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    Quote from Mackie

    Nether tentacle rune being reverted back to what it once was prior to patch 1.0.3 could be an amazing step towards DH being a much better class, imo.

    First, this ^. The only way to heal a DH through damage from a lot of packs right now is to pop SP:Gloom and hit with some big AoE on the groups (such as Grenades or Bola).

    Speaking of Demon Hunter:
    1. Entangling Shot, Bola Shot, Hungering Arrow, and Grenades need damage buffs. Hungering arrow should receive the most buff since it is a single target skill (for the most part).
    2. Imaple is not worth using anymore, since there are other abilities that do much more damage for less hatred. They need to buff the damage tremendously since, like HA, it's mostly a single target ability.
    3. Caltrops are pretty good for the most part. I would like to see a rune that increases the radius of the trap. (Maybe combine it with "Bait the Trap."
    4. Smoke Screen needs a duration increase for it to be more effective. I think the baseline needs to be taken to 2 seconds. Get rid of Breathe Deep and replace it with a rune that lets you move through walls and mobs, but reduces the duration to 1-1.5 seconds.
    5. Gloom is the only good rune for Shadow Power. This whole skill would have to be redesigned to make it interesting again.
    6. Rapid fire is good now. Don't touch it.
    7. Chakram: Shuriken Cloud needs to do more damage. I would double the damage on it.
    8. Ball Lightning needs a damage buff. Nether Tentacles need to able to hit multiple times.
    9. Vault: Rattling Roll needs a larger impact radius.
    10. Preparation: Invigoration needs to have the duration increased.
    11. Companion: Wolf needs a damage buff to make it competitve with the other companion benefits. Ferrets need a gold find buff to make them worth losing the other utilities, such as hatred regen on bat.
    12. Marked for Death is good.
    13. Evasive Fire is bad. I don't even know how I would fix this to where I would want to use it.
    14. Fan of Knives needs a cooldown reduction.
    15. Spike Trap: Sticky Trap needs to explode regardless of death, but do less damage than if death occurs. Lightning Rod needs to hit all enemies within 20 yards.
    16. Strafe needs a damage buff to make it competitive with WW. Demolition's Grenades need a larger blast radius (16 yards).
    17. Multi-shot cost too much hatred for the damage. It needs a buff or a hatred reduction. (300% weapon damage or 15 baseline hatred.) Fire at will resource cost needs to be lowered, if a hatred reduction is performed. Full Broadside would need to scale with changes too.
    18. Cluster Arrow needs a huge buff, but I wouldn't reduce the hatred cost on it. All runes for it need a buff.
    19. Rain of Vengeance is good.
    20. Hungering Arrow: Cinder Arrow needs a buff on the burn.
    21. Brooding needs another buff.
    22. Archery needs to switch the perks for Crossbow and Hand Crossbow.
    23. Sharpshooter needs a buff to the crit chance to make it worth it now that Crit hit chance is so easy to get.
    24. Ballistics needs a big buff to make any skill with rockets worth it. Or, better yet, remove Ballistics and bake it into the rocket damage on those runes. Replace it with "Situation Awareness: If there are 3 or more enemies within 8 yds, then you do 30% more damage" or "Situation Awareness: If there are 3 or more enemies within 8 yds, then your cooldowns are reduced by 50%."

    Finally, let me put whatever skill I want in a slot. If I want two different versions of cluster arrows, then let me use two different versions of cluster arrows. This goes for any class/skill.

    I'll get around to Barbarians if I have time.
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Sorry dude. We know lots of people wanted this. I was really really hoping they wouldn't go online only (back when they even announced the game), but following SC2's footsteps, they went with online only.

    There's almost no chance that they will change that now.

    Despite all the hassle that it creates (with mantaining servers) and having hardcore players being killed due to latency and disconnects, having to fix certain skills because they cause more rubberbanding than others. Despite all that, I doubt they'll give us offline mode. It just won't happen.

    Probably because "online only" succeded in the one thing they were probably trying to prevent. Having their game being hacked and freely distributed/downloaded by a lot of people.

    What if it still required Internet access as part of the installation process? Validation against a server could reduce the chances of hacked copies being activated.
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    Quote from Phredreeke

    So what's preventing a player from modifying his savefile to have perfectly rolled gear with maxed paragon levels?

    That would be another thing that the developers would have to address. There might be a way to encrypt the savefile to prevent applications other than the client from performing modifications. They could be evil and place a command in the file that runs a shutdown command when opened. :)

    They get paid the big bucks to think of fixes for all the details on that stuff though. I just have the overall suggestion.
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    I read an blue post on the official forums a while back that said offline play would be difficult to implement on the PC version with the way the game is currently designed. It got me thinking about how this could be implemented without breaking the multi-player experience or the economy. Here are my recommendations:

    1. Add silver as the single-player currency.
    One of the issues that has been expressed is that players in offline mode could bot farm gold and bring it into the AH, which would cause massive amounts of inflation. In single-player mode, mobs would drop silver instead of gold. Silver could be used to purchase items from in-game vendors, repair, and craft items. Silver would not be allowed to be used to buy items on the auction house or be sold on RMAH. Gold will still be a currency within the game, but gold will only drop from mobs when using online play.
    This solution would give the player the ability to increase power through crafting and enjoy the playing experience without destroying the economy. Gear crafted in offline mode could be worn in online play as well.

    2. Meta-tagging items.
    Items and crafting items dropped/created in offline play would receive a meta tag from the client that would not allow them to be posted on the auction house or traded between two different players. Basically, they would become account-bound. This would prevent people from farming offline for gear to sell and give incentive to online play.

    3. Bot Prevention
    Offline play could potentially increase the ability for people to bot their gear to perfect levels and paragon level incredibly quickly. While this wouldn't affect the offline experience, it would allow for unfair advantages when joining online games. The "botted" players have the benefits of the increased paragon levels, in which they did not really earn. The solution would be to institute client-level controls that would report botting and/or kill the client if the botting software is detected. WoW (I know...I know...) has this system in-place on their client (WARDEN) and, while not perfect, does allow for Blizzard to collect evidence in cases where bans are necessary.

    Okay, now that I've posted my opinion...fire away. /duck
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    I have another question for those talking about how it would become a required gear choice max out MS. What if it was tied to a bucket of stats rolls with restrictions? For example, the bucket could be Crit Hit and MS. The item can roll two affixes from that bucket. So now you must debate if the piece with 8% Crit Hit is more valuable to you than the same piece with 12% MS.

    Would an affix dependency like that change your opinion on the gearing side of this discussion?
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    With all of the discussions on itemization coming in the next patch, I wanted to throw out an idea and see how everyone else felt about it.

    What if the 25% cap on item-based movement speed was removed from the game? I think a few good things could come from this change.

    1. It could open up new builds.
    There are some builds that could become more popular if the character had more ability to move.

    2. It could increase gold/hr and items/hr.
    You can move faster, so you can kill more stuff in the same amount of time.

    3. It makes the player think more about itemization.
    The player will need to evaluate if the increase in speed really increases their efficiency in farming or if it hurts them by giving up some other stat that could be giving them defense or DPS.

    4. It picks up the pace of the game.
    This is the biggest one for me because I feel that the game can get too slow at times. I really feel this when I get to the larger maps and are working on things like keywarden runs.

    That's my suggestion. Would you all like to see the movement speed cap removed?
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