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    I'd also like to echo that these are the initial numbers heading into a PTR. And from my recollection, though there are exceptions, Blizzard intentionally over shoots and then reels back. That has been their maxim historically for better or worse.

    By employing extreme changes they generate more interest (if only superficial) to play test the 'thing'. Higher numbers of people play testing, potentially brings in more feedback, which in turn provides them with more data to decide where to go. If the changes were minor out of the gate I believe the interest to play whatever it is they're testing wanes. Philosophically speaking their take on modifying existing content might look egregious but I believe there's intent to get it right by generating buzz. Otherwise, yeah, they are in fact pissing into the wind and I hope they would invest their time more wisely.

    This is all specious reasoning on my part. So please take it with a grain of salt.

    TL:DR; Just bear in mind these changes are in the PTR precisely because they don't rightly know where the numbers should be. And that they are high most likely on purpose to get more people testing boundaries.

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    Quote from UncleDan2017»

    Or, they could do what PoE did this league. Make a completely separate ladder for characters that have spent 100% of the time Solo, self found.

    Not sure interest is high enough to warrant doing something like that at this point. Maybe a boost in player count and a severe push for SSF during Necromancer launch? Highly doubtful even then. That being said I'm 100% behind getting an SSF league like PoE. Either self regulated as you suggest or by design as it is in PoE. It would be an incredible addition to Diablo 3, and hopefully games of a similar ilk going forward. It's just unfortunate that I believe Blizzard's philosophy is still multiplayer first for 'X' reasons.
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    I believe that there are many valid criticisms for primals, both their previous and current iteration. They are, and were, uninspired additions to D3 you must admit, yeah? Before they were just power creep. Now they are just boring. It smacks of a half earnest attempt to add something with the constraint of not having much staff on hand. Understandable I suppose. Just perfectly rolled ancients though? I know they can do something better.

    At this point primals feel aimless and I would not be upset with their removal or Blizzard shelving the idea entirely until they flesh out a way to make primals distinct from ancients. Additional legendary powers? A stronger legendary power? A slightly different legendary power? Embuing them with a second socket that can only hold a legendary gem(new primal specific legendary gems)? Locking in a rune from one of your equipped skills?

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    They tempered the obvious increase of power creep. That sounds good. Now they won't have to reconfigure seasonal goals. They also introduced the QoL idea of ancients and primals reducing into larger piles of forgotten souls. That also sounds somewhat good. They now want to gate primals behind GR70. That doesn't strike me as good. The way I see it. If you're accruing the items to push past GR70 you're not in need of primals. And because of that, primals dropping will not be the awe inspiring experience that they could potentially be.

    People have posited that dropping them earlier will catapult individuals quicker/higher than they are supposed to. Will it honestly? If you already have access to sets and ancients you are more than likely not going to leap much further than where you were.

    TL;DR: Primals were a whelming addition from their introduction. With those changes they are a more balanced form of whelming. However unless Blizzard does something different with primals, meaning NOT just better numbers, gating them to 70 is off-putting.

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    posted a message on Lack of news makes this game feel ... Dead.

    Rather serendipitous topic given recent posts. If anyone is interested in generating content: http://www.diablofans.com/news/48861-looking-for-news-volunteers-blue-posts

    As for actual Diablo news. There's a facebook Q&A later today about the Necromancer and potentially a more narrow release window? Who knows.

    source: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20481260/necromancer-facebook-live-qa-next-thursday-1-20-2017

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    posted a message on Once more unto the breach

    Be warned - this is a soapbox speech. Please feel free to skip to the tldr if you're disinclined to read drudgery. I'm also making an assumption from here on out. Diablo 4 will not be an MMO. May be totally wrong but that's my guess.

    When the dust settles around the Necromancer, an apropos sense of finality to Diablo 3 in my mind, what is next for this franchise? A good rest but then Diablo 4 of course. It may seem premature to invest any time speaking about a product that is years away from us. But hear me out. The ideological design behind Diablo 3 was more or less established before any actual coding was done. And most likely rough design documents for D4 are being worked on now. Speculation aside I'd very much like to plant a seed in each of your minds. Moddable content for Diablo 4.

    It's undoubtedly an empowering experience to take the wheel. Starting with one set of rules and turning them upside down. It evokes that inner child that craves to build, destroy and rebuild. Too many games allow modding to list off but most clearly it was present in both previous Diablo games. And while it was not endorsed by Blizzard I believe they had no issue with people expressing their creative muscles. Or perhaps they did which is why Diablo 3 is the way it is. Regardless, I believe if Diablo 4 embraced the idea from the outset and supported modding, Blizzard would be doing themselves a great service. I've seen a lot of hopeful content posted here, from very ambitious fleshed out character ideas to pages of overhauled items, new items and new game modes. None of which can be acted upon without the developers help.

    Why post this here and not on the official forums?

    Hearts and minds. Obviously this is an emotional appeal, and my hope is that it gets reiterated enough that it has some sticking points. I'm not at all bothered by whether or not an official development member of Blizzard comments or sees this.

    Don't you need to have an offline mode to mod?

