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    posted a message on Character naming conventions and Reservations for Diablo 3 (Diablo 2)
    just call me: nelogen<---as in my real name

    but i like how japanese people names like:

    but for some reason the name "a-juggernaut"
    i know for some of you it seems pretty common but less of you had or have seen names like this in d2lod. but, yeah you might seen the name already but not the right spelling which gives juggernaut a slaped in the face to have them misspelled it.

    but i do have a char with names started with "a" for example my zons name
    "a-nutcase" ...hehehe... imagine bout that in duel.

    elfen_lied was slaind by a-nutcase <----isn't that unique? ^.^
    elfen_lied was slained by a-juggernaut <---now that's something right there.

    sorry elfen, gotta use ur name for an example but who knows maybe one day we'll meet in the battle field sorounded with hostility for the fight of honor.
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    posted a message on What are the Best Character Builds in your Opinion
    Hammerdin build
    by killing lil thingys



    first of all this build is pretty much common now in the game
    i've seen so many hammerdin with their bm style game pase.
    the items are commonly known already in the game so you shouldn't have difficult time understanding my build.



    Max: Blessed hammer
    Max: Defiance
    Max: Holy sheild
    Max: Vigor
    Max: Concentrate

    Note: I suggest let holy sheild the last skill to max and max defiance before holy sheild, the more you add points in defiance the more you'll recieve defense and with enough points in dex you'll hit max block at no time even thu only few points yet on holy sheild.



    Strenght: enough to wear you gear (but i suggest to wait until you can equipt you ptorch and anni for the attribute bonuses and you strenght moded gears to add up all strenght so you don't have to worry bout adding more points here)
    Dexterity: the same as the avove
    Vitality: pretty much all stat points go here
    Energy: leave this at its base...if you add points here go f*ck a tree till your dick bleeds.

    Note: for the dex-once you can wear all your gear the dexterity rise up..now all you have to do is add 1 point at a time and after 1points here cast holy sheild and look at your max block, i suggest keep adding 1 point and cast holy sheild and check your max block until you reach 75% max block. that way you'll have a lot of stat points to invest in vitality rather than wastin to much on strenght and dex.



    Helm: Shako socket with um for resist or ber for damage reduce if you descided to go pvp.
    Amulet: Seraphs get 2-2 if you can...nothin else can beat this amulet unless you can get a hold of armageddon slippers or a good rare paladin amulet.
    Armor: Enigma get a high defense nigma....doesn't matter if its dusk, bp, etc.
    Gloves: Magefist or Trang gloves both have fcr nd few good mods.
    Rings: 2xstone of jordans for mana or 2xbk rings for life or 1bk and 1soj.
    Weapon: Heart of the oak with high resistance
    Sheild: Hand of zakarum socket with um for the resistance or ber for damge reduce.
    Belt: Arachnid mesh 1 to skill, fcr, etc. is all you need
    Boots: Treks for its ed and strenght mod, wartrav for its strenght mod and ed also the mf% if you descided to go mf'ing.
    Switching weap/sheild: Call to arms and spirit sheild..get a paladin spirit sheild don't use monarch cuz of to much strenght required.



    5xpaladin combat grand charms with special mods like lifer/fhr/str/dex/etc.
    4xoffensive grand charms with same i mentioned above mods.
    10x20lifer small charms with special mods like resist, mf, dex, str,etc.



    Helm: Giant skull socket with pamythist for early build but you can change it to some thing useful jewel of your choice.
    Armor: ETH high def fortittude
    Weapon: ETH insight, infinity, obedience, and botd either way you and your merc should be fine.


    there you go hope you like my build....enjoy!

    killing lil thingys
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    posted a message on What are the Best Character Builds in your Opinion
    Ubertrist is where the 3 brothers of hell joined forces once again to spread eveil deeds in tristram (the old trist in act1 where you try to gain levels in normal) but you can only see these 3 brothers in hell difficulty.

    inorder to see them all, you have to collect 3 set of keys ( these keys are not just ordinary keys you buy in NPC's). the keys have its own name and place where you'll find 1 or 2 at the same time depending on your luck.

    places where you'll find these keys are:
    Countes (forgotten tower level5 in act1)
    the summoner (arcane in act2)
    nihlathak ( the summoner in act5 after you rescued anya)
    -----remember---this can only be happen in hell difficulty---------

    all these places drop keys and the keys have their own names
    Destruction key
    Terror key
    Hate key

    destruction key usually drop from nihlathak
    terror key usually drop from summoner or countess
    hate key usually drop from both summoner and countess

    you can only find these keys after you kill the respective bosses that only drop these keys
    about 2-out of-10 these keys will drop in every respective boss in 1 game, also you might get lucky to grab 2 keys from nihla, summoner, or countess in 1 single game.....now that's jus luck!

    now if you have key of terror, destruction, and hate put them in an empty cube and transmute them in act5 hell. now a red portal will open to a random uber boss which either uber izzual, uber duriel, or anduriels sister uber LILITH.

    also you need bout 3 pair of keysets
    keyset=hate key, terror key, and destruction key.

    and now you have to kill all three uber bosses in order to recieve organs
    organs- are each drop by random uber bosses you killed
    organs= mephisto's brain, diablo's horn, and baal's eye

    if you want to just have 1 of each organ- you can open uber bosses portal and kill them one by one in one game. so you'll have meph's brain, diablo's horn, and baal's eye organ in one game.

    now once you collected all 3 organs you can now put them in an empty cube just like the keyset in cube then transmute them...a new portal will open to ubertrist uber diablo, mephisto, and baal will be waiting for you there.

    now once you kill the three brothers the last brother you kill will drop 2 unique items 1 unique large charm and 1 unkown unique use item.
    the large charm will be a hellfire torch that gives 3 to all random char class with special mods.

