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    posted a message on "Funky, murloc-like noises, as if boggit is trying to talk"

    I had something similar OP; on the south entrance of the necro event in A2 stinging winds, there was what I thought was a cursed chest. I clicked it, I think some enemies appeared? But they vanished and there wasn't any loot.

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    posted a message on Stutters constantly even in character select screen please help!

    First question being; are your graphics drivers up to date? Windows 7 is definitely 'old' now. You might need to update to Windows 10.

    Second; does this occur whether your settings are maxed out / low?

    You mentioned that your sound is acting strange. What's your settings for sound channels? (Found in audio). Try lowering them.

    Have you manually cleaned your computer / your GPU? When's the last time you've replaced your CPU's thermal paste? Possibly you're overheating.

    What DDR is your ram, and is it being eaten up by background processes?

    Is it only with D3 that this happens?

    That's all I can think of for now, good luck!

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    posted a message on Time to pull the plug?
    Quote from Eradifyre»

    Quote from Enslaved2184»

    Quote from Eradifyre»

    I have spent years loving this series. Diablo has taken up a lot of my time over the years and I have enjoyed many a night battling in Sanctuary. The game as it currently stands has however gotten very stale for me. 2.4.0-2.4.1 brought little change. cosmetics are nice and all but not really a substitute for content. Once you hit end game all there is to do is push gr's and grind paragon. Item Upgrades come few and far between so basically all you are doing is lvling gems for augmenting and I personally am bored to death with D3 something I didn't think I would ever say. This game for me is currently on life support and without an expansion/new content/ new game whatever will soon be dead. The feeling of getting a "uber" drop just isn't there anymore and to me thats what Diablo was all about, now I can usually gear a char in a day or two with little effort. The "Birthday" announcement made me realize just how boring this game has become.

    Since you have over 30k+ elites killed on your profile with under 300 paragons on PC, I would say you played D3V for some time. That is why I fail to understand how can you be bored of 2.4.1 state of the game compared to vanila game.
    I say this only because you can get from lvl 1 to 300 paragons in 2-3h if you have a friend or two to boost you. And even with combined console XP, it is still 4-5 days of gameplay, if you spend 3-4 h per day doing mediocre grifts like 60 or so.
    I have to conclude D3 might not be a game for you, or that you need a timeout.
    BTW, uber drop is still uber, when you get near to perfect rolled ancient piece of gear its a fkn Christmas or something, even when using cube.
    Anyway, gl, hopefully the game will get another RoS like DLC, maybe then you will enjoy it more...

    You would be correct that i played alot of d3v i remember when para capped and wasn't shared getting all my chars to 100 took awhile. A lot of times i spent soloing since for me anyway lvls felt more earned when i did it myself rather than running with a group or being carried. Did actually get an uber drop last night got a sweet ancient inna's chest and yelled with glee for the first time in awhile. And i loved a lot of the changes made adventure mode was a pretty sweet addition I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to teleport from act boss to act boss. I really think something big is coming though i was noticing last night all the stuff that looks unfinished like the extra difficulty tabs that are blank also there is a little dot on items thats unfilled at first i thought it was to indicate whether or not an item was augmented but even augmented it reamains unfilled curious to know what it's actually for.
    If you're talking about the orange diamond next to legendary powers, that's to indicate whether that power has been extracted for your cube or not.
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    posted a message on More than just a Pet

    Wtb a charm that if I hold onto it lets my pets pick up DBs for me. :D

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    posted a message on 2.4.1 Meta Build Guides for Wizard
    Quote from Elenie»

    Quote from WildBill_69»

    If you check out the video in a good rift with 1800 paragon full ancients we were dual wiz in under 5 mins on a 90 and killing most elites in 3-5 seconds so there is proof its all been done and tested. With monk and WD supports.

    Is there even anyone remotely close right now to 1800 paragon full ancient with perfect stats ?
    Not to derail but;
    We're going to have to have a talk about too many black kitten portraits up in hurr =D
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    posted a message on What are those?

    Omg thank you, I'm not the only one lol.

    Must be some sort of futuristic ridiculous crocs.

    Still ugly.

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    posted a message on I got banned for botting when I never botted!!!
    Quote from Xenocow»

    Honestly, the methods used by Big Game Companys are plain harassment.

    And i am just waiting for the glorious day someone with the right amount of cash in the bank lawyers up against this chicane.

    The ToS they hide behinde don't hold up in Legal Court. Not for a second (at least here in germany).

    It just needs someone with the right Balls to stand up against this Shenanigans...

    When you violate a traffic law, you get fined... you maybe get your licence revoked. But you get a chance to redeem yourself.

    Not so in the Big World of Videogames.... The Companys play God.

    Like Nero in the Coliseum in Rome.... Thumb up / Thumb down. Off with the Head.

    Did you just call them Big Game Company? Like. ...like Big Tobacco? Or Big Oil?
    I swear, you people and your righteous indignation against anybody who makes money. Blows my mind.
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    posted a message on I got banned for botting when I never botted!!!

    Well I've never been banned before so maybe I'm getting this wrong, but they say your account is now closed. So doesn't this mean you've already gone through a temp ban period in the past?

