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    posted a message on The "new" content is not enough to get me to return.

    I'm holding out until later today for the other panel. But damn if there's no actual systems work like oh idk sets being mandatory, paragon being awful ect, it looks like yet another disappointing blizzcon for what now feels like blizzards neglected child of a game.

    Maybe this new form of DLC will be common? D3 IS their only game without a steady source of income, so maybe if a payed DLC system is put in place we'll actually get some meaningful changes to the core game play?

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    Quote from dephness»

    this picture greatly disappoints me where now i'm thinking d3 expac where they need to cut their losses and make a new game, theres too much wrong in d3 to make it worthwhile, engine is too old, graphics are meh (lost ark says hi) greater rifts are a mess, itemization is shit. skills are old and boring. the list goes on and on

    d3 is dead. and it should stay dead.

    I'm willing to bet money that we will not get a Diablo 4, for a LONG time. With, that is, one very specific exception in my opinion.
    You see, keeping Diablo the way we know it ( single player or only a couple people, pretty much everyone playing their own instance of the game ) would mean there's zero reason to scrap an ENTIRE game. This argument of 'the engine is old' is ridiculous. Blizzards not going for ultra uncanny valley realism, so there's no reason to create and entirely new game with a new engine to boot. Every problem can be fixed via patches, and all an expansion is is just a huge patch. Blizzard is not going to just discard ALL the artwork, world building ect just to fix some problems.
    The only possible way Blizzard would use up so much time and resources to make a brand new Diablo game on a new engine, would be if it plays drastically different than what Diablo 3 is now. If, for example, they wanted to make a Dark Souls type game, then they would need all new art, systems ect. OR, if, (he says in hushed tones) they wanted to try a Diablo style MMO, then again we'd see everything built from the ground up.
    So if Blizzard wants to stay in the isometric / single player or small group / instanced game / demon slaying loot hunt genre that Diablo is known for, at MOST we'll get an expansion announcement.
    But, if they want to go a brand new direction for Diablo, THAT'S when they'll make an entirely new game.
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    Unless it absolutely kicks ass, I'm going to be bummed if it's JUST a d2 remake. I'm hoping that because both male and female are shown, it's for either D3 or D4. The only thing that makes me tilt my head on why a necromancer isn't because the WD already exists (I'm sure they'd both feel unique), but because ceremonial daggers as well as the iconic off hands already exist, and have WD powers.

    Dammit Blizzard how hard is it to NOT accidentally post stuff? Now these couple days are going to feel even longer.

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    posted a message on Question: Why would you even want a D4 annoucment at Blizzcon 2016?

    Everything I'd like to see CAN be implemented within D3. However, I'm not sure blizzard is willing to risk drastically changing D3, so a D4 announcement would be exciting because it means they would essentially have a clean slate to work with.

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    posted a message on What are your most favorite aspects of a Diablo game?

    Essentially what would make me personally happy while also not being out of the question and relatively easy to do would be to keep improving on D3, with these changes;

    Drastically reduce drop rates.

    Number crunch the game hard, and reduce sets power.

    Implement trading and a gold AH.

    Cap paragon / remove power from paragon. Either make it completely for fun and no cap / prestige, or a hard cap. Also character specific again since there isn't any MF.

    Reworked legendary gems. I'd vote to just remove them, but they at least need a cap.

    Get rid of the ridiculous amount of difficulties. There's what, 17? Going back to normal/NM/hell and inferno would work really well with how the game now dynamically scales with player level. Hell/ inferno would essentially be equal to today's torment 13 / and what T15 might feel like.

    Add more drops to search and lust after other than weapons and armor; jewels charms and runes would be a great start.

    Just implement how hostile worked for pvp, and give the leader of the game the ability to toggle hostile on or off, and let people 'duel' each other.

    There's a lot more but that's the basics in my opinion. All the hard caps I mentioned would be there to promote more builds and playstyles, because if you have a theoreticaly infinite difficulty in greater rifts, then you're actually forced to play the spec that does 5% better if you want a chance at leader boards.

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    Quote from Skelos_bg»

    They won't fix the paragon system without going 70 -> 80 level. If they wanted to do it, they had plenty of time for that. The paragon system will be fixed (hopefully not upgraded to a bigger mess) in a future expansion. Also, nobody will give a new character or a system like the runewords (which can itself sell as an expansion alone) with a patch. And a big content patch won't save the game in any way, it will just delay the inevitable. That is the reason nobody will waste time to release a big patch for free and put the game on a maintenance mode after that. It just doesn't make any sense if they are not adding microtransations or any other type of regular milking income.

    TLDR: It has to be an expansion.

    Almost all of the biggest systems and system changes have been patches. You mention paragon, which was a patch. As was the cube, ect.
    But yes, that was my point. Either it's an expansion to actually address what I listed, or it's just a content patch with one new system such as runewrods.
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    Oh I'm definitely excited in some fashion, and I don't think anyone is arguing that there won't be some sort of 'content' reveal.

