game as last season?????

    Please don't make nonconstructive low-quality threads that keep me from playing the game I like just because you dislike it: This is bait, and you got some people who jumped, but please don't do this. Enjoy whatever you play, whether it's Diablo or anything else. Have a nice weekend. Locked.

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    posted a message on meta of 2-3 mans in season 12 is??

    "Meta" is a concept that forces people into certain roles when searching for public groups, and players have shoehorned themselves by following the "meta" that is exercised by the top groups - even though for lower level of play it's not necessarily the best thing to do.

    When you play with friends, or when you don't play in 4 player groups, there is no meta. Everyone plays the class they like. There are certain synergies (like buffs being added to the group, pulling, giving defense/offense bonus or movement speed) but at what cost? In 2 player it really doesn't matter, and even in 3 player not that much. If you feel you hit a wall and want to push further, you can always switch classes.

    Especially after this balance patch no one knows what's "overpowered"; everything seems to be relatively even, so the meta is that there is no meta; currently, the meta is a mental block in people's head to avoid them following their preference. (There's almost never a 2 player meta, btw, not even for the top of the leaderboards; there are better and worse combinations, that's it, but currently we don't know either.)

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    posted a message on Where is the counter!

    I think the devs are too busy with fixing up the other tools that depend on API, which usually changes around this time as well :P

    I've poked them in the past, but since as you noted it was missing the last few seasons I've decided to add it to my homepage. I honestly don't know why it's not on every website, on Reddit, on the official Diablo 3 page, and in the launcher. A countdown script takes 2 minutes to create and is so awesome (and necessary, a friend of mine once almost came an hour late to season start).

    Maybe they'll add it, I'll poke again, but in the meantime feel free to go to my website ;-) (I do not have any ads or get any revenue or anything for clicks, so I literally couldn't care less, but the more people visit the more inclined I am to keep it up, as I have really limited time these days.)

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    posted a message on D4 or new classes?
    Quote from UncleDan2017»

    Give me D4. I want an entirely new game, and something other than Rifts, rifts, and more rifts in a game.

    That is an interesting point to discuss. It's easy to agree with that (as was my first intuition - running rifts and rifts and rifts is boring), but then, what's the alternative? Running the same areas over and over again as in D2 was even more boring. I personally think that rifts are better than re-running the story countless times.

    So I guess there are three options:

    1) Change rifts to be more exciting. Have the player add certain effects to a rift instead of making it purely random, so they have a more unique feel. There are so many ways this could go. One important consideration here is that it would mess with the competitive aspect (i.e., fastest rift clear of highest difficulty as being the best) - getting rid of the leaderboards would be great. Instead, what if the leaderboards would instead measure "drops per hour" or "monsters killed per hour"? Or no leaderboards at all?

    2) If we abandon rifts, what else is there to do? Falling back to running Crater or bounties or farming bosses is certainly not what anyone wants (I hope). So if it's not repeating a certain thing (whether it's called rift or whatever), we'd have to change the game entirely. Do we still keep the item grind at the core? Look at games like Clicker Heroes which are a million times more "dumb" than rifts, but still being played by millions of people. I think there's no issue with grinding, as long as the rewards scale in a good way. I think the hunt for rare items and runes as in D2 worked better in that way than the paragon/augment farming. A certain amount of lottery involved needs to be there. Blizzard argues "people need to have the assurance that after playing for an hour they'll get a reward". I call bullshit on that. Constant reward is work (i.e, your daily fixed paycheck for putting in a constant effort). Fun is feeling lucky, winning the lottery, winning against all odds, receiving stuff you didn't expect. There's nothing unexpected about paragon or augments. No one goes like "HOLY SHIT I GOT ANOTHER PARAGON LEVEL, THAT'S SO EXCITING!". So keep the grind, but add different rewards.

    3) Revolutionize the game. This comes at a cost: we'll leave the ARPG genre. Some might like it, but we'll without a doubt lose some people. Just like Fallout became one of the top games with its re-vitalization by Bethesda, the game is now super popular and has certainly made great strides forward. I personally got lost - FO3/4 aren't for me. That's fine. I have to accept that a Fallout 2.5 is something that is too niche. Just like Diablo 2 Remastered would only be played by a handful of people (if you think it would be a game for the masses think again; StarCraft Remastered has shown us how you're in for a rude awakening once the nostalgia is gone, which was the case for 90% of people). Diablo 4 could be a mobile-based game like Pokemon Go. It could be an RPG and get rid of the action part. It could become a card game full of microtransactions (oh wait, there's already Hearthstone). Or it could be something entirely new no one is thinking of!
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