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    Quote from Kiwimustang67

    I really want to play the Barb on launch so therefore I have been following closely any changes or improvements to his skills. But I have noticed a constant pattern with every patch since at least 13 that he has been nerfed in way or another every time. In this latest patch weapon throw nerfed 20 %, what are they afraid of? that he mite survive Inferno.....oh no! can't have that lets weaken him some more. Demon Hunter in patch 16 got a good buff in a lot of ways which is fine even tho I thought she was starting to hold her own any way. All I am saying is give the Barb a break, soon there will not be any decent skill to go with because he will be too balanced and no skill will be efficient enough in tougher area's......your views?

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    Quote from Yelworc_Wumpscut

    Hello, can you give us some more information. Level up fastest from 1 to what level? 13? 60? Obviously if it's 60, it's all guess-work.
    If it's 13, then once again it's not an informed decision because most players finish the beta (kill SK) at level 6 or 7. To actually level up to 13, you have to do SK runs over and over to get 4500 exp per kill as most mobs reward little or no exp because the content is too low level. Just like WOW, you have to be within a certain level range to get exp from things you kill. Maybe what you should ask is what class kills SK the fastest. Or what class finishes beta the fastest.

    Who the fuck would continuously run SK only to level their beta chars?

    Blacksmith to SK runs are where its at:
    1.) Quest Exp for Beating the Chancellor
    2.) Event Exp if you stumble into jar of souls or bones of the matriarch.
    3.) Chance at finding a Den of Fallen
    4.) More Magic Drops per run
    5.) More Content... and so... less repetitive
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    Quote from Sumsarr

    Quote from Yelworc_Wumpscut

    Sumsarr, I'm confused why you reiterated that the Barb/Monk 30% damage reduction affects all 6 damage types. I must have written something not clear in my first post to cause confusion on this well known documented truth. Please clarify so others don't make the same mistake or misread what I wrote. I will correct it.

    Also just want to state again. INT also increases DR to all 6 damage types. (Yes I know there's 7 damage types in name, but Blizzard has already said that Holy is a shared damage type so there's really 6).

    INT = STR = Defense = Armor = DR => all affect all 6 damage types in game. Only later will gear and Wizard's odd-ball Passive affect specifics damage types.

    Anyways, let me state my opinion for the record. Wizard will never be a melee viable class if playing solo in Inferno. How do I know this.....because wizard doesn't have a skill that grants DR reduction to the enemy. Every class except wizard has one or two. And yes DH's passive that gives damage reduction (to the enemy) is crap-tastic. So to me, a melee Wizard will have to be played with Monk/WD/Barb, preferable all three for some serious DR debuffing.

    Edit: Forgot to say one last thing. Sumsarr you cited the Dexterity as an example of how the exchange rate works, it takes progressively more and more dexterity to get the same benefits. The break points currently discovered occur at 100 and 500. So we know of three tiers already for dexterity. However, just like how World of Warcraft makes the exchange rate higher and higher as you level, we don't know how much DR% will be getting from 1,000 Int at level 60 vice level 40. Sure it'll still be the same 1,000 stat attributes, but no way will it be the same derived DR%.

    Sorry for the confusion. The part about 30% DR wasn't only to you, but to all people who seem to think the DR is simply on physical damage.

    My main point was, however, int is not as good as the DR.

    - If that was the case, casters would be the best class in game by only stacking one stat. WD and Wiz would only stack Int and get damage as they got best defensive stats. Would be quite broken?
    - Blizzard gave barb/monk 30% dr not because wiz got beefed up with int buff, but because they will be forced to take more dmg as they are melee. The int buff replaced life/orb which Blizzard found worse than dodge/DR from str/dex on barb/monk.
    - We got the numbers. You get 0,1 all resistance per int. If you stack int as your one and only stat in beta you get about 10 all resistance.
    - By the way, barb will have better synergy with resist than casters (50% bonus resist on shout compared to 40% on wiz armor).

    I am guessing int gives a slight boost in all resistances as the casters will take some elemental dmg, some melee dmg and some range phys damage. They therefore need a slight boost to all stats.
    Barb and Monk on the other hand received 30% DR because they will be taking a shitload of dmg. Aside from that, they also got strong physical reduction on their primary attributes in order to sustain enough surviveability to go toe to toe with mobs.

