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    posted a message on Offecial Useast Ladder trading thread
    iso: occy or low shako
    trading what ever crap i have in mules lol
    i believe i have pul somewhere from forge :D
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    posted a message on Trading Center Update
    Sorry for my absence from this site
    i was out due to personal matters.

    anyway, the "Realm trading center": http://www.diablofans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1862
    is now updated and now can be view to its respective links.
    (i see some new comers did posted comments there)
    thanks thasador and equinox for deleting those unwanted post there..i really appreciate it.
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    posted a message on Trading NL
    this may impossible for you to attemp "trading" on realm to realm here
    since we have less policy on trading background.
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    posted a message on Why do I turn into a Pygmy Doll?
    haha i remember this runeword :D quiet funny and interesting.
    but in my opinion and as i remembered i equipted and chanted my character first with an item called "demon limb" i'm sure u all know what it does with its chant charge skill

    in a dueling game i manage to transformed into this creature wearing the item (delirium) and used a nomal attack and did actually good damage.

    but the negative bout this is the lack of speed and lack of other abilities because as of you know it'll block all your main skills.

    it's really an interesting runeword to make with just 3 runes required
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    posted a message on Help with Installation
    i believe you need to have your expac disc in order to get the new patch downloaded to ur computer
    but for sure you have to fully install your diablo2 and expantion disc and then download the new patch 1.12v

    but i think you can download it right away after you install the diablo2 n expac disc and connect to battle.net as it will automatically download the new version.

    sorry if this may confuse you but i believe some members here might have a full info and help than in my knowledge...just got back here from long journey :D
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    posted a message on The ladder is reset now!
    holla at me the_g-suit2 useast thu
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    posted a message on 3days Before Ladder reset ...free junk Give Away!
    3days until

    Judgement day!!!

    Time to pack goodies kiddies ^^

    Aight here's the catch:

    add the_g-suit and the_g-suit2 in your F-list (east ladder only...sorry)

    you must have a USeast valid account with a 2 character level50-higher....just to see if u do have a valid useast acc.

    sunday before the judgement day, if you see me online "holla at me!"

    and you'll win one of my precious most valuable items i have stacked.
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    posted a message on dupe programs
    it's a realm to realm and it's every where scam.

    and it's pretty much "OLD!"

    most people just edit the program to something tasty looking
    "kentucky fried chicken!!!"

    and make little kiddies droll on it like a lollypop.
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    posted a message on GG Trap Assassin Build (Help Plz)
    first of all, have you forgotten that i mentioned " build exist most only in pvm?" i mean not alot of people now these days can build a good pvp trapsin.
    and most of all, the guy who asked for the guide is for pvm to, well, have fun playing with friends and to Mf?.

    the build is currently unfinish and i did said
    "Any suggestion on additional idea on this build is accepted and "I" willing to edit it ASAP...thank you".

    not to mentioned why i did not add "shako" as a helm there...so they'll get the idea on what other helm they could wear or use besides griffons.

    of course, "shako" have the upper hand but, think about it, it doesn't matter how much damage or life you can have and do, etc,....what matter is that, the time you set your self thinking on what other things you can improve and do to your build.

    but i do give you credits on mentioning shako ^^ ....bump!....

    and it's pretty much common on day to day basics on when you log on to your d2lod game and think " hhmmmm what should i do today?"
    "should i pk who ever i stood my self onto?" or
    " just talk shit in chat room for hours?" or
    "go to main menu and uninstall d2lod?"
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    posted a message on Character Build help
    get pekachu on the front and lightning bolt them all and WHO KNOWS!!!! you might get "eth cracked mesh belt"
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    posted a message on Best item you ever seen
    Quote from "tRaDiNgYo" »
    One of the better ives ive seen is a 2sin/20fcr/19str ammy...
    worth back then over 5000high runes.

    I've seen Jmods

    i saw cain just 2 minutes ago
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    posted a message on GG Trap Assassin Build (Help Plz)
    "Deathray" sin build
    by killing lil thingys

    Okay, things here might be a little complicated since assins are nearly loosing of their existance in the game...
    I find them mostly in pvm now than pvp, well, of course! those damn sorbers are annoying.

    neway, here's a build that might be helpful to you



    Strenght: Enought to wear all gears (becareful on strenght..remember your enigma will help you)
    Dexterity: Enought to wear all gears (same as above)
    Vitality: everyting go here
    Energy: leave it nothing



    Griffon's eye (socket with 5/5 death light facet)
    Shako (+skills, life, and many more good mods)......thanks to ferret for the suggestion

    Highlord's wrath amulet (+skill and more useful mods)
    3 to trap magical amulet (with good extra mods)

    Mage plate or Breast plate "enigma" (low strenght required and easy to wear)

    Magefist (fcr plus more other mods)
    2-3 trap magical gloves (with special good mods)
    Rare trap gloves (with special good mods)

    1 stone of jordan (you need mana)
    1 low/high life bk ring (you need the life)

    Heart of the oak (+skill,fcr and more good mods)

    Spirit monarch (+skill, fcr, mana, and more good mods)

    Arachnid mesh (+skill and many more good mods)

    Eth treks (good mods)
    Marrowalk (good for mana but high strenght required)
    Waterwalk (good life)

    Switching weap/sheild
    "Call to arms" and "spirit"



    For a trapsin, I suggest to use "Lightning sentry" as the main trap attack,
    which it's the skill that most traper use either in pvp or pvm.

    Max: Fire blast
    Max: Shock web
    Max: Charged bolt sentry
    Max: Lightning sentry
    Max: Death sentry

    "Shadow desciplines"
    There's nothing you can really do here that much since your build's purpose is to be a one of a kind trapper there is.

    1 point: Burst of speed
    1 point: Cloak of shadows
    1-5 points: Fade
    1-5 points: Shadow warriors
    The rest on "Mind blast"
    ....why?.... mindblast act like a stunner it knockback and stuns enemy when they get hit over and over again in a period of time.

    "Martial arts"
    Nothing, zipp, nada,,....etc,.



    Pack your bag with
    2x 12fhr trap skill gc's
    6x lifer trap skill gc's
    10x 20 lifer sc's with "fhr" and "all resist" moded......or if you're paranoind enough, pack 10x magic find sc's for god sake!!!!!


    Any suggestion on additional idea on this build is accepted and "I" willing to edit it ASAP...thank you:D
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    posted a message on D2 Accounts
    the_g-suit <------remember the name
    terror may live longer if you have forgotten that name.
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    posted a message on Φ What Realm Do You Play On?
    Quote from "Necromancy" »
    *yawn* used ta play on bnet but...west is what i play on cause east has hackers(lots worse than west) then my account messed up cant log on...i had a lvl 82 nercomancer...had all trangs (which i had got for free along with some other stuff) then i was playing with a friend giving me some of the rarest stuff there is (soj's one hoto...stuff like that..) then server kicked me off after that ive never seen bnet since...i complained to blizzard they did nothing...one year....never seen it...

    sorry bout your unfortunate account
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    posted a message on Guild Video.
    Quote from "SilVerSurFnStud" »
    i think Metallica suits most peoples needs? though i wouldnt mind a instrumental of a sort.

    metallica is kinda overated since they don't produce or make albums any more.

    since "'fuel'' nerffed off all the heavy metallica fans of the way they're hair was OMFG!!!....SHORT!!!

    i'm like, the heavy metal there is DEAD..DEAD!!!...DEAD!!!!!!
    but although i still listen to their music quiet sometimes,....

    woulda be better if they grow back their hair long again..but they're old and they're now legends.
    most of all, they still hold the most heavy metal and unforgetable song that lives in each n everyone of us.
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