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    The announcement is not what I wanted but I am not mad at what we are getting. What I don't like is the Necro pack is coming second half of 2017. The armory and mats tab are coming in 2017. Challenge rifts are not coming until 2017. All major changes to the actual game are so far out. Had they not wasted there time building the original Diablo in the game we could get real upgrades to the game in a reasonable time. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against the original game but it is a 1 play through thing. The mentioned changes are quality of life far more important than nostalgia...

    No one is mad about what we are getting, we are mad about what we are not getting. Necromancer and 2 new zones in about 6 months is not nearly enough.
    The "second half of 2017" means it's at LEAST 8 months away. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not until mid September.
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    If he was planned as part of D3x2 before it fell apart, then you were mostly right! maybe!

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    The only core problem that's SLIGHTLY being addressed is the power cap, with challenge rifts.

    No new Diablo game (didn't think there would be one though). No new expansion (bummed about that), but, not even a big patch close down the road to look forward to. Just... an anniversary event. Which is cool! don't get me wrong! But man, when that's ALL, ya know?

    And now we know that the Necro patch is sometime 'in the second half of 2017'?

    Pretty uh, I feel pretty strange. If they're not even going to try to fix the core problems, the reasons WHY people say it doesn't feel like an actual Diablo game, I just don't know.

    At least a new class in a year.

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    Sounds like you want the return of D3 vanilla. No, really. Far in between legendaries, no absurd paragon leveling system, sets not mandatory, fewer difficulties etc.

    Basically D3 vanilla + a few RoS features.

    If you want to put it that way, sure.
    I'd like to think of it more like Current RoS, with it's core features tweaked. Rarer loot, capped power in GR's, Sets and items and Paragon. Then build off of that with new items to find (runes / charms / jewels ect.), adding in custom games / pvp / and trading. I give reasons for these in my OP, but that's the quick TLDR.
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    A new franchise or D4. Fixing D3 would be more work than starting fresh.

    Only comment I can offer is add PvP with player damage reduction by 95% and add ladders based on specific abilities not classes (would see more variety of builds trying to push their limit).

    Well that's the argument though, isn't it? Do you build a brand new game from the ground up, which will take years upon years with all new art and assets, or do you fix what is essentially a working game?
    I'd like to rather see a fix to the current D3. Unless they go into an MMO or other type of genre with Diablo, there's no reason to start over again.
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    So this is a quick thread I wanted to make following the opening panel at Blizzcon. I'm very excited for the necro, and new areas are always welcome. I also hope that this is a sign of a new DLC type system for the Diablo franchise, so it can bring in steady income and thus we can get more and more content.

    However, the following is a list of the deep problems myself as well as many others have with the current state of Diablo 3. I'm going to try to make it quick, so if I don't cover something please feel free to add. In only a somewhat particular order, here's my five problems with D3 that, when put together, has caused me to actually contemplate whether I'll really love this game again; (I know I know, dramatic, but still).

    1. Paragon

    A great idea of a system, it unfortunately fell to all the early changes in the game, and couldn't keep up. Originally meant to be an extra reward for slaying monsters and not getting loot, it's character specific leveling and the fact that it granted Magic Find meant no one wanted to play any alts. Fast forward to Paragon now being account wide and near infinite. Magic Find is gone, and drops dramatically increased. Alas, Paragon still rewards power, but instead of increased drops it now gives the player direct stat upgrades, and there's no cap. There's MANY ways to change paragon, and in the end the power needs a cap somewhere, or it should be completely removed. My ideal situation is that past a certain level, the only rewards are cosmetic. And instead of just filling every available stat upgrade, you only get a certain amount of points to distribute, IE a skill tree but for stats. However it's done, it needs fixing.