    Not necessarily. It would depend on implementation and the robustness of tools. Perhaps you allow for in-game quick mods like the mutators of Unreal Tournament games. Perhaps you can make mods such as they were in the Starsiege Tribes or HalfLife/Counterstrike where custom content was downloaded when attempting to join a game.

    What about the cesspool of cheaters that came about from modding?

    If integrity is your concern then be aware that seasons are finally coming to consoles. Which I do believe represents a minor show from Blizzard for an offline and a closed online component that stresses fairness. D3 on PC may not ever have that feature, and that is absolutely not what I'm proposing, but certainly if seasons on console go well surely there is room for a return of a similar realm system D4. Lastly, exposing the underlying systems of a game does indeed make it more vulnerable but... it almost needn't be said, Diablo 3 has had more than its fair share of exploitation without that.

    TL;DR: Make modding a thing for Diablo 4.

    PS: Apart from commenting on the above, the definition of modding varies from person to person. So what does modding mean to you? And if you're not into modding what are your concerns?

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    posted a message on Question: Why would you even want a D4 annoucment at Blizzcon 2016?

    Hmm. My rebuttal to your rebuttal Polrayne would be that you need to properly rest the franchise in order for its following to gain a bit of vigor for that next step. Maybe we are in that period? Releasing content for D3 that would keep people entertained all the way to D4 sounds impractical. And announcing D4 will not kill D3 any more than what it is at the moment. Just keep in mind that franchises act like a sort of skinner box and Diablo is not Madden, FIFA or CoD.

    As to why I would like a Diablo 4 announcement even if the release is very far off? If it's 2018-2020 that sounds good to me. You allow the juice and hype to rebuild for a product people can get excited about. Blizzard definitely does not want burn outs like me jumping into D4 because it will most definitely color my attitude for the game. Plus, I'd like to know if Diablo wants to be the next SWTOR/LOTRO as early as possible so I can decide whether or not I can kill off my interest in the world of Sanctuary. ;)

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    posted a message on ROE Changed - boosts Haunt & Locust Swarm only?

    Yup. Kind of odd. The ring didn't just benefit Garg but that was the sole reason it died a painful death. Not being a super understanding player but seeing as how this item was initially meant for pets why not preclude Gargs from receiving the bonus. Are fetishes and dogs so utterly feckless that the boost is meaningless to them? I unfortunately didn't get enough time to find an RoE in NS is why I ask.

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 wishlist

    Might as well shoot for the moon with that wonderful word included in the title - "wish". Offline capability with modding tools or at the least a game that is intrinsically moddable

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    posted a message on the esssence of diablo
    Quote from simonthetiger»

    Im afraid it has been lost. Well for me anyway.

    The game i have loved for over 20 years has turned into a dead set bore....im so dissapointed.

    All i do is grind....day after day, the same crap....lookin for items that may me go one second faster in a time trial!!! WTF??

    Surely someone can make me a diablo style game.....with new bits in it. New adventures,finding stuff that makes you more powerful.

    It really is a joy when u are going to parts unknown,beating villains,and becoming more badass!

    I havent done this in years.......

    I dont know what the answer is, but without any new content,just doin the same thing over and over again for no reward.

    Its a shame, but man im done....anyone know anything similar but FUN???

    I think what you're experiencing is completely natural. When stimuli becomes perfunctory we may become disengaged with the material. It's truly subjective. It's not an unusual occurrence that some people seem to believe is entirely the fault Blizzard. It's just how we're designed to experience media. So that all said and contrary to your final request I would like to encourage you to do something completely different. Play a game that does not play like Diablo.

    @Moboroshi: Insinuating anyone wants to play Sacred 3? That's super low :lol:
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    posted a message on Stash/Inventory space new 6-7 tabs for each new Character type/s season and non season ? still interchangeable as well .
    Quote from Madonnalicious»

    Guys! The horse is dead! You can stop beating it!

    The stash issue has been discussed for so long and truthfully, we're too late in to the game for it to change drastically. It's not gonna change!

    Truth be told, I think we are super lucky that we are getting the extra tab each season. And that was after MUCH cry/wish towards Blizzard!

    Agree. Lucky to have stash expanded to this degree. But. Always belabor an idea if you wish that point to impact a later circumstance and/or alienate others... but hopefully, more the former. If only for when it comes around and Diablo 4 is nearing shelves, Blizzard can release a hype video about how the inventory was flawed before and all the new things introduced to combat that issue. And I for one would really like a quick set retrieval swap armor mannequin thing like that wonderfully detailed post made way back when. Just in case my tiny vote of confidence for that feature matters at all or ever. And modding/offline/pvp/cain
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    posted a message on Diablo 3: A few observations and what I think of them.

    I'm thinking along the same lines as Ferret. It's entering into maintenance. Not an entirely terrible thing. How much milk should you get out of one cow? Looking forward to Diablo 4 in 202X.

