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    Quote from Xiaz89

    Quote from wishedhehadbeta

    ya tried using dire bats a few times, even making my entire build/gear around it and it still was insufficient compared to other options available and was just annoying to use

    Could you elaborate a little on that? Currently level 33 and I still cannot find anything that does damage that comes remotely close to what Dire Bats are doing.

    Currently using firebomb, direbats, gargantuan, soulharvest, acidrain and tiki warriors.

    ive gotten the best use out of plague of toads - explosive toads. its not only spammable but also really high damage and with fast attack speed they go everywhere. you can even get the 20% dmg 30% mana cost passive and still spam it way more and itll do just as much as dire bats per toad. im currently lvl 52 in hell and STILL using them. of course i switch to something else before bosses. but for champion packs n shit PoT still pwns the most
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    lmao. ok NOW this is getting rediculous. i took time off of work for this shit yo
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    anyone else know he was a black guy? lolol
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    2335 user(s) are reading this topic

    300 members, 1991 guests, 13 anonymous users

    almost 2k guests. wtf
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    Im making this a general progress thread, ill update it with anyone who wants to show their progress, this isnt a race thread of who gets the farthest first (because it will obviously be someone from asia <_<). So if you want just let post letting me know and ill add your info below and then at the end of each day ill update it accordingly.

    Please post with:
    1. class
    2. hours played
    3. difficulty or act beaten
    4. death count (be honest, i thought it showed somewhere but i dont see any way to prove it as of yet, but no judgement here some of us have already died :P)

    *****Screen shots will only be required for Hell completion and Inferno progression because beating nightmare is nothing to brag about. Most of us will have nightmare done by the weekend.*****

    WHHB Solo Progress:

    Class: Witch Doctor (lvl 60), Barbarian (lvl 51), Demon hunter (40), Monk (lvl 60), Wiz (lvl 45)
    Hours Played: a lot
    Difficulty beaten: A1 inferno
    Deaths so far: a lot

    Slayerviper 2-Team Progress:

    Class: Witch Doctor (lvl 14)
    Hours Played: 4
    Difficulty beaten:
    Deaths so far: 1

    Bleu42 Solo Progress

    Class: Demon Hunter
    Hours played: ):
    Difficulty beaten: Beta's mom
    Death count: pizza.

    ClassicWafflez Solo Progress

    Class: Witch Doctor (lvl 60)
    Hours: ~42
    Difficulty beaten: Act 3 - Hell
    Death Count: ~a lot

    Pskfry 4-Team Progress

    Classes: DH, Wizard, Monk, Barb
    Hours: -10
    Difficulty beaten: eachothers moms
    Death Count: 3 and 1/2

    Italofoca HC-Solo Progress

    Characters: Barbarian HC (lvl 17)
    Hours: 8
    Farthest area reached: Act 2 - Normal
    My Release Objective: Finish Normal on Hardcore

    Denkasaeba25 2-Team Progress

    Characters: Barb, WD
    Hours: 0
    Difficulty beaten:
    Death Count:

    Caddin Solo Progress

    Characters: Demon Hunter (lvl 20)
    Hours: 9
    Difficulty beaten: Act 1 - Normal
    Death Count: 0

    InternetheroxD Solo Progress

    Characters: Monk (lvl 24)
    Hours: 5.3
    Difficulty beaten: Act 2 - normal
    Death Count: 0

    TimDAMan99 Solo Progress

    Characters: Monk (lvl 20)
    Hours: ~5
    Difficulty beaten: Act 2 - normal
    Death Count: 0

    RaidLeadGuy Solo Progress

    Characters: Barbarian (lvl 30)
    Hours: ~12
    Difficulty beaten: Act 3 - normal
    Death Count: 6

    drclawixp Solo Progress

    Characters: Demon Hunter (lvl 16)
    Hours: ~6
    Difficulty beaten: Act 1 - normal
    Death Count: 0

    Kalikoojack Solo Progress

    Characters: Monk - (lvl 31)
    Hours Played: 11
    Difficulty beaten: Normal
    Death Count: 2

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    posted a message on 1st thing I'm gonna post into the Official D3 Forums. (suggestions)
    4. no
    5. no
    6. they obviously will
    10 HELL no. that will cause too much clutter, too much lag for some people and remove one of the nice benefits of playing solo.
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    Quote from JenesisX

    I'm actually glad about that. I prefer to play solo much of the time due to the way so many people rush and plow through content. I'm glad to see I will be able to farm for items effectively on my own. Even better due to the way MF works in group, even.

    this. in Diablo 2 everyone just rushed forward and would not care to leave people behind at all and no one would talk so it was like i was playing by myself anyways <_<.
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    im sorry to tell you that none of those things increase like they did in D2.

    the ONLY thing that changes from solo to co-op is monster HP and monster Damage. that is all. the drops, chance of drops, amount of monsters and gold do not increase at all. it was made this way to avoid making co-op the end-all for item hunting.

    also unless you have a group of friends to play with, playing solo will yield better farming because your MF/GF isnt averaged out between the group and you'd be able to kill faster since monster hp is increased by 110% PER person who joins in Inferno and damage by 15% per person also. (it was 6.25% dmg increase in Diablo 2 per person)
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    Quote from Ruppgu

    I got in the beta just after it was moved to later level.

    Is it true that it also provides a movement speed buff while it's active? I've heard numerous people mention it before but the tooltip doesn't mention anything about a speed increase. If so, how much is the increase?

    Also, could you cast physical realm (or spirit realm spells) while you were in the spirit world?

    yes. it does in fact grant you extra speed. sometimes i would use it just to move a little faster through hallways and such that had no mobs. although how much speed is beyond me, it doesnt seem like a lot. maybe like a ~40% boost or something for 2 seconds isnt much but it helps get out of those sticky situations even faster to make those 2 seconds really count
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    Quote from 1up_Mush

    I am actually basing all what i am saying on facts.

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