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BlizzConline - Diablo II: Resurrected Deep Dive

MrLlamaSC hosts a roundtable panel discussing everything you need to know about Diablo II: Resurrected.





  • Vicarious Visions is confirmed to have been working on the remaster.
    • Vicarious Vision has been working with Blizzard for a couple years.
  • The team wanted to stay true to what Diablo II was, and allow new people to experience it.
  • They wanted to deliver an authentic experience that players remember from 20 years ago.
  • Evolving from 2D to 3D was challenging, and had to write a new physical based renderer.
    • It has added dynamic lighting and VFX.
  • The camera has a new ability to zoom.
  • The ability to swap between the old and new visuals is done because the original game is running underneath.
  • The game logic runs on a 25fps cycle, allowing the game to run at a high framerate without messing with the gameplay.
  • The old game runs on a grid, and the remaster respects the grid.
  • Item models on characters will match the icon.
  • All the cinematics are remastered.
  • Audio now has surround-sound features, ambient noises and effects.
  • A remaster was the only forward because a remake would change too much.
  • New features were heavily scrutinized.
  • There is a shared stash!
    • Non-ladder characters can't interact with ladder stashes and vice-versa.
    • Offline characters can't use a shared stash with an online character.
  • An advanced stats screen will show your stats in full detail.
  • Auto-gold pickup is opt-in.
  • PC first experience even though there is controller/console support.
  • Bringing Diablo II to console was a huge challenge.
  • Controller support allows for more accessibility.
  • Lord of Destruction is included.
    • Can still play a non-expansion character.
  • Item comparison tooltips have been added.
    • These don't suggest gear for anyone.
  • There are five more languages supported.
  • The character screen has been updated.
  • Offline/Online play flow has been improved.
  • 8-Player multiplayer works.
  • PvP still exists.
  • Trading is still in the game.
  • The game browser has been improved.
  • Ladder Seasons will be reduced in length to increase engagement.
    • The leaderboard will be saved, and will be easier to filter.
  • Character expiration will no longer exist.
  • Due to global servers and cross-progression, duplicate names will now be allowed.
    • They will be appended with a gamertag or ID
  • The only game art they re-used 1-to-1 was Tyreal's wings.
  • It's a goal to stop botting and duping.
  • Players can sign up for the technical alpha here.


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