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    posted a message on How many stash tabs do you need to be "satisfied"

    This is my vision of the perfect stash;

    Each toon owns the first 5 tabs all to themselves; they are character specific.

    Switching over to the new window they introduced for the new tabs will have just one tab now, and that one is shared.

    I'd love this because one tab isn't NEAR enough for one toon. Yes it can hold 4 sets, but there is not enough room at all for the supporting legendaries per set. Instead, having a whole 'page' per toon would be more than enough room, and if you want to switch items over just throw em in the shared tab.

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    posted a message on I got banned for botting when I never botted!!!
    Quote from Xenocow»

    Honestly, the methods used by Big Game Companys are plain harassment.

    And i am just waiting for the glorious day someone with the right amount of cash in the bank lawyers up against this chicane.

    The ToS they hide behinde don't hold up in Legal Court. Not for a second (at least here in germany).

    It just needs someone with the right Balls to stand up against this Shenanigans...

    When you violate a traffic law, you get fined... you maybe get your licence revoked. But you get a chance to redeem yourself.

    Not so in the Big World of Videogames.... The Companys play God.

    Like Nero in the Coliseum in Rome.... Thumb up / Thumb down. Off with the Head.

    Did you just call them Big Game Company? Like. ...like Big Tobacco? Or Big Oil?
    I swear, you people and your righteous indignation against anybody who makes money. Blows my mind.
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    posted a message on Skull Grasp is now..............
    Quote from PicoPoco84»

    Sure, it can do T10 now, but being forced to sacrifice a ring slot just to be able to farm T10 somewhat efficiently is just bad design. It should be a option not a requirement. Most other builds/classes do T10 reasonably fast with whatever rings, faster with good rings, not like WW where you are forced down to T7-8 to not spend over a minute killing the RG without that one item.

    It's not bad design at all. Every build has at least one if not multiple stand alone legendaries that drastically improve it, and in every one of those cases you're 'sacrificing' the slot to use it. This particular example is actually really good, because skull grasp can be cubed. Therefore you still can run FnR, or whatever ring combination you want.
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    posted a message on patch 2.4.1 idea for DH could be really nice

    Real talk here; all this super increased damage is really starting to bug me. Really? We need UE to increase by 4000% now? The only thing I can think is that Blizzard wants some sort of pseudo sense of progression for seasons. It would be far more interested if legendaries just created new mechanics, or used round about ways to increase damage. But hell by season 7 everything will be +10,000.

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    posted a message on Possible new class???
    Quote from igorkrnic»

    the will hardly introduce new class because there are 2 of each primary stat classes and each have 4 sets so what they need to do is improve QoL and balance those sets

    This argument against new classes blows my mind.
    It's matters, quite literally almost zero percent if the 'balance' of main stat is off. Why? Because a long ago introduced feature; smart loot. It doesn't matter if there's two dex users, or 34 of them, 85% of your loot will still be smart loot, IE your loot won't change at all.
    Because of that, it's completely in the realm of possibilities to add at least one new class.
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    posted a message on Diablo Patch 2.5 - A wishlist

    Artisan gems;

    If we're going to have + bonus items like Diablo 2 charms, they shouldn't be taking up stash space. Something like the charm-wheel (forgot the name) that Blizzard had previewed before launch would be far better, as it would limit how many can be used.

    I'm not a fan of all the increases to drops, class specific drops and ancient drops. It's already far too easy to gear up, and the 15% chance for actual random non class specific loot is a good compromise between what we had at launch and only gear for your class.


    Same thoughts as above; finding gear is already a cakewalk. We've already got the recipe to convert rares into legendaries, this would be even more overkill. If anything, Kadala should only have armor / weapon / jewelry choices, but that's my own opinion.


    Also same reason as my first comment on your non class specific drop changes. It's okay that 15% of drops are actually random, this is a loot game after all and it's fun for a lot of people to suddenly find an ancient wand on their Barbarian, maybe they'll start up a Wizard.

    I do like the main stat change to paragon, but I'd vote for the change to start at Paragon 800.

    Highest group greater rift increasing your cap would just leave out every player who doesn't have three other equally geared out friends, and it would leave out all the players who chose not to play the meta classes. Leaving it as solo highest GR is fine.

    Showing Plevel on leaderboards at the time of the clear would be nice.

    I like the idea of Infernal Torment, and I've wanted something like this for awhile.

    Crafting Materials;

    There's no reason to change these now. We used to have 9 + different mats depending on difficulty and level, and the consolidation that crafting went through worked. What we have now feels good.

    Kanais Cube;

    Having a recipe to convert crafting mats into bounty mats would have to have an extremely high cost, otherwise bounties become useless again. Having these mats separated by activity type is a great way to change up gameplay depending on what you want to achieve.


    Would be nice to be able to use other follower items besides the invincible one, so I'm for this. Not sure why we'd want a chest slot added though.

    I'm always happy people love this game enough to write up posts like this trying to make it better, so don't take my negativity as me being a jerk, I just don't see the necessity behind a lot of the proposed changes, that's all.

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    posted a message on Another simple idea about PL.
    Quote from chadwx»

    Each season would last 1-2 weeks if they capped para. There would be no reason to play.

    I have the complete opposite view; seasons would last longer for a lot of people. See I play each season pretty hard at the start, for about a week to two, but then something always comes up where I'm busy for a couple days. In that couple of days I'm already so far behind in paragon that it doesn't matter, and I just lose interest.
    If there was a cap to work towards, I'd be playing seasons a LOT longer, because then it's about build efficiency and gear, not how many hours you played.
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    posted a message on D3 A New Perspective

    You knock that common sense crap off there mister OP, right meow.

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    posted a message on Soft- and Hardcore, could they play together?


    Get boosted by a SC character that can go ham and doesn't care if they die. So there will have to be some sort of confusing iteration like you can't play with SC until you're max level, or a certain Plvl ect.

    HC wouldn't play together at ALL if they could play with SC. A full HC run would actually be sub-optimal to the point where anyone trying to rank up wouldn't do it. Why have a full group that can die permanently when you can have 3 other people tanking the mobs without a care. It would turn into a 4 man with 1 HC character in the back, while the rest push the Grift without a thought for safety.

    The two modes need to continue to stay seperated, it just waters down what HC mode is all about.

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    posted a message on Thorn Snapshot with potion
    Quote from Ragestyles»

    Quote from Bleu42»

    Thank you for finding bugs good sir, but I urge you to post them on the bug forums over on Battle.net, where they can actually be documented.

    it was not him finding the bugs.
    he watched me and alkaizer figuring it out live on stream earlier today.
    Okay I guess if you two really need the recognition;
    Good job finding information on the bug, please report it to Bnet instead of here.
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