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    posted a message on Is it server lag or me lag?
    Quote from Tagger»

    It's just the randomness of D3 server "efficiency and stability".

    My ping has been steady at around 25-32ms and I run the following specs:
    GTX 970
    16 GB DDR4
    The game is run on a Samsung 850 Pro.

    I still get these small "lags" here and there. It's been happening since release - people stating that they aren't seeing it, have simply gotten used to it and don't notice it anymore (I don't mean that in a bad way at all - I wish I could ignore it, despite it only happening once or twice per hour or something).

    That's just simply not true, and I wouldn't recommend spreading false information.
    I'm in Alaska, and my ping is usually 110. In the vast, overwhelming majority of play I receive zero lag. I haven't 'gotten used to it', it's non existent.
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    posted a message on 2.4.2 Round-Up - Wizard
    Quote from triangleye»

    why is there no mention of the changes to the swami?

    is swami nerf not going to be making past the PTR?!?!?!?!

    If you're talking about the fix to additional stacks after archon expires being additive now, that's in the patch notes afaik.
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    posted a message on Any PTR research done into T13?

    Diablo 3 has a LOT of problems in it's core.

    But one of the worst is people overlooking the fact that it's a video game. This demand for the absolute percentage wise best class / spec / meta group / ect is really ruining your own fun.

    Why would you ever think wizards HAVE to go archon for T13? Does it really actually hurt the amount of fun you have if say a delsers wiz clears T13 slightly slower than archon?

    I really hope with D4 paragon giving any amount of power is removed, as well as leaderboards. Maybe then efficiency won't have such supreme rule over everything.

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    posted a message on Tattoo thoughts?

    Wow that's some dedication, looks good!

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    posted a message on How many stash tabs do you need to be "satisfied"
    Quote from RealGsuss»

    Why would you need char specific tabs anyway? Just have enough shared ones. Playing all classes and diffent chars per class I'd imagine it be hard to remember on what personal stash tab of what char this or that items might be that I'm looking for right now.

    Make mats accountwide like shards. 1 tab for Gems. 5 tabs per class.

    Well in my argument at least, it makes it FAR more simple, AND it'd be more space technically with less clutter on the stash.
    'Enough' shared ones would be somewhere in the vicinity of like 18 tabs; 3 tabs each for 6 toons. But that's such a huge UI mess. I'd much rather see 5 personal tabs per character, and a shared slot so we can avoid D2's drop-and-hope-no-one-steals. This means that no matter what character you're playing, your stash only has 6 total tabs, so the UI is kept clean. You've got 5 whole tabs JUST to that character, which should be enough for 13x4 items (a full set of items for each class set) and then some off items for LoN or what have you. And if you're making a new toon, just throw the gear you want to use in the shared to switch over. I'd personally use that one shared tab to keep all my crafting mats in.
    Essentially we need more tabs, and a less clunky way of implementing them. My vote is on 5+1 for every character created.
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    posted a message on angle wings

    If you're talking about the light blue ones, they're from the collector's edition.

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    posted a message on How many stash tabs do you need to be "satisfied"

    This is my vision of the perfect stash;

    Each toon owns the first 5 tabs all to themselves; they are character specific.

    Switching over to the new window they introduced for the new tabs will have just one tab now, and that one is shared.

    I'd love this because one tab isn't NEAR enough for one toon. Yes it can hold 4 sets, but there is not enough room at all for the supporting legendaries per set. Instead, having a whole 'page' per toon would be more than enough room, and if you want to switch items over just throw em in the shared tab.

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    posted a message on Hardcore question

    SoL buddy =P That's hardcore for ya

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    posted a message on 4 man 126 clear on PS4 on youtube

    Cheats or not, grats on your clear!

    Side note; I'm really hoping Blizzard has seen what having mob health in the quadrillions does. There's just no freaking excuse to have such inflated numbers. Possibly the obvious cancel / halt of D3X2 means whatever comes next will have some common sense put into it.

    Anyway, gj op!

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    posted a message on Diablo 2???

