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    posted a message on diablo 2 : harder than diablo 3?

    D2 was extremely easy. Why do you think people played on x8, because it was a joke otherwise.

    That's also why it felt like there were more builds in D2; you could mow down hell mode with whatever skill you wanted.

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    Quote from taloncarry2»

    when blizzard made a new game mode called seasons they thought they were doing something for us d3 player but really it all bullcrap. For people who play non seasons will understand we don't have much people for ns so we cant do much gr and bounties with good geared people because everyone is playing seasons. seasons is the same as non seasons with one little twist you got to from the beginning. I think it all kinda stupid really. so to really play this game you have play seasons even if you don't want to. If blizzard didn't make seasons and everyone was on the same playing field the game would be so much better and community would be much nicer.

    Get rid of seasons it's a complete waste of time


    While I'm not about to throw out any numbers, I'm willing to bet a LARGE section of the player base would probably just not play if there aren't any seasons.
    There's some of us who find it extremely boring to have every class maxed out, and are only hoping for that upgrade with another +3 vit on it. Being able to start fresh every couple of months is a really rewarding feeling that I think Blizzard has done a great job at with seasons.
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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo
    Quote from mannercookie»

    Yup, having all 17 passives in this game was not that game breaking for most classes.

    Maybe if the passives in this game weren't so outdated with most passives in this game being completely garbage, this would not be the case.

    Obviously if it was never getting patched, sure it "breaks" the game and everyone is a lot more "op"

    A fix was coming this was apparent, most classes just gained EHP buffs and lacked damage to get much use out of that additional EHP.

    For the meta which was 2x monk, 2x barb during that period and still is, all 17 passives being equipped on all 4 members would've at best given the group +1 or +2 rifts for speedfarming and maybe +2-3 for grift pushing at the time the exploit became common news.

    For SOLO ranks, it probably gave certain classes a bit more +x on rifts than other classes but yes solo leaderboards even with inflated numbers would be non-issue deeper into the season.

    Not sure how this is hard to understand?

    Bloodshard exploit = 10x+ faster gearing at beginning of season with most powerful focused farming method.

    Hellfire amulet = meaningless leaderboard ranks and a slightly elevated farm for short period.

    lol, is it that hard to see the difference ffs.

    Ok we'll just agree to disagree on which one is more beneficial to the cheater.
    Again though, on your assertion that it's absurd that this time around he got banned where as before he was suspended is wrong on two fronts;
    He exploited, plain and simple. It doesn't matter which exploit helped it out better, and secondly it was his second actual offense. No third chances. He got banned just like he should have been without a doubt, and yet I feel like the whole point of this entire thread you made was to somehow defend him for exploiting this time around. I guess I'm confused, are you saying he should have just been suspended, even though that's exactly what happened last season and look how that turned out? What's the actual point about this thread?
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    posted a message on One more additional feature, please.

    Hey everyone, I've thought about this for awhile now, and I just have to at least write it up so I'll feel better. I'll try to keep it short.

    *I am not a Developer of anything (yet), so while I *think* this would be somewhat easy, I could be way off. But it should be easy.*

    One of Blizzard's "Pillars" when it comes to their games is accessibility. This doesn't mean that a brand new player can hop on and be able to beat everything and top the leaderboards without putting in a lot of effort, but it does mean that this new player should have all the tools necessary to do so. Unfortunately this has been lacking in Diablo 3. This actually has been a problem since D3's launch, and I would love to see it fixed (as I hope other players would too). I'm talking about data. Information. Being able to actually decipher and tell what is going on without having to spend hours trying to test it yourself.

    I actually had a friend quit (he only played with me at RoS launch) because he got so frustrated. He was excited to roll 30% total increased skill damage (I forget which one) while playing his WD, but then was confused when the damage barely went up, if at all. I was in the middle of trying to explain to him that I heard that pet damage should increase by much more in the slots, but skill damage is additive, and that elemental damage on bracers is multiplicative when he said screw it, he'd rather play HoTs. What I'm getting at here is that we shouldn't have to find some 3rd party programs or a bunch of excel spreadsheets to be able to understand all these hidden mechanics. It's still not completely clear to me and I've played since launch. Imagine how annoying it is to be told to go google something if you're a new player, because you want to know why Focus and Restraint don't increase your damage by 100% total, but actually more.

    This is where I'd LOVE to see an improvement; tooltips. Why NOT show, in addition to the information already there, the actual damage range for any skill while you mouse over it's tooltip?

    Hammer of the Ancients; Smash for 640% weapon damage as fire. 235m - 1.89B.

    Ok, I just rolled HoTa damage on my boots. Oh sweet, now the range is showing 375m - 2.2B (all fake numbers).

    Now I can actually compare equipping items that don't just show a sheet DPS increase. Taking that 20% fire damage shows me ACTUAL NUMBERS, instead of me trying to increase whatever crits I see when I attack by a fifth, and hope that it's multiplicative. Oh but it's additive to the OTHER fire damage increases I have? Well, okay I guess.

    What about channeled spells? Have the range show an average minimum and maximum during one second. And have these tooltips update dynamically with buffs that already directly affect your character.

    And lastly, because we have two classes of monsters, have holding ALT show the damage range to elites.

    TLDR; We need, new players and old, to be able to see the actual damage range in our skills, preferably on the tooltip of the skill itself. This would be of HUGE help, because as I stated instead of going to 3rd party sites or going through spreadsheets, you can now easily determine if that 15% damage on your boots is something you want.

