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Got something you’ve been dying to know about Sanctuary? Join the Diablo development team as they answer community questions about the gameplay, monsters, and world of Sanctuary. This is our recap of the Diablo Q&A panel from day 2 of BlizzConline!



  • Q: So Rogues are canonically only women. Does that mean we'll have two classes that are locked to one gender, the other being druid?
    • A: Sisterhood of the sightless eye are canonically women, but all classes in Diablo IV have full customization and are not gender-locked.
  • Q: You had tech alpha in December, any key learnings?
    • A: Learned how people felt about controls, and that the game felt like a true Diablo game. They have work to do on end-game systems and will talk about it more later this year.
  • Q: Are there going to be high texture/animated cinematics at the end of every act and major moment like we had in Diablo III? The Tyrael vs Imperius cinematics are the greatest I have ever seen.
    • A: Resurrected is remaking all cinematics shot-for-shot.
  • Q: I noticed in the Diablo IV gameplay videos that when you hit a monster, the monster becomes highlighted or a lighter color. I feel like this ruins the immersion of the game. Will there be an option to disable this?
    • A: The team like how it works, but some feel like it doesn't fit. It can be disabled through their accessibility suite.
  • Q: Are there plans to continue the seasons of Diablo III in Diablo Immortal?
    • A: People find seasons appealing for different reasons. Progression reset and content updates are the two main ones. For Immortal, they are focusing on the content updates. There is no intention to reset progress like in Diablo III seasons.
  • Q: I see that there is cross-progression in Diablo II, but doesn't seem to have cross-play?
    • A: Cross-progression will be supported. Cross-play isn't supported right now. You will be able to compete with players on other platforms due to the global leaderboard.
  • Q: Controller support for D2 on PC?
    • A: Yes!
  • Q: Local co-op in D2?
    • A: There won't be couch co-op like in console D3. Local play on the switch will be supported. 8-Player local co-op will be available.
  • Q: In the last quarterly update of Diablo IV, you also introduced legendary affixes with damage multipliers. Don't you think this system will escalate the same way it did in Diablo III? Or are you strictly planning on not only balancing builds by increasing or decreasing damage multipliers?
    • A: The team expects you to feel more powerful as you progress, but don't expect to be in the millions or billions of damage.
  • Q: Will the lore of Immortal go through the lore of Diablo III, and maybe even Diablo IV?
    • A: No, Immortal is focused on the span on time between Diablo II and Diablo III. Immortal does explore the ability to explore things outside of the normal timeline with 'time-walking' type content.
  • Q: Bots and Cheats: will there be more protection against them in Diablo II?
    • A: Moving to modern means that there are far more tools to fight those issues.
  • Q: When trying to make a darker world with Diablo IV like the original Diablo and Diablo II, what are your biggest challenges? Do you get any limitations because of the actual state of the community?
    • A: A big limitation is striking the right balance. Going to hard causes players to get players to get numb to it, but striking a balance gets the right atmosphere. People have been reacting well to the tone shown in the quarterly updates. The shifts in pop-culture has allowed more of the horror elements to be present.
  • Q: When is Immortal is coming out?
    • A: Can't share when it will release, but more testing phases are ahead. Crusader and Necromancer need to be in and two or three extra zones. The elder game systems also need to be properly tested.
  • Q: Will there still be player collision with other players in Diablo II? For instance, Maggot Lair was always tough to traverse.
    • A: Collision will still be there!
  • Q: Are there any plans on supporting druid builds in Diablo IV that focus on staying in one were-form for a longer duration?
    • A: Yes! You can make builds that every button is a werebear or werewolf skill.
  • Q: How will Immortal work for future updates after release? Update / Expansion wise?
    • A: There are many patch/content plans, and they will support the game long after release. They want to add new items, dungeons, stories, zones, paragon trees, classes, systems, etc.
  • Q: What patch will the remaster be based off of? Skill synergies and elemental immune enemies in the later patches severely limited build diversity and fun factor.
    • A: It will use 1.1.4, which is the current live patch. They wanted to focus on nailing the authentic experience rather than balancing out something else.
  • Q: Diablo III felt very isolating with the lack of trading between players, will Diablo IV have trading?
    • A: They want Diablo IV to feel social, and are still figuring out what limitations they want to have, but trading will be available player-to-player.
  • Q: Will there be PvP & PvE in Immortal: competing with and against players, raids, etc? For example, a battle arena with a ranking system (and free to play friendly system) where you can spend day and night developing your skills. Challenging other people would motivate everyone to keep playing this game even after finishing the storyline.
    • A: There will be lots of awesome content for people to do after they finish the story. Both PvE and PvP.
  • Q: Will the classic Diablo II be updated to have better screen resolution? Like 720p or even 1080p since the default resolution is unplayable on fullscreen for me.
    • A: The remaster will run at modern resolutions and framerates. (They did not answer the question about classic Diablo II)
  • Q: Can you explain the old framerate and breakpoint system in Diablo II and how it can work with uncapped framerate?
    • A: The original game ran on frames not on time. A breakpoint is when you've upgraded a skill to be fast enough to not fall in-between a frame so you don't get credit for it. The remake still runs on this breakpoint system, but the visuals are capable of running very smoothly; however, the moments where the game checks to see what happens are still in the exact same spot.
D4 lightning round:
  • Q: Will every class have their own set of class quests?
    • A: No, every class will have a unique mechanic and the Rogue's is the specializations. These will be unlocked through quests.
  • Q: Transmogrification is going to be a thing?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: Fishing?
    • A: No
  • Q: Couch co-op?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: Are there town portal scrolls or books?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: Although we know that the high heaves closed its gates to the mortals, will we see any angels meddling in Sanctuary after Lilith's return?
    • A: Technically, yes.
  • Q: Were we ever close to Inarius' prison during our Diablo adventures?
    • A: No
Immortal Lighting Round:
  • Q: Will Immortal ever consider having a mass PvP-like guild vs guild in the open world? This thing was the best feature other mobile games offered like Black Desert mobile etc.
    • A: Yes.
  • Q: Can gestures be included for character animations?
    • A: Maybe? Not sure what's being asked.
  • Q: Will Immortal support 120hz devices?
    • A: Not on launch, maybe later.
  • Q: Will the release include Crusader and Necromancer?
    • A: Yes.
  • Q: How many players can the largest raid have?
    • A: Uhhh... Yes! Large groups.
Diablo II Lighting Round
  • Q: Will trading still function the same?
    • A: Yes, but there are more quality of life options. You can link items in chat.
  • Q: Will you be throwing any new runewords into the game?
    • A: No.
  • Q: Will Diablo II overwrite an original Diablo II installation?
    • A: No! They are separate products.
  • Q: Can I load Diablo II characters into resurrected?
    • A: Right now they are separate.




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