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    Quote from WishedHeHadBeta
    a company wanting less people to steal the product they made = they're greedy bastards? trolololololololol

    So if I were to take a video of Fox News and comentate on why Bill O'Reilly is a dumbass, under current law, that's legal, under the new law, that's illegal. That means, somehow in your head, that they want...less people...to watch their shows...or something like that?

    I don't think know what your saying, and moreover, I don't think you know what you are saying.

    (No offense or anything. Don't want this thread closed too.)

    Quote from Umpa
    Ya, it's that simple.


    If the bill was that simple, I'd agree. But it's not that simple.

    Quote from Umpa
    People are stealing music. Period. The artists need to be compensated. Their work should not be stolen.

    If it was that simple, I'd agree. It's not that simple.

    (By the way, you can go to jail for putting a video of you playing Diablo 3 on Youtube. Just fyi.)

    Quote from SFJake
    Not sure here. I don't see why twice in a row, people take LinkX's post and try to defend the people negatively affected by piracy, like it had anything to do with what he said.

    You get used to it. *Shrug.*

    Quote from Umpa
    Linkx said it wasn't about piracy when it clearly is.



    The language used could allow me to be sent to PRISON for using the likeness of the character known as Link used in the video game titled "The Legend of Zelda".

    Likewise for you and your use of the character known as "Reptar" from the childrens television show "Rugrats".

    But we are pirating stuff and thus stealing from companies, right?

    Again, I say this: If it was simple piracy, I'd have no problem with the two bills, of which one I linked. But these bills go far and beyond the scope of intellectual property.
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    Quote from AnathemicOne
    Omnipotence and omnipresence have no affect on "fate" I believe the term your looking for is beneficence which deems God will use said omnipotence and omnipresence to care for his creations yes?

    Going more into your point, Catholics/Christians deem that God has a "Grand Plan" for everything, there is no dispute to this. They believe even though he shows apathy today, even though he's omnipotent, omnipresent, and beneficent, everything still is in accordance with his "Grand Plan." Basically, God knows all but he doesn't dictate what people do in how they die. If a person dies by lightning bolt God knows, if that same person instead gets shot by a gun God knows. This is what Catholics/Christians refer to as "God cannot be understood by mere humans/mortals."

    If god had a grand plan, then either A) we would have to know about it to follow it or B) we have no free will.

    This is also an issue I have with prayer. Why do christians pray and then say that it's god's plan? If it was his plan, and if he worked hard and came up with a good plan, then you prayed, you just fucked up his perfectly good plan. Either that or you were ignored. Either way, somebody is getting shafted, either you or god.

    That second part is just me ranting, you can ignore it if you want. :P
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    Yea, I've seen an absolute flood of new people coming in.

    For the most part, I ignore them. If they stay past the Beta, or if they talk about something other then the Beta, then cool, they are members.

    But if they are here solely for the beta, as far as I am concerned, they can screw off. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Quote from Str8Aim

    So if you found a reference to The Lost Vikings in D1,D2, or D3 you would bitch and complain about that also? Well Blizzard is known throughout all their games to have some sort of reference from their other games in their games. Get over yourself.

    I personally find it pretty cool when I see those small references to all their other games. Reminds me of playing and enjoying those games back in the day.

    You have to understand, Mr Aim, it's not hip and cool to hate on The Lost Vikings. It is hip and cool to hate on WoW.

    Hence the "omg, i hatez teh wowz!" threads.
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    Science is more then a body of knowledge, it's a way of thinking,
    a way of skeptically interrogating the Universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility.
    If we are not able to ask skeptical questions, to interrogate those tho tell us that something is true,
    to be skeptical of those in authority, then we are up for grabs for the next charlatan,
    political or religious, that comes ambling along.

    - Professor Carl Sagan
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    You didn't know? We can go to war any time any president wants to. We just have to call it something other then war. Iraq/Afghanistan? Kinetic Action. North Korea/Vietnam? Police Action.

    War? We never, ever have a war, we are a very, very peaceful nation. Now please enter the cell before this very, very kind and caring police officer kindly beats the shit out of you. Peacefully of course. And remember, he loves you, and we all love you. This is for your own good.
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    Quote from NullerGnuen
    No offence, but since D3 is now an ONLINE only game, they maybe you shouldn't get .. :) There's TONS and tons of other ARPG games out there with offline mode .. :)

    That..was one of the most selfish and rude posts I've seen on Diablofans.com...

