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    My first guess is that it was one of the random magic items you get when you turn in quests, you know like a yellow chest piece or blue boots, ect. Shouldn't be important.

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    Ok, OP, it seems you've missed the point of Greater Rifts entirely.

    They are meant to NOT be beat-able. They ARE the end game, which is why there is an 'infinite' amount of Greater Rifts.

    Being able to perma-CC mobs completely side steps different mobs abilities. Coming soon, you'll HAVE to worry about winged assassins jumping to your DPS'ers, who will in turn have to start taking defensive skills / passives / runes. You'll now HAVE to worry about every mob type to varying degrees, which I personally think is very healthy for this game.

    The fact that you're calling it 'dumb design' when different mobs types can cause huge problems for your group is very telling. I applaud Blizzard for fixing this issue, and I hope they keep up with it in the future.

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    WTF the level doesn't come pre loaded with 79 legendaries scattered on the ground?! BROKEN FIX NAOW BLIZZ KTYX
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    Quote from Gnada»

    The real issue is this:

    Why is doing this more fun, beneficial, and lucrative, than doing a Greater Rift the normal way?

    Furthermore, no one is getting banned for this. Unless Blizzard issues in-game warning, players have fair grounds to play within the scope of the game, unaltered.

    Blame QA, not the players who are just trying to keep up/compete/find some enjoyment in the grind. Bugs add interesting spikes in an otherwise static experience right now.

    I'd also say that we discovered this by accident two days ago due to a failed GR cancellation and did not try to duplicate in days following, sighting that 2 minute GR35 runs were overall more beneficial in terms of primarily exp, but also total Legs + Bloodshards per hour.

    What you just spewed is complete bullshit. Blizzards 'warning' is the eula, they don't have to specifically name every single instance of possibilities.

    This is supposed to be a 4 month long season and we're less than a week in. There needs to be punishment for this, whether it's a ban or a gear reset as we'll as leader board position wiped. Exploits always get through, but what will make me greatly disappointed in Blizzard is if there's no rectification.

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    Maybe that's the style of the set? Either way you can't have it both ways. Either they're super sexy pants and people complain, or they're like these and people complain. Blizzard can make them look how they want.

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    Quote from RasAlgethi24»


    I just wish they would remove pylons. I really hate the play style of saving pylons, or scouting the entire map to force pylons to spawn on the next map.

    Agreed. Pylons need to gtfo of Grifts.

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    Good thing it's gettin fixed. It's ridiculous that anyone can with a straight face claim the top spot using that broken mechanic.

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    @ Autocthon

    Oh absolutely agreed, if items stayed the same the only thing what I proposed would offer is even less choice, because there's pretty obvious items for each slot that would end up being mandatory.

    The reason I suggested all this in the first place is because I'm trying to look ahead, to patch 2.3, 2.4, 3.3, 3.4, ect and ect. We're going to eventually have all these legendaries, and still be stuck with limited options because of the limited slots.

    How different would your example be if all those items you listed had 2-3 other items that were equal in power for those slots? Suddenly there's a lot of nice setups that *should* (in a perfect world) compete with each other.

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    Paragon isn't supposed to be WHY you play, it's an extra on the side benefit OF playing. Pretty much there so when you don't find any good loot for awhile you can know at least you got some paragon XP.

    I'd personally hate that change to Kadala, and honestly I don't really like her as it is. It's my own opinion but I hate knowing that I'll get most of the gear I want from her rather than actually farming.
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