    2. Greater Rifts

    A good addition to the game, greater rifts present the end game for D3, it's what you strive for. However, the biggest problem with them (and there's many little ones), is that they are infinite. Their difficulty has no cap (see a theme?). Why is that a problem? Because that system inherently goes AGAINST classes having multiple builds and options. It doesn't matter that one build is only a little bit behind in damage and survivability, because the very nature of infinite rifts is that they shave off every build but the most optimal. Greater Rifts need a cap as well, a very difficult to achieve BUT obtainable cap. Why? Because if I can clear the hardest level with a build I like AND the most 'optimal' build, then I'll play the one I like, even if it's slightly slower, because I've reached the 'end game'.

    3. Sets

    At launch, sets were trash. Most likely due to Blizzard not wanting them to be overpowered, which makes sense. However, instead of slowly moving the pendulum in the direction of making them more competitive, that thing was drop kicked through the other side of the grandfather clock. Now, sets are absolutely mandatory to even touch the end game of Diablo. Not only do they take up half your equipment slots, locking you out of all the other fun and interesting stand alone legendaries, they also lock you IN to very specific skills. Man, it's fun to have your generator tickle for 50m, and your spender crit for a Trillion. Sets need to be dialed back, optional. No more of this 'increase your damage with a couple skills by 4,000%'. And while the legacy of nightmares ring set has good intentions, it's again another SET of items mandatory for players.

    4. Loot

    Loot! The friggin focus of the game since D1! Sure there's small groups of people who would argue that they liked other aspects more, but would you really have liked PVP in D2 if there wasn't any loot? D3 doesn't seem to share the same opinion however, considering just how easy it to to get every item in the game, within DAYS of a season starting. Between multiple legendary drops per Greater Rift, gambling, a free set every season, and targeted legendaries via rare upgrading, there might as well be a loot vendor in town. The focus instead has shifted to just XP farming for paragon, and maybe hoping for another ancient version of an item you've already got three of, with 1% more crit.

    The original vision for loot is what I personally think we need to go back to (after it was buffed even); About a legendary or two an hour. It should actually be somewhat rare to get them. Now I know the reaction to that; most are crap so that would suck. Right, they're crap when compared to the one that increases a single skills damage by 400%. All that insane damage increase needs to be toned down a TON.

    And speaking of loot, we desperately need something to lust after, something to hope to drop, besides just weapons and armor. Rare Runes, Charms and Jewels would be very welcome. I'd also personally go as far as to remove the leveling mechanic on legendary gems (again, at least add a cap), and just friggin call em jewels.

    5. Player interaction, and the catch-all category

    Okay so yea this last bit has a few things in it, but they are all pretty important in my opinion. I'll just write maybe a sentence or two about each.

    A. Custom games.

    That games list from D2 was genius. No matter how many filters and options you want to try to put into D3's random queue public game system, nothing beats being able to make your own game, give it a title and some options. This is something I'd love to see a return on.

    B. Difficulties.

    Holly hell we don't need 17 + difficulties! A normal / NM / hell while leveling / getting the first bit of gear for your fresh max level would do wonders, with a final, kick-your-ass Inferno mode to top it off. You'd still have a range of Greater Rifts, but like I wrote above they'd have a cap.

    C. Trading.

    Lets say by some miracle that everything written was implemented. Then there'd be no reason not to re-introduce trading. With all the new items that can drop (charms / jewels / runes) as well as the lowered drop rate, there might actually be an in-game economy.

    D. PVP.

    Not last because I hate it, but because it's actually kind of simple. Just put back in the hostile system from Diablo 2. The creator of the game can choose whether people can hostile one another, and bam, that's that.

    Alright, so, giant wall of text. Also what I listed would definitely require a LOT of work. But, hey, if I was making the next expansion, this would be the vision. Thoughts?

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    [...] shapeshifting Druid (Str)?

    Druid had the fewest points into strength at level 1: 15! They could change that, though.

    But I'm all for many more classes, also to support the further development of D3.

