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    I would NOT be fine with this. This is part of what makes choosing a rune determine your build. There are several skills that i wish i could choose option -> All of the above for rune effects. Being able to do that is just silly and removes the point of having to choose.
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    Quote from Akuma Seijin

    I've actually been planning for the revolution for a while. This country is a corrupted by corporatism and I won't be caught off guard when the grocery stores are bare. If your a republican, you are a tool for the top 10%. Which, in my opinion, is really pathetic.

    Dude... you are a tool. You are the exact reason I believe that there should be a manditory test in order to vote.

    If you stupid communists would actually stop and think for a minute you would understand that corporations are actually good for everyone. They produce consumer goods at a cheaper rate due to wait... what... oh yeah.. CAPITALISM. They create jobs which happen to reward those that have better value to society, therefore creating incentive and ambition to succeed. When profitable they rewards those that are smart enough to actually invest instead of squander their money (owning shares in a company)...

    Best of all... they allow the power to remain outside of the hands of the public sector. I'm sorry but social redistribution has nothing to do with equality rather than greed / envy / entitlement. Because your neighbor went to college... became a doctor... and now has a nice car you think you deserve one too.

    Now lastly... I am not a republican... I am a CAPITALIST.
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