    My wizard has 126 Int ... would have been able to farm up to 130+ (13 resistance).

    Now to add to the topic... Int adds the elemental resistances (NOT PHYSICAL).

    Armor decreases ALL damage (sames as elemental resistances + physical).

    However, armor probably has a much higher diminishing return than resistances. Both are calculated with Raw Number vs enemy level... but with the resistance numbers being lower... the curve hasn't hit yet.

    Also Resistances are additional reductions in addition to armor. If the wizard/wd stacks up 40% damage reduction with armor and 60% with resistances thats 74% less magic damage. If the barb has 60% damage reduction and 20% resistance... thats 68% less magic damage.
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    Quote from Ruppgu

    Quote from IlTroio

    I don't really understand Blizzard spell. Imho is worst spell mage got. 280% over 8 seconds mean 35% wd every second. It don't slow, so monsters can stay in it for 2-3 seconds max. And it is not staccable. Runed Meteor as Comet is far better.

    Why you use Blizzard? Really, no arrogancy or polemic here, explain me your way of thinking cause I can't reach this xD

    The way of thinking with blizzard is that you cast it and then you cast other spells while it continues to do damage. The biggest problem with the spell in my mind however, is keeping the enemies in the effect the entire time.

    I think one problem this build will have is that it has 0 escape abilities. If you get surrounded what do you plan on doing? I believe the vortex ability (and likely more) will put you in a bad situation... how will this build survive?

    You've got it dead on. Blizzard is designed to be an AOE DoT... You toss it over an area and let it do DoT while you hurl other spells. 35% wd a second isn't that horrible really. GoTD is 20% for 8 seconds ... smaller area. Haunt is 47.9% per second for 12 seconds... with NO AOE.

    Cycle your blizzards using arcane prodigy and unrelenting storm (blizzard rune) and you got yourself 490% weapon damage over 8 seconds.

    While blizzard is raining on the area, you can cycle in other spells, gather up your 5 flashes of insight, and hurl another blizzard.


    Here is a quick frost wizard build I made.

    Ice Armor chills them so that you can trigger your Cold blooded +20% damage passive for all frost damage.

    With a fast enough weapon (and depending on fast you can gain flashes) you can probably alternate between using Arcane Prodigy on your blizzard and your comet.
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    Quote from dr_AllCOM3

    I'm pretty sure the damage reduction is multiplicative.

    In the words of Dave Hester:

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    Quote from shadendemon

    Strange that the Lucky prefix is no longer MF

    Lucky has NEVER been MF... thats scouting.

    Lucky is GF
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    posted a message on Intel i5 and diablo 3
    There are several potential issues...

    1.) you have dust in your chasis... dust acts as an insulator and increases heat
    2.) You overclocked your GPU which by default will overheat
    3.) Your cooling system sucks
    4.) Your NVIDIA settings aren't set to use application settings
    5.) You already overheated your GPU causing system damage....
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    Your formula to calculate your chance to crit per second is:

    X = Additional crit chance from other skills and items
    Y = Seconds since last crit
    Z = Weapon attack speed.

    * No Additional Crit Chance
    * 1.6 Attacks per Second
    * 6 Seconds since last crit


    You have a 36.8% chance to crit within that 6th second.

    If you want to find your probably of criting by the 6th second you need to compound it which makes the math more annoying
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    Why does everyone forget about the random nature of Diablo?

    If you do not get the drops... you do not have the gear... you do not progress.

    I understand they made crafting to help supplement drops, but you will still need the materials to craft.

    I think it will be a while before people have the gear to run Hell, let alone Inferno.
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    Ok, thanks for the tips. I'm pretty careful with scanning everything I download but yeah, you never know.

    How much porn do you do on the internet? Cracked software? Peer to peer downloading? Low name gaming sites? Or 4chan?

    All of the above are the computer equivalent of Fucking a homeless prostitute without a condom.... It's a guaranteed disease (in this case virus).

    And no... macs aren't STD proof. With the growth in popularity, macs are getting more and more viruses now too.
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