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    I'd also like to echo that these are the initial numbers heading into a PTR. And from my recollection, though there are exceptions, Blizzard intentionally over shoots and then reels back. That has been their maxim historically for better or worse.

    By employing extreme changes they generate more interest (if only superficial) to play test the 'thing'. Higher numbers of people play testing, potentially brings in more feedback, which in turn provides them with more data to decide where to go. If the changes were minor out of the gate I believe the interest to play whatever it is they're testing wanes. Philosophically speaking their take on modifying existing content might look egregious but I believe there's intent to get it right by generating buzz. Otherwise, yeah, they are in fact pissing into the wind and I hope they would invest their time more wisely.

    This is all specious reasoning on my part. So please take it with a grain of salt.

    TL:DR; Just bear in mind these changes are in the PTR precisely because they don't rightly know where the numbers should be. And that they are high most likely on purpose to get more people testing boundaries.

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    posted a message on Can we henceforth land on a max group vs solo xp level? - 15-20x the XP for group players is simply wrong.

    Justification for the disparity? Money and a lack of forethought would be my cynical guess. By coercing people to group they have less lobbies to host while simultaneously fostering customer retention. Elaborating the latter - People that play a game with other people have a higher tendency to stick around longer. Attributed to the concept of group flow; which is not an entirely terrible thing. But! According to that same concept the benefits of the XP modifier are extraneous to this idea. A cherry on top of the ice cream that already has a cherry. You have plenty of other positive motivations for group play without it. I agree that it needn't be that large if that were the sole aim. But I don't believe it is.

    I write all that as an introverted solo gamer. And even though it's not the point of this topic I personally agree with everyone above pointing out that some milestones are truly monstrous for an exclusive solo player.

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    posted a message on So we must play seasons to gain more Stash space?
    Quote from Elggur»

    you do know their is multiple step in the season journey, therefore you will unlock it all in ONE season, but one tab per step of the journey ....

    Ooo. I hadn't thought that was how it would go when I read that part of the news update. I assumed that it would be as Gorok states above. IE: one seasonal journey would only net you one additional tab. But if it's like that: Slayer +1 tab, Champion +1 tab, Destroyer +1 tab? That would be cool too... Wonder if you'd have to do that every season? Thanks for the (confirmation/correction) Kallizk :P

    As for the OP. The focus on seasons. I'm going to apply some specious reasoning for a bit. They have to focus on the things that will yield the greatest potential for keeping their game from stagnating. There is no PvP. They have seasons. The majority of players are more likely to play the game if they have a mandated goal to complete. Seasons introduce a fresh set of explicit and implicit goals to achieve when you get into them. Nonseasonal has these as well of course. Sadly the previous statement should read "had" because more than likely they have been attained so long ago. To avoid that stifled feeling coercing you into thinking "what now", you are pressured into seasons. I'm probably bemoaning all the points you've heard time and again but it's important to keep in mind that retaining players' interest is highly important to the game and future development.

    My version of your gripe involves grouping vs solo. So I commiserate in not wanting to participate but still feeling pressured into it. That all being said, I do hope they change their minds and provide a different cosmetic reward in seasons and hand out stash space to everyone. I can't speak for others but I would participate in Season 5, sans Seasonal Journey reward Stash space. Not sure if that's how others feel or not.

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    Quote from AlucardTnuoc»

    Mostly it's because bots would farm the easier purples that always spawn and take like 10 seconds to get to.

    Yes. No idea on the sophistication bots have for finding a particular mob but many purples still have set spawn locations. And until then I reckon we're not going to see purples drop anything nice any time soon. Was it Cudgelarm that was botted and subsequently led to all purples dropping only one rare item way back when?

    @OP: As for a goblin that drops only DB? I can't help but feel likewise. Odious collectors are too infrequent and do not drop nearly enough to sustain the draw of DB. Perhaps another look at recipe costs if not a boost to DB drops? I feel that DB's are too ubiquitous. Particularly since it's the only reagent you cannot realistically collect any of until your first 70, seasonally speaking. Although in the rush to 70 that number may be a marginal help at best based on drop rate to difficulty. The costs in ascending order are Gems(x1), Rerolling(x1), Convert Reagent(x1), Extracting(x5), Convert Set(x10), Upgrading(x25). Maybe halve the latter three? Extraction - 3, Set Conversion - 5, Upgrading - 12?

    Sage set for more DB? I like how the set has gained itself a foothold in the meta but honestly I'd much rather have the set do something more meaningful to the game to warrant that.

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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo

    - Perm bans on players who tried a simple bug in the game is very extreme.

    I don't agree. In my personal polluted view of this game. Every "exploit" is seemingly met with a lukewarm response. Temporary banning, rollbacks. By taking a hardline they're hopefully establishing a precedent. You yourself mentioned that point in your video. A deterrence. We can only hope it actually holds water.

    - This banwave had absolutely nothing to do with botters, botters remain untouched (bots are extremely sophisticated).

    Sad thing that is too. Botting as pervasive and undermining as ever.

    - 17 passives was nowhere near the level of game breaking as blood shard goblins exploit, yet the passive bug was treated with much more extreme measures.

    I don't know which is more game breaking. But the latter part of your statement harkens back to the first point.

    In your video I found it alarming that you were so dismissive of this particular exploit and the reaction BY persistently comparing it to other egregious offenses. Someone earlier made an apt analogy about being pulled over for speeding and asking the police officer why they aren't chasing murderers. I can't think of a better way to put it. A powerful lesson this has been for some.

