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    posted a message on The best reason not to limit game size to 4
    If im wrong about this im sorry, but this needs to be said, and I dont think anyone else who protested having a limit of 4 thought of this, but gain maybe im wrong.

    ok, Maximum party size 4, thats great, is this maximum people in game 4 as well?
    if its not, then im sorry, but if it is, this needs to be changed.

    I start a game, 2 people join, one is in another act, and another is a player killer, or a noob, or doing a quest somewhere else, or goes afk, then im stuck with the maximum number of people i can have in a party is 1,
    so im now in a game with Person A: in a different act, person B: no help there, and person C: maybe decide to take my town portal, join my party,

    so basically you will spend an hour just finding this party of 4, gooooood job, doesnt that just sound thrilling?
    the more people in game the more likely you are to get a party, your afraid of players just mutilating the monsters?
    what happend to D2 more people = harder monsters, whats the problem?

    all it does is make it harder for players to find other people to play with if limit is 4
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    posted a message on So the Monk is a "supportive" class ?
    to this day I do not think the characters in diablo2 are balanced
    Paladin, Assassin, Druid, Necromancer will never be as good as Amazon, Sorceress, and Barbarian,
    dont believe me? look at the ladder, tell me what you see, Amazons, Sorcs, and Barbarians are the top 50 on the ladder right?

    all we can do is pray all of the characters, including the Monk are well balanced.
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