    But that aside I found the lines about development and community relations intriguing. Yes, I know it's towards the end and skips past the meat. Streamer influence over the community that then mirrors into general community feedback and activity. Is it correct to follow trends of a system, potentially highlighted by certain personalities, or dictate/convince yourself that not following those trends is correct? Here is where I fear that canned answer arises: "Play how you want to play." Which clearly doesn't answer the question. Behaviorally how does one disabuse their self from trends? Is it possible to be ignorant - willfully or otherwise and still be part of the whole? I would wager that it is impossible to a degree. You would need to remain thoroughly independent from the community so as to develop a radically different mindset on norms.

    And I don't believe streaming has such a close connection to cheating culture. Not causative in the least. I was relatively out of the loop in Diablo 2, in that I did not play online a whole lot or use d2jsp. But I believe cheating was just as prevalent if not more so than it is now. Though I honestly do not have proof for that.

    All in all thank you for posting Potpourri. Truly mean that.

    Proposed Clickbait Title Change: "Diablo 3: I hate you m8, 8/8." ;)

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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack
    Quote from CheeseQuiddel»

    Blizzard advances the problem from the wrong side in my opinion. All that energy, money and manpower that flowed into the banwaves, and still does, could used better to develop a HUD that provide that kind of informations that TurboHUD gives to the player in a Blizzard style UI. With such a thing, none would ever again see a reason in using a third party HUD and Blizzard would still attract serious and efficient players to play their game.

    Thanks for reading btw.

    The sentiment: "how it is meant to be played". How you feel this game is meant to be played has skewed the fact that the developers have already defined that the game is to be played without the tool. But I was most interested with your closing suggestion. So let's do away with the preface for justification.

    Integrating THUD into Diablo 3. Assuming no legal action from Blizzard or THUD and disclaiming ignorance for THUD's full capabilities.

    Is the program all good? You persistently reference the maphack portion of THUD in your opening. It is part of the program and as you did not declare that you would do away or keep it, I'll try to see both positions being made. I'm looking at maphack specifically because if it's anything like the program developed for Diablo 2 I actually have a memory of what it did and just how much an effect it had on gameplay for me personally. Aside from this specific feature subset it sounds like there are a great many more gameplay altering dynamics in THUD but I'll stick to the maphack.

    So let's assume first that the maphack portion is just too enticing and cannot be in the list of features that make the cut. This will ostensibly create another black market for obvious reasons. This notion stretches to any extreme feature of the THUD cut from integration. Someone will pick up and fill the gap in the market. Now you did hint that the great amount of features lie outside this smaller conspicuous feature. I will have to take your word on it and to be purely optimistic maybe that is all anyone could ever desire in terms of information from a UI. But I'm prejudiced so I'm leaning that it will not. In a perfect scenario we could all live with what we have, rather than what we can have.

    Now what if the maphack portion is ok'ed. The whole thing gets vetted. We can be progressive I bet. What's wrong yesterday may not necessarily be wrong today. It's a great part of our culture to adopt and accept... eventually :P But in this instance is this a indulgence we should allow? What tone does it then set for the future? Diablo 3 has changed an incredible amount over its lifetime but I guarantee that adopting a maphack into its standard features is a humongous precedent. Are we as consumers content with allowing it to be such a facilitation of gameplay? Publically endorsed. Even if the counter is that the consumer's desires are not being met thus the consumer has the responsibility to seek out what will sate that want. Will not such a device further degrade what a consumer believes is fair competition in this instance? Muddling design philosophies for future development. Diablo 3 did it after all. Right Galizur?


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    posted a message on Ban wave in EU and US
    Quote from n3wtonapple»

    I would just prefer to let them pay again, put all these thousands of hours in and then ban them before the end of the season. gg
    I agree, especially with the hard bans going in just before the end of season. The deterrent measured in the ban may be laughable to the culprit but I don't mind them footing their own money to play again in the case of a permaban. I only wish that the banning occurred more regularly so as to eventually chip away at that blasé attitude like MeSlayYouKK emphasized. And perhaps it does? It just doesn't feel that way.
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    posted a message on You Dont Know What You Saying
    Quote from Psyborg»

    Some people must realise that this is f*cking game, not real life


    That is not what is being discussed as true as your statement is.

    Quote from aztec91x»

    Stop commenting on my builds when you have no idea what you're talking about. "change this, change that" yep.. all great ideas, if I wanted to make a shifty build like the cookie cutter craps you use.

    Vent complete

    Do you feel the onus of perceiving the merits of a build, or rather the comments you believe stem from a lack of understanding, rest solely on the build's reader? That's a tricky question and one that is both yes and no. I read over your builds and I found the majority of them light on rationale, motive and alternative pros and cons. Terse and succinct. And not being a build aficionado I confess that I know not if that's par for the course. Regardless of that being fact or not, and personally speaking, when I'm sincerely vested in something I like to understand why it is the way it is. Self-analysis, anticipatory thinking, can be time consuming but I feel it will give the reader a better understanding of your aims and goals. Treat me like Jon Snow("I know nothing"):P. For the comments that were made in ignorance even after having an explanation I can only empathize. Don't let that drag you down.

    I hope you feel better and keep creating content aztec91x.

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