    But it's WHAT content that has some of us worried. There's absolute flaws in D3 from the base up that I know at least some of us really want to see addressed; Paragon needs a near complete overhaul. Gear acquisition is just ridiculous, between gambling and being able to almost target specific legendaries with rare upgrading, as well as an almost free complete set at the start of a season, the only time during a season that it's fun to see gear drop is right at the very start - because anything could be an upgrade. Difficulties as well - what are we, up to 17 separate difficulties now? And even at the highest, there's maybe a handful of monsters that you have to change your playstyle for, the rest just being AOE fodder. Sets being completely dominant and bottlenecking builds, numbers are already in the trillions, ect ect.

    Hell, we might even see a brand new system for the next patch, maybe even something like runes and runewords! MAYBE even a new class! And I'd honestly be very excited for that. But solving just any of those problems that I mentioned will be a big undertaking (except maybe just a stat squish for the numbers). So while the news we'll get is probably for the next major patch, if it isn't addressing those issues than at least for me it'l be another *play a ton for the first two weeks of a season, then have all the gear and be done*.

    So yea, I'm trying to have one of my feet on the hype train, while grounding the other. I HOPE it's at least an X2 announcement, because that'l give a lot of room to fix the core issues. But my gut says it's just a new patch with nothing else big on the horizon. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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    Quote from UncleDan2017»

    Quote from Rotterdam

    You also have "Lost Eternal" coming out.
    A D2 remake woudnt sell big. It only attracts the old school players who played Diablo before.
    Honestly even a remake would look like crap. The game is freaking old. Making a new game or an expansion of D3 would be so much better in general.
    Better for the company and gamers.

    A D2 HD can be cranked out pretty quick, and there was an ad out in late 2015 advertising for developers for "legacy games" so something may be in the works. The advantage of doing D2 HD is mostly very little development effort.

    D4 might be a possibility, but it is pretty far away timewise is my guess. D3 expansion seems pretty unlikely to me, given Blizzard's experience with D3 sales falling off a cliff from Vanilla to Reaper of Souls, and also their history with SC2 with each expansion selling less than the previous one.
    Pretty sure all the 'legacy games' talk was to bring the legacy games to modern OS's so they can run without an emulator.
    Blizzard's smart enough to realize a D2 remake would not help. It would cause a lot of community whining because obviously development time was not spent on a new game but instead of quick HD remake. And honestly it would only be a novelty - if it was truly just an HD remake, I'd play through once for fun, but that's it. And I spent years with D2. I think the majority of us would want to see something new.
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    Quote from thatFPGAguy»

    I don't even see the point of D2 HD. I don't want to play a game where I have a crapload of potions in my inventory. I don't want a game without a shared stash. I don't want to gear up by doing endless Baal runs. D2 is a dinosaur by modern gaming standards. If they update the graphics without updating the game play, it will be a novelty. If they update the gameplay, then it's a whole new game. (And if they were successful with such a gameplay update, they'd just be cannibalizing the Diablo 3 player base, which is currently their marque Diablo game.)

    The longer D3 goes without another expansion pack, the more I believe they are working on D4. But I can't figure what they'd do in D4, that they could just do in a D3 expansion. Moving to D4 would allow them to a) eliminate all the legacy of people with thousands of non-season paragon levels, B) allow them to reintroduce characters like necromancer without stepping on the novelty of existing characters, and c) ???. I'm drawing a blank here.

    I'm just not certain what would be "different" enough to warrant a whole new game. Sure, new classes and new story and new items. But those could be done in an expansion, right? Would the gameplay be different? Could they make it truly open world rather than 4-man (or 8-man) instances?

    Well see here's my theory on why a D4 is probable, and a smart move by Blizzard.
    Many of the complaints about D3 stem from the systems they've introduced. And these systems were themselves bandaids for other complaints, and it just piled on. I'm talking about the Paragon system, leaderboards and the Greater Rift system mostly. For example, the Grift system as well as leaderboards completely breaks a large part of the game - builds and playstyles. Balance of all 24 sets + LoN builds is nearly impossible when you've got an infinitely harder system that works against it. No matter how you balance the game, Grifts will ALWAYS shave away any build that isn't in the top percent. And that's just one system.
    The problem however is completely reworking these systems, or getting rid of them would be far too much a shock to your average player. Most of the players don't spend time here or on other forums, console players included. I think Blizzard is scared (and maybe rightfully so) that changing too much in the form of another expansion for D3 would cause too much chaos. Changing things such as removing the power gained from Paragon points would be too much change.
    A smarter move would be a whole new game. It's the perfect excuse. Starting fresh means they can add the classes people ACTUALLY wanted to play, they can move the game BACK to a loot - focused game instead of Greater rifts and away from an XP grind, ect.
    So while I'd welcome anything new, I'm *really* hoping for a D4.
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    posted a message on Any PTR research done into T13?

    Diablo 3 has a LOT of problems in it's core.

    But one of the worst is people overlooking the fact that it's a video game. This demand for the absolute percentage wise best class / spec / meta group / ect is really ruining your own fun.

    Why would you ever think wizards HAVE to go archon for T13? Does it really actually hurt the amount of fun you have if say a delsers wiz clears T13 slightly slower than archon?

    I really hope with D4 paragon giving any amount of power is removed, as well as leaderboards. Maybe then efficiency won't have such supreme rule over everything.

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