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    Quote from TribbleHuntr»

    I agree that there are not enough mobs in Unhallowed Essence dungeon, because no matter what grouping tools I try or how I position myself, I can't seem to complete the hit "X" enemies with one Multishot. I believe that there are just not enough concentrated mobs in this, plus the fact that they all die one shot. So after one fire, I can't even re attempt to group them up.

    You kind of just have to get lucky. You can lure them together a little, but they are stubborn and it is risky time-wise. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. You have to make a call quickly whether there are enough mobs in a specific area, if not, go ahead of them, shoot backwards and wipe them out, and move on looking for a large enough pack. Typically if there is big spiders only in an area, you won't be able to get a 20 out of them. Just kill them and look for either 2 packs of little spiders, or 1 pack little + 1 pack big. Once you have the 6 "20 mobs hit" requirement down you'll probably find that you've accidentally skipped some stuff, so don't do that.
    Get rid of all companions (and follower), turn off any rocket skills (choose different runes), consider even getting rid of your hatred generator to avoid accidental kills. I switched my generator to the ground-applied marked for death (it is also moderately useful for luring enemies). You will not be firing often enough to need it.

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    posted a message on Legendary Gem @ Rank 86? How?
    Quote from Bagstone

    Here's someone with a rank 93 Bane of the Trapped (highest rift cleared: 82).
    This appears to link back to this thread :o
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    I suspect Bane of the Trapped / Cull the Weak probably aren't worth it for the first build. Your only real CC is from the follower (though, if the armory templar skill layout is correct, you don't have any of the templar CC abilities chosen - intimidate and charge) and you're supposed to be moving around really quickly, probably too quick for him to effectively CC anything. Most times I usually see wreath of lightning / boon of the hoarder in that spot, if just for the movespeed.

    I don't think the second build can really compete with a standard UE multishot build. I know some variations use the cold bolas / cube leonine but pretty much purely for the CC aspect, where you're focusing a lot on the primary skill damage. Plus I don't think there's a strong UE multishot build in existence that doesn't equip yangs, it's just too strongly synergistic with UE. That said though, it looks like fun. Those gems are probably pretty solid for it.

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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Demon Hunter)
    Quote from igniteice»

    The bow he posted already has Attack Speed on it, he can't roll it the socket to it...

    There have been multiple bows linked in here, the OPs, in the first post, does not have AS.
    As for an answer to what to reroll, I don't know, I have a hard time giving one when I don't have any real math backing it.
    Yeah I wouldn't worry about any toughness stats if you're at GR60. There's no amount of meaningful toughness you can build on a DH and still be useful damagewise at that level. You might as well be (fully) glass cannon, IMO, and fishing for good rifts, skipping reflects packs, that sort of thing.
    There is a sticky thread for these reroll questions, but I guess it is either not enforced or not used :P
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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Demon Hunter)

    This might be futile as it seems these questions don't get answered much, but my current Yang's is:

    I think the general options would be either ( 6% IAS -> RCR or AD ) or ( 9 disc -> 12 disc ). I'm leaning towards maxing the disc, but not sure. I understand if people haven't really in depth theorycrafted these kind of comparisons and have to go by feel, I'm fine with that kind of response.

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    posted a message on 2.4.2 Difficulty Overview

    Friend and I did some Keywardens and found that not only can you no longer split farm them (they do not drop if you are in a different act, possibly even zone but we didn't test that far), but the drop is no longer shared as well (as in you can find one and your friends may not). I know it's not exactly drop rate related but useful to know. Or maybe it's already common knowledge? I didn't play S3 so I could be behind. I know that in S2, you could both split farm and the drop was shared. :\

    Also, I personally never saw a 2x machine drop, farming wardens on T8 (which aligns with your chart, just saying). Farmed about 6-8 of each one. Did not confirm with my friend if he ever saw 2.

    We did Ubers on T10, and got 2-3 organs every time, again as expected.

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    posted a message on Ancient weapons idea/suggestion

    Normal weapons should just have the same damage range as Ancients. Then the only benefit to ancient is stat increases, which are meaningful but not gamebreaking (as with ancient armor pieces).

    It would make ancient weapons nice, but not essentially required. It's just the increased damage that makes them that way.