    Note: you need to have a strong build char to kill these bosses also the three brothers in tristram.
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    posted a message on What are the Best Character Builds in your Opinion
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    posted a message on zon hlp plz.
    Bowazon build...the mistress of the rouge build
    by killing lil thingys


    First of all this build is base on my bowazon build so if you dislike one of the things i mentioned to this build please...i'm open for any flaming suggestions and comments.



    Strenght: enought to wear all your gears ( but i suggest to wait adding points here...wait till you can wear your torch and anni and strenght moded gears so you wont waste stat points)
    Dexterity: here's the tricky part either you can invest small amount of points in vita to get 1k life and come back to here or just boost all your stat points here.

    Note: remember dex is like an enhance damage for bowas it gives the bowazons enhanced damage, the higher the dex points the higher your bowazon damage can do... for example 300 dex points is like 300 enhanced damage.

    Vitalitiy: read the above.
    Energy: don't even bother touching this...unless if you're stupid enought..then go ahead go f*ck your self.



    Max: Guided arrows
    Max: Straffe

    Note: The two skills above are your choice you just need to max one out of two thu see below
    guided arrows- are for pvp so if you descide to go pvp max this skill
    straffe- is for pvm or pvp but this skills works best in pvm more than in pvp

    Max:Critical strike
    Max: Dodge, Avoid, and Evade but you don't have to max these skills if you're not going to pvp i'd say just 10 points each here but on other hand it's all up to you either if you max these skills or not.

    preq skills

    Inner sight 1 point here
    Slow missiles 1 point here
    Decoy 1 point here
    Valkrey 1 point here (but if you go for 10 points each for dodge,avoid, and evade the remaining points can go here...but it's all up to you)

    Note: adding just 1 points in each preq skills except valkrey is oaky...once you can equipt all your gears the +skills in your gears will add up in each skills you have in skill tree.



    Helm: 120/45 - 120 enhanced damage 45 attack speed, or high gaze socket with ber.
    Amulet: Highlord- (remember deadly strike don't work on pvp) or cat's eye.
    Armor: 160/60 -160 enhanced damage 60 attack speed or fortitude.
    Gloves: Draculas grasp or a good rare gloves with +skill and 20 ias or a crafted gloves with knockback.
    Rings: 2x raven frost, or 1 ravenfrost and bk ring, or find a godly rare ring that have ar and good mods.
    weapon: Faith grand mathron bow
    Belt: Verdungos hearty cord.
    Boots: Goreriders boots
    Switching Weapon/Sheild: Cta and spirit or lidless...if you're lack of strenght i suggest use lidless.



    9xPassive grand charms with special good mods lifer/fhr/strenght/dex/frw/etc.
    10x20lifer small charms with attack rating or maximum damages sc's.
    Torch and Anni.


    Simple strategy

    If you're going for pvm= simple just cast decoy 1 screen away from you just to make sure there's no enemy ahead if so the decoy will destruct them and they'll attack your decoy instead you, and all you gotta do is spam multishots to kill them all but make sure once the decoy broke/die cast another one so they'll attack your decoy again not you.
    also while you cast decoy 1 screen away from you and you see a group of enemies attacking your decoy now cast "inner sight" to lower their defenses and spam multi shots to them.

    So there you go hope you'll like it

    killing lil thingys
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    trolled post.
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    posted a message on SLAYERS Christmas Giveaway!!!!
    i do to have free

    here it is:

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    posted a message on Omg Diablo3 Quest News Here (no Jokes!)
    here guys the news for diablo3 quest that you have to pass in order to obtain maximum errection!!!!

    read this: http://www.offworlddesigns.com/media/eyechart.jpg
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    posted a message on Added Battle.net access!
    Quote from "Thasador" »
    I am sure all of you know that recently my account was hacked into and whom ever did it, stole all of my completed characters godly...godly items. I think that battle.net should increase security before gaining access into BN.

    Maybe the set up should look like this.

    User Name- xSICKx_Thasador
    Email Address- xxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com
    Passcode- xxxxx

    or maybe this...

    User Name- xSICKx_Thasador
    Passcode- xxxxx
    Date of Birth- 1/17/87

    What do you guys think? This will certainly add more security to you prized characters and items. Added variables will make hack programs take longer or make them useless.

    nahh you should have not trusted ur password to any one in the first place or never made a ez scan password.
    that's why we have passworded account cuz we have valuable stuff to keep n hide from others, also if u didn't read the terms and agreement in blizz policy bout ur account name n pass you'll left ur self spaced out and start to cry.

    not sayin to be rude but we do have a policy bout b.net accounts/pass behind other peoples eyes.

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    posted a message on help me building a shapeshifter
    i can never understand druid builds so i'll STFU here =.-
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    posted a message on Looks or strength or maybe both!
    nahh dusk nor mage plate enigmas both suck!

    go get whyrmhide armor with descent defense to roll it to enigma you'll be one of us! ^^
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    posted a message on Φ Official Trading thread
    i need 2 cold lifer sorc gc's here trading anni or maras for them

    send me a pm so we can deal
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    posted a message on Your Most Prized Item
    nahh it's jus how i run baal without kids leeching my loots

    except the tele'ers thu they might have 5o/5o chance to come n leech but wth it's jus a game.
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    posted a message on Virtual Meetings?
    come play with me useast ladder holla at me the_g-suit
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    posted a message on Hold friendly Dueling Matches to help each other out in the guild?
    holla at me account name: The_g-suit
    UsEast Ladder

    i'll be glad to train you all
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