    Druids are related to the Barbarians, so strength makes the most sense.
    But to OP; I'm hoping that what is happening is that Blizzard decided to not do a once-every-two-years expansion pack, and instead a 2-3 times a year DLC type pack that will eventually tell the rest of the story.
    At least that's what I'm hoping in my head canon, because otherwise I've lost all faith.
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    Necromancer WAS the big announcement. There's absolutely no way blizzard would release him separate from an expansion. We already got the big news; a D1 event, and the necro in some paid DLC thingy next year.

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    I'm holding out until later today for the other panel. But damn if there's no actual systems work like oh idk sets being mandatory, paragon being awful ect, it looks like yet another disappointing blizzcon for what now feels like blizzards neglected child of a game.

    Maybe this new form of DLC will be common? D3 IS their only game without a steady source of income, so maybe if a payed DLC system is put in place we'll actually get some meaningful changes to the core game play?

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    Kinda strange we suddenly got a blog about the Crusader set right? AND that the changes aren't even concrete, nor is a date?

    IDK man, I'm *hoping* for an actual D3 expansion. That's my final guess, good luck for tomorrow and gnight!

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    this picture greatly disappoints me where now i'm thinking d3 expac where they need to cut their losses and make a new game, theres too much wrong in d3 to make it worthwhile, engine is too old, graphics are meh (lost ark says hi) greater rifts are a mess, itemization is shit. skills are old and boring. the list goes on and on

    d3 is dead. and it should stay dead.

    I'm willing to bet money that we will not get a Diablo 4, for a LONG time. With, that is, one very specific exception in my opinion.
    You see, keeping Diablo the way we know it ( single player or only a couple people, pretty much everyone playing their own instance of the game ) would mean there's zero reason to scrap an ENTIRE game. This argument of 'the engine is old' is ridiculous. Blizzards not going for ultra uncanny valley realism, so there's no reason to create and entirely new game with a new engine to boot. Every problem can be fixed via patches, and all an expansion is is just a huge patch. Blizzard is not going to just discard ALL the artwork, world building ect just to fix some problems.
    The only possible way Blizzard would use up so much time and resources to make a brand new Diablo game on a new engine, would be if it plays drastically different than what Diablo 3 is now. If, for example, they wanted to make a Dark Souls type game, then they would need all new art, systems ect. OR, if, (he says in hushed tones) they wanted to try a Diablo style MMO, then again we'd see everything built from the ground up.
    So if Blizzard wants to stay in the isometric / single player or small group / instanced game / demon slaying loot hunt genre that Diablo is known for, at MOST we'll get an expansion announcement.
    But, if they want to go a brand new direction for Diablo, THAT'S when they'll make an entirely new game.
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    Quote from DeusExMachina»

    If this art is for D4 i would burn down my pc my, my car , my house and then kill myself.

    Yea that seems reasonable.
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    Unless it absolutely kicks ass, I'm going to be bummed if it's JUST a d2 remake. I'm hoping that because both male and female are shown, it's for either D3 or D4. The only thing that makes me tilt my head on why a necromancer isn't because the WD already exists (I'm sure they'd both feel unique), but because ceremonial daggers as well as the iconic off hands already exist, and have WD powers.

    Dammit Blizzard how hard is it to NOT accidentally post stuff? Now these couple days are going to feel even longer.

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    It's just a female sader bud. Just look at all the other pics too; they're all slightly off, just a different artist

    Sorry, i just can't agree with you - her face is TOO different and TOO necro-styled... I absolutely shure that it has a meaning.
    I may have been too vague, I was talking about the 'corrupted crusader' art. IF that is what you are also talking about, I draw my conclusion from just how strange every other character there looks. I mean look at that tracer, she looks like a Disney villain.
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    Everything I'd like to see CAN be implemented within D3. However, I'm not sure blizzard is willing to risk drastically changing D3, so a D4 announcement would be exciting because it means they would essentially have a clean slate to work with.

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