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    Please don't make me re type the extensive list of what's coming in RoS. This ignorant thinking that Blizzard isn't doing anything, when there's cold hard proof of ALL the shit they are doing for pre exp patch and RoS just blows my mind.

    I get it, you want some more content. However, it doesn't make sense to release it little by little. ESPECIALLY when they all syngergize with each other. You're just going to have to wait.
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    Nephalem Rifts
    Nephalem Trials
    Loot 2.0
    Balanced item affixes
    Balanced class skills
    New class skills
    Gheed's Machine
    The Devil's Hand
    Re-tooled trade chat
    Removed AH's
    Brand new legendaries
    Brand new legendary affixes
    World map with markers (probably for finding the devil's hand items)
    Dye-able legendaries
    Reforging stats
    New legendary / regular crafting mats
    Torment difficulty
    New BoA rules to pull items out of circulation
    New monsters
    New champion affixes
    More engaging combat
    (whatever else I forgot because holy shit there's a lot)
    New 'cow level'
    Paragon 2.0!

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    Quote from nuvision25

    Quote from Catalept

    I like the forced rotation system (mostly). The 'nice to have' stats like pickup radius and movement speed would simply get ignored otherwise, and I like being able to choose them rather than just punching the 'more DPS please' option over and over again.

    It remains to be seen if/how the best choice for offensive stats varies between classes and builds, but there's simply not enough information yet to make that call. Suffice to say, if 95% of characters have offensive and defensive pages that look identical, something went wrong.

    The only thing I'm wary of is the 'core stats' section... to me, that still looks like it's going to be the 'dump all points into one stat' page. Blizzard is going to have to do something very clever if they want that page to be at all interesting.

    This is such a wrong way of thinking. Making a stat useful by making other stats garbage, capping "good" stats, or forcing point allocation into specific categories is a cop out and doesn't add to the fun. Find ways (like blizzard is currently attempting) to make those stats useful.

    Also, to all the responses that keep regurgitating that everyone would dump there points into "X" stat if allowed to must not have read my post at all. If there is build / stat diversity achieved through the loot system (as I have spoken of), people will be dumping points into all sorts of different categories depending on the build they are going and the gear they currently have acquired.

    The problem is you don't actually bring UP any ideas when it comes to finding 'stat diversity', you just are sort of guessing that there *should* be some around here, somewhere.

    You're really telling me there's going to be a build that's better for a character than CC / CD / IAS? When compared to something like pickup radius? Of course not, and if there's no paragon point caps, and no restriction as to which points go to what category, then all you're ever going to see (read; the most efficient by FAR) is going to be straight dps, just like it is today in the live version. I can argue all day that *some* builds benefit from PuR, some from +globe, but those are few and far between, and really are just secondary stats that someone chooses after they've gotten what they can out of DPS / HP stats.

    Relax, it's a round robin style of stat allocation that still allows for diversity because there's 4+ stats per page, and the caps are there because it's better than having a confusing diminishing returns system. There's still no limit on paragon levels so you'll eventually have everything capped anyway, but in a way that Blizzard can manage and balance, so hopefully CM / archon / WW builds don't become the absolute best.
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    To point A) From the most recent dataminingingings, they removed the caps for offensive stats.

    To point B) A system like this is needed for two reasons. The first reason being, everyone is going to immediately dump every point most likely into crit, if not attack speed. It'l be very hard to balance the game around this, because within months most of the dedicated players will have insane DPS again, making any attempt Blizzard had at in depth combat void. They also needed to cap these stats at a certain number of paragon points, for the same reason. ( I imagine it was between this choice and just super DR. Capping makes more sense).

    This way they can throttle and accurately predict the DPS of every player, meaning they can balance the game that much more. And don't forget, once each category is capped, according to a Blue post a little while back, you can still spend every subsequent point into the main stat page, which won't have caps.

    I'm ok with these systems changing, but as they stand I'm perfectly fine with them as well. It's practically mandatory if they want to create more in depth combat that will make players rely on their intelligence and not just high dps.
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    Quote from seraphim4

    Quote from Ashes

    I believe D3 should try to be less like WoW - not more like it.


    please can all the wow players stop taking out their boredom of wow on diablo.
    don´t try and make diablo your next wow, just wait for titan and leave diablo alone!

    While I don't agree with the OP, I need to mention something on this; WoW is the top MMO, it's EXTREMELY successful. Blizzard has taken elements of WoW (which with some features they got from other games) and put them into D3 / SC2, ect. I'm not sure what the actual fear is - even though D3 doesn't have a subscription, if they are willing to put the time in and develop tweaked systems that might be similar to their other around-the-world successful games, then by all means, please!

    You guys really need to stop fearing.... whatever it is that you fear. I don't even actually know what it is that you're afraid of. D3 becoming more popular?
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    Quote from TurkNukem

    Quote from Elendiro

    Quote from wololo1985

    Gratz on the find Turk.
    See you on stream.
    Haha, that's so sad that you created a new account to bump your own thread. SO SAD.
    what the hack u talking about noob?

    The fact that you just used that line makes you a complete idiot in my eyes. Plus the obvious money grab for your stream isn't very good, either.
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    Quote from Mob_Dylan

    "Of course they are all currently under NDA, so there won't be any gameplay popping up (unless someone wants to risk their job)."

    This is a 100% career ender. So ya pretty much no footage unless someone is crazy enough to put it out there. Those contract agreements are no joke. You will get blacklisted in the industry.

    Not just fired. Some of those NDA's come with criminal charges, so yea, no vids =P

    Quote from Serpenth

    Not sure how you know this but either way I would expect the beta to start shortly after Blizzcon, probably first or second week of December. Just my own speculation

    I'm also curious OP, are you just guessing because files were loaded to the PTR (and thus the datamined info) ? Or were you actually told by someone who is in it?

    To answer your question; At least a month. It'd be an awesome hype play if they announced a closed beta start at Blizzcon. My prediction is the end of November. Now whether that's RoS beta, or loot 2.0 beta, no idea.
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    Quote from Mehsiah

    Quote from Jaetch

    Bought unID Mempos?

    This would be more impressive if it was a self found, not a "lets buy 100 mempo's on stream and ID em live".


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    Oh good Jesus you again? You've already brought this up and you've already been shouted down. I'm usually a little nicer but you need to go away. You bring ZERO proof / facts / logical thought to the table of discussion, and therefore you're not welcome.
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    I don't exactly know why, but when I see people only care about the price of items it kind of makes my head explode. Hopefully loot 2.0 fixes this.
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