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    posted a message on [Art] Psyxix's Signature Monastery
    How do you do that gritty border thing? o.O

    And don't get me wrong, I love the avatar and signature, it's just not what I'm looking for right now. >.>
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    posted a message on #7 According to Destructoid
    Quote from "Don_guillotine" »
    Well the sole thing it brought was that after being thrown around on different platforms, at the end of the day it was given console-friendly controls, which was the thing that made it so popular.

    Then what makes it better then other console-friendly fps's, like Golden Eye? It was just another game that just happened to stick as far as I can personally see. Yea, it was fun, but it had no story, it didn't do anything different, and it didnt add anything. At least Half Life 2 brought the idea of using physics as a weapon, even if the game was bleh.
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    posted a message on will there be achievements?
    I think it's actually supposed to be very similar to the WoW achievement system. Especially considering how WoW is now part of the Battle.net account system...
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    posted a message on thought I'd get this in
    Lol. Seven months? A little lade, don't you think? :P

    Well, either way, a VERY belated welcome to the forum. ;)
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    Hate to say this, a couple of your signatures cannot be used as it violates Rule 4D, one is 200 pixels tall and the other is 209, and you can only have a signature 150 pixels tall.

    Other then that, best of luck to your signature-making future!!!
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    posted a message on Paying monthly for D3 like WOW!!
    Quote from "Atila23" »
    I know this has be brought up in other threads but i want a straight answer Are we going to have to pay to play D3 !?!? YES or NO

    You will not pay monthly for this game.

    Op question is answered. Multiple times. In multiple threads. Over multiple months.

    Closing thread.
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    posted a message on Exactly How Many Classes Then?
    They have stated that there will be 5 classes upon release. They also stated that there may be more with expansions, so it would not be a far stretch to imagine at the very least 2 expansions with at the very least 1 character, though most likely 2 each, thus bringing us to at the minimum of 7, but realistically, when Diablo 3 and it's expansions are out, it is viable to say that there may be upwards of 9 characters that one could play.
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    posted a message on is it just me or is the site running incredibly slow?
    Seems a little slow for me as well.
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    posted a message on New Post Rank titles.
    Alright, now that I am on my computer, here are my suggestions. The new ranks will be in Green while any ranks moved will have a blue * by it and any ranks replaced will be in red beside the rank that I believe should replace it

    The Specter 0
    The Peasant 1-9
    The Squire 10-49
    The Man at Arms 50-99
    The Swordsman 100-199
    The Knight 200-499
    The Knight of the Realm 500-999
    The Knight of the Order 1000-1499
    The Paladin 1500-1999 * (Replaces The Cavalier)
    The Lord 2000-2999 (Replaces The Paladin)
    The Duke 3000-399
    The Duke of Tristram 4000-4999
    The Emmisary 5000-7499*
    Tran'ouls Right Hand 7500+

    Of course this is just a rough draft that I came up with off the top of my head. Give me a few hours and I am sure I can come up with some much better ranks. (Though I do like the "Tran'oul's Right Hand" one if I do say so myself...)

    (Edited to add Atru's "The Specter" idea...)
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