How long do you think it will take you to finish Inferno ?

Poll: How long do you think it will take you to finish Inferno ?

How long do you think it will take you to finish Inferno ?

How long do you think it will take you to finish Inferno ? - Single Choice

  • I won't be able to complete Inferno 2.4%
  • More than 3 Months 14.9%
  • 2 - 3 Months 18.8%
  • 1Month - 2 Months 24.3%
  • 2Weeks - 1 Months 24.2%
  • Under 2 Weeks 15.4%
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    Hopefully Bliz manages to make Inferno as challenging as they claim it to be. If so, I'm not gonna be the first to finish act 1/2 and it'll take me 'bout a month to finish up to act 3. As act 4 shall be the most challenging thing they could ever invent, it'll be unlikely someone will beat it as fast as "wow hard modes" since those really aren't hard (anymore).
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    Before the announcement that they changed inferno from having a flat difficulty to progressively harder I would have voted less then 1 month. With the change I'm thinking/hoping it will take more then 3 months to finish act 4 since now they can tune act 3-4 to near perfect inferno gear instead of making inferno doable with hell gear.
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    I am positive that I will finish inferno .000001 seconds before Nerax. /Matrix
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    I think I'll finish Inferno about 2-3 months after the release. I have finishing exams in the end of June, though.
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    For me, hopefully, 2 weeks to a month to be realistic. But if it's actually as hard as Bliz claims maybe 1-2 months. School and irl will most likely hinder me.
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    Quote from Kblavkalash

    I imagine it will be finished in ~2 weeks by some well made group which played non stop for 2 weeks. For us mortals though, few months I guess.

    Remember I'm asking how long do you thhink it will take YOU :) Not special peoples nor the average joe.
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    I have a goal to finish inferno in 7 days. I sure hope so it's not possible, but the challenge is always fun :)
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    Doubt that I'll ever complete it, but w/e I will try atleast. ^^
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    I chose 1 to 2 months, based on how much I anticipate playing. It could take longer though, and I hope it's hard enough that it does.
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    More than 3 months for sure since college will get in the way (damn you..).
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    I hope it will take more then 3 months even for the hardcore.
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    I'm going to be playing exclusively on hardcore mode so I'm pretty it will be more than 3 months, probably/hopefully a lot longer.
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    It all comes down to if i need to wait for my wife or not (or considering she'll be on maternity leave t the time - her waiting for me lol).
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    1 to 2 months. I might get a character to 30 and realize that i don't want to continue with them for the moment and try another. I have nothing going on for a month or so after release so i expect to be playing this a lot. For inferno alone, i hope it take a good long while, i like having to farm gear in lower level content to be able to progress to the next tier of difficulty. Also i don't want finish inferno too fast and get bored with the game.
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    This seems like complete baseless assumption. How can this poll have any meaning at all?
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    Probably never. The farthest I got in D2 was Act 2 Hell, so...
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    I voted more than 3 months for me personally as I'll be limited on play time over the course of the summer. I can see the dedicated players beating in inferno in a month probably.

    Edit - I actually hope it's as hard as it sounds and surprises us all to the point where it'll take even the best of the best a few months to beat.
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    1-2 months, i do hope beating last act proves to be seriously hard
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    Playing Hardcore... so probably longer than 3 months. Determined to do it though, even if it takes YEARS!!
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    I don't know how much time I'll have to play yet, so a conservative estimate: maybe 2 months.
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