    And I've been here for about 4 years...

    Damn man...

    Quote from TagDerEnte3
    Ok how long did it take you to figure out how to do that??? And what ever tatics you used to do it would of gotten you how many bans if you were testing it online?? Now that you have an idea of what you need to do to make the hack work offline, means you have less work to do to make it work online.

    So what you are saying is that it makes it easier to make a hack work online, even though you still have zero access to the online characters?

    Ever wonder why the charms you would see on Battle.net Open with the +99 to Fireball were never on Battle.net closed? Yup, because you didn't have access.

    It's that whole thing where offline characters are client side and online characters are server side thing.

    Quote from ecutruin
    As for those people complaining about a lack of offline mode, honestly, are you in this century? Seriously, most everything is online now days. Even my console systems have online only games. Complaining that you cannot play Diablo 3 on your flight while you travel is kind of ridiculous. Its a minor inconvenience that you're using to complain. If that seriously is the only time you can play the game, then don't buy it.

    Or complaining that you cannot play Diablo 3 at home in, say, the Philippines like the previous poster said is ridiculous, right? A minor inconvenience that you simply cannot play, right?

    Quote from ecutruin
    Now, I understand that it will remove the ability for someone without an internet connection to play the game. However, from a business standpoint the amount of people that alienates is almost negligible. Most of the people that would purchase the game in the first place have access to the internet either at home or a nearby cafe. Heck, our mall has open wireless.

    How do you look somebody in the eye and tell them they are negligible? I'm just curious...

    Quote from sithsylar

    Quote from ecutruin

    @Irrational: I actually disagree. What kept D2 alive was that there was not a viable alternative to the game really. I personally am glad that Blizzard will be able to monitor activity easily and ban those that bot. It won't catch everyone, but it'll catch many of them.

    I kind of agree, there is really no game like d2 except for wow and i really don't want to have to group to get good items.

    Quick check with Alternateto.com:
    • Titan Quest
    • Dungeon Siege
    • Silk Road Online
    • Torch Light
    • Metin 2

    Quote from Kiserai
    I will trade a thousand people calling me a selfish asshole for my complete lack of caring about no offline in order to have hundreds of thousands of players on Bnet playing D3 with few if any bots / dupes / hacks / spammers.

    Pity that alienating a large portion of the Diablo fanbase doesn't get rid of bots/dupes/hacks/spammers, right?

    Quote from Kiserai
    I have sympathy for them but whether you agree it's Blizzard being greedy or you agree that this is simply how more and more games are working these days and that this will give us the best D3 experience as intended, this is the reality of D3. Just like WoW, some games are simply made now to be played online.

    Games like WoW, Rift, DCUO, EQ, etc, are persistent worlds. You close a game in Diablo/Diablo 2/Torchlight/etc, and that world is gone. So, yea, at least Blizzard North understood that non-persistant worlds do not have the requirement of being online.

    Quote from Kiserai
    This client/server structure is what will give not just the majority of players the best experience but the overwhelming majority of them the best experience; not everyone can be pleased--does anyone really think Blizzard is going to risk having D3 fall into the same hacked/duped/spammed wasteland that D2 has become simply to satisfy a very small (if vocal) sliver of the player base? It wouldn't make any sense. Sure it makes them more money, but just look at it logically--the extra money is just gravy, a very happy byproduct that comes with giving the majority of D3 players what they want -- an online experience with a bedrock of genuine items and spam-less channels / games.

    Actually, best I can tell, the money (as well as the drm) is the main issue, happy customers like you are a byproduct.
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    posted a message on AAA to AA
    Standard & Poor - AA+
    Moody - AAA
    Fitch - Under Review

    Now, while I am happy we still have our triple A rating for Moody, the Standard & Poor double A rating is bound to hurt.

    Everybody just remember, when elections come along, John Boehner caused this.
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    Quote from Daemaro

    Don't think it'll happen Link since it isn't designed to be played offline at ALL.

    I doubt it will happen fast, but I don't see the gaming community permitting Diablo 3 to be online only. Either Activision-Blizzard will make an offline mode or the gamers will. I just hope that Activision-Blizzard does because it will be faster for them to do it then the gamers to do so.
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    He is one of my heroes.

    Between him, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Richard Dawkins, Science fucking rules!
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