Introducing the Dreadnite, what are your thoughts?

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    I like the idea of having another melee character. I'd really like to see something like you have suggested, a kind of dark magic tanky dude, or possibly some kind of shape shifting character, not necessarily like the druid though.
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    I haven't stated this, but a Dreadnite upon consumption of a demon, gets empowered to a demon form(Dependent on demon type consumed, almost anything lesser than boss-level demons), and has prolongment on this effect, similar to how Archon form works for Wizards.

    Additionally, contrary to other classes, Dreadnites rejuvenate(health and resources alike) primarily from eating demon flesh, using Demonic Fury or Fel Energy as their primary resource to fuel their attacks.
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    Here's a more story-oriented introduction of the class:

    It was neither a single nor hundreds of Paladins that were left after the events of the Worldstone Shattering.
    Thus, with the demons beginning to roam more and more freely over the lands of Sanctuary through the course of 20 years, it has gotten easier for them to capture the remaining of Paladins. The capturing of these disciplined and highly capable warriors that had given trouble to demons for long is sensible as Paladins would prove to be possible vessels of an elite force that can champion demonic forces.

    Following this agenda, the captured Templar, Kormac was the lucky one, probably captured the last and saved the first, had been saved from the terrible fate that many of his comrades had and were to suffer...

    "Every single unlucky Paladin left unsaved, was to be called as Dreadnite, the champions of hell.
    They had been subjected to unparalelled torture, where their body had been tortured until all life had left it followed by an unholy exorcism to embalm their spirit in demonic essence, corrupting it and to be reanimated within a newer body, until the subject had submitted.

    The demonic essence had provided empowerment, and it was the flaw of their plan that was to backfire on them.

    Every consequent application had resulted in them growing in power.

    However, they had underestimated the heroic will of a paladin, those of whom that were older than the rest of the others had seen so many atrocities of demons that they had perseveared. Bidding their time, on the border of insanity, some of them had waited, to exact retribution.

    However, every day they were growing weaker.

    It was at the very moment that these fallen knights had sensed the drawing of the demonic energies to themselves that they had awakened, it was not the chant of Anu they heard anymore, it was the scent of darkness they could smell.

    It was time.

    They had broken their chains, and relentlessly killed their torturers...

    ...within their hunger they leaned on the carcass of cultists they had slain. However, the hunger was not quenched.

    In its rage the abomination fled into the night, only to encounter other demons. Its mind filled with one thought "Succulent", and plunged into them...

    ...the hunger, it was suppressed. Upon licking the bones of what was left of these demons, the memories hit the fallen knight. The beast was more human now, yet the pain struck it. The very pain that was carved to its very soul by them...

    ...the demons... wanted to cause them the very pain that it had been forced to endure...
    ...and to consume them.

    Upon this moment with its roar piercing the night, the Dreadnite had sworn to avenge the fallen knight...

    ...and it will not stop until the Burning Hells, ceases to exist.

    Dreadnites had been unleashed..."
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    Is this some combination of witch/DH/paladin ? why would you have kinda similar classes to what we have now (except paladin). I think diablo 3 misses some kind of druid like form changing character
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    Quote from slamaskin

    Is this some combination of witch/DH/paladin ? why would you have kinda similar classes to what we have now (except paladin). I think diablo 3 misses some kind of druid like form changing character

    1- It is not a combination of WD/DK/Paladin or combinations of other things in how it is done in its retrospective.
    The class is either:
    - A shield and small weapon wielding armored being, a fallen knight that can protect itself from harm's way through using demonic magic while still capable of afflicting its enemies with this same magic to a minor extet.
    - A relentless abomination that can subdue lesser demons(Demons of ranks below that of the Seven: Ones spawned from Tathamet's heads) to do its bidding, or can just consume them right away to enhance itself in power with a temporary demon form transformation where they function as a brutal, virtually unstoppable killing machine while wielding either of its "claws of fury" or polearms twisted with demonic magic.

    2- See above related with transformation.

    3- If it analogous examples you seek to understand this class, it shares the properties of a Monk+Druid+Witch Doctor+Barbarian+Wizard and a Warlock+Paladin, in terms of how its mechanics would work. However, it only partakes in using some of the iconic or non-iconic abilities of those classes that are fit with its concept. Thus it is a new class.

    In a way this "anti-hero" will be progressing to slay demons and their masters alike for taking exacting vengeance on what they had done to it and for satisfying its apetite for demon blood/flesh. However, to be able to follow on the leads of these demons, it will follow in the steps of ordinary Nephalem, hence, will simply conceal itself as a "Black Knight" to be more "social" with these people.
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