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    posted a message on Ban wave in EU and US
    Quote from Chainer88»

    So I'm rank 1 paragon NA now at 3130 by playing 16 hours a day on average. Got Rank #1 4 player and 2 of my team got banned so I guess my 4p clear should be removed? It's not the players job to be the botting police lol. I'm here to play at a high lvl, push leaderboards, and have fun. I hate to speak the truth but you guys think this ban wave fixes the game are wrong. The root problem is the paragon system giving too much bonus damage to anyone who can and is willing to play all day, everyday. If anything botting makes the game better. You should be able to play this game 6-8 hours a day and not feel like you are at a huge handicap because you are doing 70% less damage than the top paragon players. Not only does this make people feel like they can't compete but it also splits the player base where groups of people only play with others around the same paragon lvl for efficiency reasons. Anyways have fun with your little witch hunt and feel free to nerd rage at my post = D

    Paragon is absolutely a problem, no doubt. I'm actually pretty happy a constant rank #1 leaderboard player has said so as well, considering all the counter arguments such as 'paragon doesn't give very much power, so it doesn't matter'.
    However, to your first point; yes. Your spot should be wiped because you had players in your 4 person that were botting. Simple as that.
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    posted a message on Uniqueless Legendary Suggestions - All Items
    Quote from lifo2»

    "With patch 2.4.1 there are a number of improvements meant to make gameplay smoother in calculation heavy environments."

    I think things / ideas like these you present destroyed d3 long ago. Now it actually starts to show. All these calculations and interactions of multiple runes, brazilions trizilions of dmg + area damage and heals + bigger numbers overall has destroyed the gameplay.

    I think a complete rework of d3 is closer than u can imagine.

    If you compare it with previous games like d2, average hdin for 500 fg would have 4k hp and 10k hammer dmg while the 20k fg hdin would have 5k hp instead and maybe 12k dmg, an increase of 25 % survivability and similar increase of dmg.

    At this point, the original content like x skill does y dmg % is just not available of playing AT ALL. Now you need a set that does x9-14 the dmg else it wont work, on top of that u need 1-2 specific items that quadrupple that dmg and even after that lots of builds just wont work AT ALL.

    A great example in this season is wd, u remove tall man's finger and u are left with nothing. We got 1 skill that does all dmg and the rest of the bar/skills is just utility, survival or plain dmg increase. There is not a single skil with Lon that actually deals dmg other than gargs.

    Compare even with d3 wd before ros, u didnt need a specific set, even if some were better than other (zuni). You would certainly not get it for free for getting lvl 70 :D The itemchoices were wider but there was still a BiS. The skills were both utility and dmg increase, Bears would kill trashmobs while firebats would be more suited for elite fighting or in group with monk. Hell even soul harvest alone, could deal quite some dmg. Another point? Max paragon = 300 stats, maybe a 20% increase of dmg, now? 1240581585835 stats from paragon+augments..

    Another point is 1-70 in 6-7mins. Like wtf, let it at least take 2-3hours, even if u get boosted! Compare with baalruns in d2 where even if u were boosted u needed a couple hours to get to 8x lvl. You needed to stay inside 2-3 screens to get exp, you could rip by random mob, and that was 15 years ago! Make it harder or just remove that content?

    Dont take it personal btw, its just a general rant

    We might be soul mates.
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    posted a message on Falcon Wings!
    Quote from Shapookya»

    Seeing those wings, I really hope they work on a Diablo 4. I love all those gimmicks they bring in D3 now. They just said "fuck it, let's go all out crazy" and I love when game devs do this, because I'm not a lore fanatic. It's a game, make it "gamey". But the models are so blurred in this game, you can see how old it really is. I mean, compare it with Heroes of the Storm. The model "clarity" and details there are just amazing.

    Hell I've already hopped on the d4 train. You know, the one that hasn't even been confirmed. But yes, it's time to move on to a new engine and subsequently a final, refined image of diablo.
    Also, diablo mmo plx.

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    posted a message on Has anyone data mind the PTR for season 6 stuff?

    Not being a jerk here, but it's 'datamined', not data mind. :)

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    posted a message on Skull Grasp is now..............
    Quote from PicoPoco84»

    Sure, it can do T10 now, but being forced to sacrifice a ring slot just to be able to farm T10 somewhat efficiently is just bad design. It should be a option not a requirement. Most other builds/classes do T10 reasonably fast with whatever rings, faster with good rings, not like WW where you are forced down to T7-8 to not spend over a minute killing the RG without that one item.

    It's not bad design at all. Every build has at least one if not multiple stand alone legendaries that drastically improve it, and in every one of those cases you're 'sacrificing' the slot to use it. This particular example is actually really good, because skull grasp can be cubed. Therefore you still can run FnR, or whatever ring combination you want.
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    posted a message on patch 2.4.1 idea for DH could be really nice

    Real talk here; all this super increased damage is really starting to bug me. Really? We need UE to increase by 4000% now? The only thing I can think is that Blizzard wants some sort of pseudo sense of progression for seasons. It would be far more interested if legendaries just created new mechanics, or used round about ways to increase damage. But hell by season 7 everything will be +10,000.

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    posted a message on Fight with Kanai! Secret Cow level in The Immortal Throne

    Wow that was pretty nice of Blizzard. Might have just been a tiny side portal with not much for loot, but still a thoughtful gesture towards Kanai.

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