BlizzConline - Diablo IV: What's Next?

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BlizzConline - Diablo IV: What's Next?

The Diablo: What's Next panel is where members of the Diablo development team discuss the latest content coming to Sanctuary! This panel focused on information for Diablo IV.




Diablo IV

  • The panel started with the Rogue trailer for Diablo IV.


  • Rogues can use Swords/Daggers, and Bows/Crossbows
  • We got a better look at character creation/customization.
  • Rogues get three different specializations
    • Shadow Realm, Combo Points, Exploit Weakness
  • Rogues can imbue their attacks with different elements like poison or frost.
  • Different regions will provide different looking armor and weapons.
  • Chill builds up to a full freeze over time.
  • Rogues are extremely mobile.
  • More classes will come in the future.
  • Having an open world in Diablo IV allows the team to figure out how the world fits together better.
  • There are many mounts to collect in the game.
    • Mounts have customization options, like changing horseshoes to increase the speed of your mount.
    • The team didn't want people fighting on mounts, so dismount skills are what help bridge the gap between being mounted and being in combat.
    • If you are attacked while mounted, you will be dismounted.
  • Camps are strongholds of evil in the overworld.
    • Monsters have moved into abandoned places left behind after the reapers killed countless people in Reaper of Souls.
    • Camps are permanent fixtures in the world. When defeated, it becomes a town and waypoint for the player.
    • Defeated camps open up new activities to complete in that region of the game world.
  • The ability to jump over chasms or up/down elevation has been added
  • There are PvP areas called Fields of Hatred which are optional.
    • Collect shards of hatred from doing content in the fields.
    • Purifying the shards will turn them into a usable currency.
    • Players and monsters can interrupt players who are purifying shards.
    • Players who kill a lot of other players will have a bounty placed on them.
    • Ears are a trophy that can be collected through PvP.




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