    Please tell me why you agree / want me to be burned at the stake for suggesting such a thing.

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    posted a message on Losing steam for Season 4
    Quote from Polrayne»

    I just watched Quin69's video guide on Monk's U6 gameplay to "push" Greater Rift progression for the season. The sad word that I heard early on that made me sorta, mentally, give up on the Season is the fun word of "snapshot."

    If you haven't watched the video, a brief description; Monks are being encouraged now to fish for a GR with a Power Pylon somewhere near to the beginning of the first level of the GR. So that when you use the Pylon, the Exploding Palm skill of the Monk takes a snapshot of the damage and then you continue to piggy back the EP to new mobs throughout the GR. Even though the Pylon has worn off, your EP on existing mobs is still reflective of the increased DPS and you continue to spread that EP for the rest of the clear.

    Snapshotting was a thing in vanilla with Sweeping Wind and it made the game play feel as though you were only being effective if you could maximize a gimmick, or fault of the design, to progress.

    Between this and knowing that to come anywhere near the top 200, 100 or even 50 on the Leader boards of any given Season, you have to play at least 8 hours a day, just farming Paragon points to get the damage increase from your main stat...it makes me sort of not want to continue playing in the Season.

    There are a lot of fun things to do, build you character, get the gear, improve the gear to Ancient, etc. Build a different type of character, repeat the gear process. But what is the end result? Even with its faults, the AH/RMAH gave you another purpose to play, because you never knew when you would find that hot item to sell. The Leader boards give you another reason to play, except after a week, if you haven't played 10 hours a day - what's the point? So you make a build that maximizes experience gain and you drearily farm experience. So that when you are ready, you farm the perfect GR to use a gimmick to try and progress.

    Not rewarding game play for me. I'm curious if it is for others? Clearly the streamers and many others enjoy trying to beat out some sort of rank on the Leader boards, but is it really that rewarding? Does it make you awesome that you spend 70 hours or more a week playing this game, so you can say "I got to rank 1 because I have thousands of Paragon levels and spent days looking for the perfect GR to gimmick my way to the top!"

    I hope that Blizzard runs the risk of pissing off their popular streamers, by putting a cap on Paragon levels for Seasons and for removing the snapshot gimmick from all classes and skills. Snap shot the dps and simply code so the dps increase ends across all instances of where it appears after the appropriate amount of time has passed.

    So if you make it to rank 1 in a season, it's because you found great gear and used your skill and gear to make it to the top.

    Besides the RMAH comment which I just disagree with, I agree with the rest of your points;
    Paragon needs some sort of power cap. You can continue to level, but I really think not having a cap on your main stat really hurts this game. I played the hell out of this season so far (just like every other season), but even though I've got a lot of ancient gear I'm miles behind because I haven't played 8 hours a day / botted. I personally think P800 should be the power cap, with additional levels giving maybe gold find (which is supposed to be worth something next patch anyway).
    Also the snapshotting thing is just a facet in the larger problem of exploits. Look at all those streamers on the top of the leaderboards. They're ALL exploiting the hellfire problem, and abusing mechanics such as the one you mentioned. Now this is going to happen probably every season considering those tools go on to the PTR JUST to find these exploits, hide them and use them when the season starts, but I really hope Blizzard can jump on these problems sooner. It's been like two weeks for the hellfire thing and still going.
    So while the gameplay is rewarding for me personally, I absolutely cut my play time by ~90% after the hellfire exploit came out, and a hotfix didn't. And look at that Gabynator screenshot, someone's (maybe his) toon is at like paragon 1,2xx. He's got over two thousand more main stat. It doesn't matter how hard I try, that's such a huge gap I'm not going to beat it, the numbers aren't there.
    Anyway, rant over. Mostly agreed OP. Hopefully we can see some changes.

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    posted a message on blizcon xpan what new class you like to seee
    Quote from Codstir»

    I think 3 new classes would be great, 1 each for Str/Dex/Int.

    While I'd love three classes, so I'm not responding to that, I did want to point out that having an equal number of classes for each main stat doesn't matter anymore. Before smart loot, it absolutely mattered because having 3 classes use strength meant you'd find more strength items than anything else.

    Now that we've got smart loot, it doesn't matter if there's 19 classes with Strength and only 2 classes for int and dex, because 15% of your loot is random, and no matter how many main stats they add, 85% of your loot will always smart loot to you.


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    posted a message on Disappointed with 2.3
    Quote from ruksak»

    Quote from DTDuim»

    You have 1000 legs, and 99% os the players will only use FURNACE, HEXING PANTS AND OBSIDIAN. The rest will be joke builds for "fun"

    You lack vision.

    I feel like you should've added 'my child' to the end of that =D

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    posted a message on Let's try this again..making Diablo 3 competitive

    As soon as you take all rng out and make it the exact same thing is when you lose me. Sounds boring as all hell.

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    posted a message on Potential Generator Build with the Revamped Shenlongs set and Kunai's Cube
    Quote from Zt1mQ»

    you can SAY/PRONOUNCE it easily

    but not in game chat, where time does matter

    kk and kkk is ok, just deal with it

    If time matters, then saying 14k / 14M / 14B is faster.

    Just deal with it.

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    posted a message on 2.3 Frenzy Barb build

    omfg a suggested build that won't be able to reach rank #1 world??!!! Should never even try it, just for fun.

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