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    I've been playing as a Crusader in Season 3 at T6 alone. Also lately I've been working on crafting Hellfire Amulets. It's a time consuming endeavor. I'm not thrilled with the idea of the key being a mere 50% at T6 but I do understand that it increases the chase a bit. The trouble for me is finding the Keywarden. I will not use the word “all” or "we" for the sake of avoiding hyperbole but many times I've caught myself having explored eighty to ninety percent of the map and miraculously no Keywarden. At which point I pull up the map. Find that one mote of obfuscation left. Trudge on over. “Yup, there's Sokahr. Anddd... no key.” Doubly frustrating. Where's this lame gripe going you're wondering?

    My suggestion is the following: On Keywarden maps, after X% of the map is uncovered, a “here's the Keywarden” ping comes into existence. And much like that helpful “here's the bounty” arrow after X amount of time, it continues to illuminate the correct path until they are no longer necessary.

    Points of rebuttal that I perceive:

    Another Solo vs Group play discussion:
    I admit that this mechanic is inspired wholly by my solitary playing habits. It would indeed be remedied by grouping but that solution is not ideal for me personally. I do not have the will or desire to group. It invokes a feeling of anxiousness. I do not see compromise of playstyles as much as I see acquiescence. I bear certain proclivities and I imagine them to be a detriment to others. It does not heighten my entertainment factor for me to play thinking that I'm hampering my group's enjoyment. I am aware this is petty, but that is me. My personal drawback's aside, there will always be times when finding a group may prove difficult.

    Shortening the length of time it takes to craft an amulet:
    Only marginally so. You are still combating the RNG monster when it comes to the key actually dropping. The specific number representing the percentage could also be variable or dependent on the amount of people.

    Not looking for Keywarden:
    What if you're not looking for the Keywarden? What if the icon is obtrusive/unnecessary? I can only suggest that this system be designed well enough to avoid such annoyances. That a bounty arrow, if applicable, takes precedence over the Keywarden hint for example. Or based on the multiplayer game tag "Key Warden", the reverse occurs.

    Play as X to hunt faster:
    Conformity for convenience. When Mara's set first hit it was absolutely too good to ignore. I gave up how I used to play and took on the role of a passive knife in the dark. I wasn't particularly fond of it but it was lucrative. It'll always be like that. Adjusting to the meta until I've forgotten what skills delivered a cathartic thwack to the mobs. My point is that conceding here doesn't have to be a necessary absolute.

    Why not suggest using a timer like with the Bounty:

    Incredibly it was not the first idea that occurred to me while I thought about this originally. The bounty timer came to mind while I was writing this post. So then I wondered why it didn't occur to me initially to just suggest using the timer mechanic from the Bounties. I believe using a timer is wrong. I do not want to propose a mechanic that could potentially remove exploration and replace it with an amenity. I only wish to shorten the exploration phase to avoid an aspect of Keywarden frustration.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.



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    posted a message on Finding Set items / good legendaries
    You should be able to slowly accrue sets/better legendaries from Kadala with the blood shards you are getting from those rifts however. Torment legendary sets and items are in the gambling pool regardless of difficulty. And here's a list of torment specific legendaries to help you. It's odd that you haven't stumbled on Blackthorne's though. They had millions of pairs of pants apparently.

    Are rifts your best option for getting good equipment? Yes. Both rift types feature higher chances of legendaries during the run but also the blood shards mentioned above. So multiple avenues for betterment.

    Best set for Barbs? I would say Raekor's. Charge can be a bit dodgy but it can utterly destroy groups of elites or mobs if you're not all thumbs like me. I personally have a mish mash of both Raekor and Immortal Kings set at the moment.
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    posted a message on Wanted to share 19 new legendary ideas.
    I'd actually look forward to finding the speed pylon with War Traveler's. The Infinity that boosts lightning resist and lightning damage may be a bit... well, I'd have no problem trying out lightning gear for a Crusader with that XD Overall they sound like nice additions.

    [edit: correction]
    [pushes glasses back up bridge of nose so there will be no excuse for misunderstanding the OP] :doh:
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    posted a message on Why I am (not) buying the expansion
    Quote from damage424
    Quote from Doez

    I choose to salute people who don't think that investing a lot of play time in a video game should result in a financial kickback, especially botters or former botters. Can't wait for RoS to come out, take care sad pandas.
    Another reason I love people. So easily and willing to mock someone. Agree to disagree, but we always praise the one who puts others down!

    Agree to disagree. If someone wants to make some cash, what do I care? Espicially since it has no bearing on others.

    Btw, no I do not do that myself. I want to play video games to have fun.

    But all that is wrong in any society or any community... who cares! But blast them Damn fool for selling it mes to make money when it's part of the game!

    Blizz, you made me do it! Lol :)
    But it does affect others. The platitude "what others do - does not affect me", is misleading. It's... remarkably close minded. Because what others want, what others do. Those things generate a response, and influence a result. Be it positive or negative. That basic idea has impacted our game greatly. For a quick and obvious example. The shutdown of the AH has various contributing factors but I believe that one of them is user feedback. Others have affected my game and the way I play. Inferno is too hard. Drops are too low. LS is too good. Blizzard reviews themselves of course, but feedback, user feedback also has a guiding hand in the process.

    I cannot agree that others do not play a role in how I play the game.
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