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    posted a message on Ancient Windforce or Ancient Calamity rerolling help

    Calamity vit -> 10% dmg, windforce I wouldn't bother with

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    posted a message on Is exp gear worth it?

    I believe XP bonuses are always additive from gear. It should be displayed in your character sheet if I recall?

    Think a good way to think about it (if you don't get the additive vs. multiplicative thing right away) is that T6 starts out with a really low base XP, and starts the bonus XP at 1600%, and so the relative value of your gear bonus XP is low. But with greater rifts you can think of it as the base XP being higher to begin with, with no % being applied (or being applied in advance), so your gear bonus XP is more more valuable.

    Say the T6 base monster XP was 10,000, then after the 1600% bonus, it's 170,000. A flawless ruby (41%) added on to that brings it to 1641%, which is 174100 (a gain of only 4100).

    But in a Greater rift, the base XP is just scaled up with the rift level, so say you reach the Grift level where the base XP is already 170,000, adding 41% from a flawless ruby brings it to 239700, an increase of 69700.

    Which is really just another way saying that the bonus XP granted by the greater rift is multiplicative with the bonus XP granted by gear, but on T6 the bonuses are additive with one another. Would be nice if they made it multiplicative on T6 as well, don't really see a downside to it. It will still be inferior to grift XP farming.

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    posted a message on Does console have Greater Rifts

    Looks like they've been silent on the issue of whether or not PS3/xbox 360 will ever get Patch 2.1 (which brought greater rifts etc). You might be out of luck.

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    posted a message on Grift rankings

    Battle.net is the official one, you're probably thinking of the Korean rankings. Just switch the "us" in the address bar to "kr". Pick the leaderboard display options based on the US one and go off Icons and such.

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    posted a message on How critical is the 1:10 chance to damage ratio?
    Quote from BDF2000»

    The 'rule' is complete and utter bullshit.

    You choose the affix which increases the total you have of that stat by the highest%, or if you want to be really lazy just choose whichever option gives you the highest total from this equation:

    1 + CC*CD/10,000

    Where CC and CD are larger than 1.

    That equation is literally the rule represented as an equation. To get the highest yield from that equation you want to move towards the 1:10 ratio.

    For example at 36 CC and 400 CHD, the ratio would indicate you are better off with 1 CC rather than 10 CHD.

    36 CC & 400 CHD: equation yields 2.44

    37 CC & 400 CHD: equation yields 2.48

    36 CC & 410 CHD: equation yields 2.476

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    posted a message on Arcane Dust Farming
    Quote from Usling»
    "Treasure" Chest is the magic word! Any kind of Chest! open em! (: that is how I farm blue mats

    Same here for me. I always open any chest I see. Probably 95% chance of a blue, and maybe about 10% of that 95 being 2 blues. Pulling numbers out of my ass but that's about what it feels like.

    Personally I have the most issue with white mats. I make sure to fully clear any rifts with the Battlefields of Eternity layout for all their "Ancient Armor" or whatever all those things are called that drop white items like 95% of the time. The real battlefields of eternity is much less lucrative when it comes to those.

    I still collect blue and white items constantly so I can keep spitting out Arcane Barbs. Yellows kinda just remain stocked on their own, for reasons we all know already...

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    posted a message on Non-dying enemies in GRIFTS.

    Yeah I've had it when they die and their model kind of remains standing frozen and unclickable, but I've never had them keep moving and attacking. That's strange. I could see that being frustrating while fighting Perdition. I never did get very good as smokescreening his teleport, wouldn't want to add more distraction on to that.

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    posted a message on Useless Potion!
    Quote from cying»

    also, id put it as

    --------------> my head

    -------------> thread

    because WHO CARES about potions?? how is this even a thing of discussion?? potions are beneath me!

    while typing this out i came up with the idea of making regular potions salvageable into white mats (which were all short of). why not make a stack of 1000 or 5000 worth a handful of white mats?

    Potions are sold from a vendor, and considering how value-less gold is now, it would basically mean you could just buy unlimited white crafting mats. If that were the case, they might as well just add the crafting mat itself to the vendor, it would save everyone some clicking.

    They should just no longer be auto looted when you have a non-consumable one. No need for them to serve some other purpose. Currency works too, but it seems kind of silly to just endlessly collect potions for absolutely no reason.

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