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    My instincts tell me OP might be a console player, which would explain his use of modded gear, which is abundant on consoles.
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    Originally the elemental type had an additional effect to all your attacks, such as holy did more damage to undead, poison did a dot, cold slows ect. Apparently internal testing found that players will always pick the one that increases their damage the most, and if all the damage was equal, they would always pick the one with the best CC.

    In other words, if it was between cold slowing, and fire adding a dot, everyone would want fire. If they made cold do the same damage as fire as well as slow, then obviously cold is better. Thus the dilemma.
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    My money is on the patch releasing right as season one ends. Then a week later, season 2 starts.
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    "Bye guys for 30 days, brb"

    *Bleu has left the clan*

    *Bleu has joined the clan SuperBotStoreYay*

    *Bleu buys all the best BiS items from the superbotstore*

    "Bleu rejoins old clan" Hey everyone I just got BiS gear
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    Quote from Darkrealmx»
    In Flux's defense these are the same questions that have been asked and not just by him. Seeing him poke Travis for an actual response is a good thing. I get a bit tired of reading the corporate line from fanboys. Good for Flux trying to make edgy comments to try and get some reaction.

    Don't you all get tired of NO ONE ever saying anything that has real value? "we feel this is in a good place(insert 6pc sets, barbs, monks, etc)" - how many times have you seen and actually AGREED with that statement? Are we not the customer? Do we not have input beyond "designing a legendary item workshop"? Did everyone forget PVP? Has everyone forgotten the "millions" of builds?

    That said, I am grateful for even the smallest scraps of changes that lead to something better because this isn't going to change anytime soon.
    Actually, no, you don't have input beyond that. Getting to even do the legendary workshop is actually a plus, because you're a paying customer for THEIR product. This entitlement attitude is just exponentially growing and it blows my mind. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Don't, however, try to claim that you've got some God-given right to decisions made for the product.

    And @ Ruksak, I completely agree. I'm honestly embarrassed to be a part of the same gamer base as that guy. I can't believe they couldn't get someone more professional in there.
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    Quote from ruksak»
    The big surprise for me was that they spent 2 days and a ton of money engaging the fans of a game that has already been sold. I expected them to discuss the direction D3 was heading, their intentions etc, discuss season 2 and maybe show a few new items. Instead, a full smorgasbord of offerings and discussion. For free. For a game already sold.

    They walk the walk, I'll give 'em that. Agree or disagree with their philosophies, like the ideas or not, they care. They have little reason to poor such effort into a game they sold 6 months ago, but they do it anyway.

    Pretty damn cool. I especially enjoyed the part where they discussed Josh effectively confronting the whole group at a meeting about the AH's. Where he just sat there saying nothing until the president asked why he wasn't speaking. He apparently chimed right in with "Kill it. Kill the AH's".

    Josh is a fuckin rockstar IMO.
    Oh yea for sure. I love Josh M. and I think he was the perfect replacement. I thought Jay was really nice, and probably had really good intentions, but they just tried SO HARD not to be D2, that it screwed them up.

    And yea, I'm totally stoked for Ancient items, that was something I didn't see coming. Same thing with the whole new area, I expected maybe new rift maps, but this sounds like an actual area, with a WP and everything, so that's really cool. Brand new sets? Yes fuckin sir. New stand alone legendaries? Hell yes. Better goblins, one of which will drop blood shards? Pretty please. There was a lot of good announcements, and I'm pretty positive they kept saying patch 2.1.2 would be really soon, with some of what was announced to be in a later patch. So all in all, a good times for D3 at blizzcon, when they had Hearthstone / Hots and OW take center stage.

    But, I really wish they wouldn't have built up some 'surprise' for Saturday, when everything that was talked about was already pretty much announced.
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    Quote from Drgreenthump»
    It's an alternative for Firebird's.. Will probably be better at easier content and groups, but when you get to high GR's the dot of the Firebird's is still way superior to this.

    Though it's all still in development and there will be more items that might make Firebird's less of a requirement for those high GR's. Not that am complaining, this seems pretty sweet at least at first glance.
    IDK, the numbers are there. 1250% per sec, plus 5x the normal damage on ET / AO and MM. I think the set could beat firebirds. Especially at single target
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    Quote from Dorakrab»
    i just love "the leaderboard" argument. I mean botting or not, top10 ppl on leaderboards are gonna be people who spent ALL THEIR FREE TIME on diablo. And you all sit here talking about leaderboard like you expect to be in that top10, are you ready to commit all your time to this game? If not, then why the fuck do u care about leaderboard, noone gives a shit about ppl past top10, just play for your own pleasure
    You can have your own opinion, but when you start speaking for me, then that's when I have to say something;

    You may not 'care about anyone past rank 10', but I personally do. Hell, I was stoked when I was around rank 500 with my sader a couple weeks ago.
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    "such small changes" would also make these rings the absolute BiS, forever. They are already biS, but there's potential for some other rings to be buffed to compete. Think of the rings that would have to be created to beat them out after that change.

    RNG is good, and when they drop you still have to make a hard choice on what to do.
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    Yea, pretty much. They can't make whimsyshire awesome to farm, because then people will farm that instead of bounites / rifts / Grifts.

    Because of that, most don't want to go to whimsyshire. So to let people still see the content once in awhile, they added a goblin portal. What's so bad about that?
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