    Yea the graphics actually aren't horrible at all. If they would introduce an option for much higher resolution it would look really good.

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    posted a message on "Funky, murloc-like noises, as if boggit is trying to talk"

    I had something similar OP; on the south entrance of the necro event in A2 stinging winds, there was what I thought was a cursed chest. I clicked it, I think some enemies appeared? But they vanished and there wasn't any loot.

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    posted a message on Stutters constantly even in character select screen please help!

    First question being; are your graphics drivers up to date? Windows 7 is definitely 'old' now. You might need to update to Windows 10.

    Second; does this occur whether your settings are maxed out / low?

    You mentioned that your sound is acting strange. What's your settings for sound channels? (Found in audio). Try lowering them.

    Have you manually cleaned your computer / your GPU? When's the last time you've replaced your CPU's thermal paste? Possibly you're overheating.

    What DDR is your ram, and is it being eaten up by background processes?

    Is it only with D3 that this happens?

    That's all I can think of for now, good luck!

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    posted a message on Time to pull the plug?
    Quote from Eradifyre»

    Quote from Enslaved2184»

    Quote from Eradifyre»

    I have spent years loving this series. Diablo has taken up a lot of my time over the years and I have enjoyed many a night battling in Sanctuary. The game as it currently stands has however gotten very stale for me. 2.4.0-2.4.1 brought little change. cosmetics are nice and all but not really a substitute for content. Once you hit end game all there is to do is push gr's and grind paragon. Item Upgrades come few and far between so basically all you are doing is lvling gems for augmenting and I personally am bored to death with D3 something I didn't think I would ever say. This game for me is currently on life support and without an expansion/new content/ new game whatever will soon be dead. The feeling of getting a "uber" drop just isn't there anymore and to me thats what Diablo was all about, now I can usually gear a char in a day or two with little effort. The "Birthday" announcement made me realize just how boring this game has become.

    Since you have over 30k+ elites killed on your profile with under 300 paragons on PC, I would say you played D3V for some time. That is why I fail to understand how can you be bored of 2.4.1 state of the game compared to vanila game.
    I say this only because you can get from lvl 1 to 300 paragons in 2-3h if you have a friend or two to boost you. And even with combined console XP, it is still 4-5 days of gameplay, if you spend 3-4 h per day doing mediocre grifts like 60 or so.
    I have to conclude D3 might not be a game for you, or that you need a timeout.
    BTW, uber drop is still uber, when you get near to perfect rolled ancient piece of gear its a fkn Christmas or something, even when using cube.
    Anyway, gl, hopefully the game will get another RoS like DLC, maybe then you will enjoy it more...

    You would be correct that i played alot of d3v i remember when para capped and wasn't shared getting all my chars to 100 took awhile. A lot of times i spent soloing since for me anyway lvls felt more earned when i did it myself rather than running with a group or being carried. Did actually get an uber drop last night got a sweet ancient inna's chest and yelled with glee for the first time in awhile. And i loved a lot of the changes made adventure mode was a pretty sweet addition I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to teleport from act boss to act boss. I really think something big is coming though i was noticing last night all the stuff that looks unfinished like the extra difficulty tabs that are blank also there is a little dot on items thats unfilled at first i thought it was to indicate whether or not an item was augmented but even augmented it reamains unfilled curious to know what it's actually for.
    If you're talking about the orange diamond next to legendary powers, that's to indicate whether that power has been extracted for your cube or not.
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    posted a message on More than just a Pet

    Wtb a charm that if I hold onto it lets my pets pick up DBs for me. :D

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    posted a message on 2.4.1 Meta Build Guides for Wizard
    Quote from Elenie»

    Quote from WildBill_69»

    If you check out the video in a good rift with 1800 paragon full ancients we were dual wiz in under 5 mins on a 90 and killing most elites in 3-5 seconds so there is proof its all been done and tested. With monk and WD supports.

    Is there even anyone remotely close right now to 1800 paragon full ancient with perfect stats ?
    Not to derail but;
    We're going to have to have a talk about too many black kitten portraits up in hurr =D
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