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    posted a message on Things that piss me off about Diablo 2 lod
    Quote from "darkjay" »
    i love when people think that they are big and bad, :)

    omg it's CLIFFORD the big red over dozed steroid dog :D
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    Quote from "darkjay" »
    did you know if you hold shift and cast teeth they will be spaced closer together or farther apart depending where you hold the mouse?


    press and hold "shift" press arrows close from your char will widen your casting attack.

    press and hold "shift" press arrows far from your char will slightly minimized your casting spells attack.

    it's the same as the multistaf attack of amazons darkjay ^^
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    yep just like he said ^^
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    Quote from "magik" »
    Anything thats godly n u dont need please gimme!

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    posted a message on Help me please!

    no beggars here
    i'd say start from scratch!
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    posted a message on Whacked Out PVP Build
    Quote from "diablO_Owns" »
    Thats a neat build. I'd like to make a build for a paladin that hasnt been used yet. Also Assasins are rare to see- maybe a new build for assasins or necros. and, you see amazons everywhere so eh...

    ummm i think i need magnifying glass to read ur post -.-
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    posted a message on Whacked Out PVP Build
    if u come and stood up in east realm

    meet my legions

    level 93 assassin
    level 93 hammerdin
    level 91 smiter
    level 91 pure cs zon (not a fc)
    level 91 ww barb
    level 80 foh (currently on leveling)
    level 88 ele druid (currently on leveling)
    level 87 bowa zon (currently on leveling)
    level 86 pnb necro (currently on leveling)
    and a new smiter for just massive ubering (currently leveling) level 5 ^^
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    posted a message on Question about USWest
    -.- usweast just got cleaned up with warden/rustorm/ and that new retarded server side patch.

    but still the dupe and hacks still occure there.
    usweast is not really that popular...check out useast... free mass baal runs, free mass chaos runs, free diabloclone, etc.
    i know 1 or 2 of those i mentioned above usweast have em too but not as popular as east.

    and east is the realm that new patches always happened patched first i think.
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    posted a message on Free chaos runs!
    dude it's been there for so long...not a new thing nemore.

    private chaos runs:
    in battle.net typ /join ggchaos
    there you'll see some mass chaos runs with rules and policies.

    same as private baalruns with same rules and policies:
    type /join op war.song

    those 2 private channel are serving people and its members since its a clan for bout i don't know... i don't really know the originality of their date they started but they've been there for a while or a long time.

    but i happened to know them workin only in east..dunno from other relms thu.

    so basically it's not a new news now -.-

    ohh i think the bot in war.song channel is broken ...but some runs are still occuring once in a while there dunno the reason but it's been 3-4 days the bot is gone and back in and gone again.
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    posted a message on woot game on
    lol you know my acc name already so yeah

    neway "hi"
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    posted a message on Whacked Out PVP Build
    are you in useast east?

    if so whisper the_g-suit i'll introduce u to to my smiter...by then have fun crying...thanks
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    posted a message on Smiter build for pvp and pvm

    Smiters are one of the most and still unstoppable build in game if build the proper and right way.
    and of course there will always be bm( bad manner) in the game as usual.


    Items and infos

    Okay, here you descide on what gears you want to equipt your build.
    and that's up to you...your build your choice kay?.



    Strenght: enough to wear gears (remember about your anni and Ptorch)
    Dexterity: enough to wear gears and max block (remember about your anni and Ptorch)
    Vitality: the rest of your stat points go here no where else
    Energy: leave at base...don't touch this



    Max: smite (this is your main skill for attacking enemy)
    Max: fanatism (this is your main aura to boost damage+ to your smite)
    Max: holy sheild (some don't max this but i suggest "YES!" to max it)
    Max: defiance (synergy for holy sheild)

    Preq skills

    Note: here you'll descide to where to put the rest of your skills after maxing the main skills.

    1 point in resist light (just to sorb light damage from enemy PVP)
    1 point in salvation (just to sorb elemental attacks)
    the rest of the points gos to charge

    1-5 points in concentrate
    the rest of the points gos to blessed hammers
    Note: 'A' is for sorbing and use charge to attack enemies...charge is good in dueling specially for those annoying tele/away noobs who run in duel.
    and 'B' is both pvp n pvm, you either use smite to attack of hammers for a small crowd of monsters or duelist specially barbs,smiters, zealers, and casters.
    but i suggest to waste points on "A" since it's more popular now in game...although it's a little bet less to pvm but it's good in pvp.



    shako socketed with Jah rune(for life) or ber(for damage reduce)
    -this helm gives skill and life plus more mods.

    highlords nothing else..skill and ias is what you really need here
    -smiters needs a lot of ias(increas attack speed)

    Enigma made from mage plate...why? because of the low strenght required duh!
    -be sure to get a high defense mageplate enigma 1k def is enough.

    2 bk rings nothing else... life leach don't matter
    -also smiter needs life, so use bk for it's life with skill

    bloodfist or draculs..
    bloodfist gives ias and life and it's one of the best gloves for smiters even its pretty common.
    draculs gives life tap, life leach, etc,...more mods but if u like to bm then go for it
    -both gloves are very useful...i suggest get both gloves

    grief made of from zerker with high ias and damage
    -zerker have gives more damage than phase blade griefs and other grief weaps.

    hoz... get a high enhance defense one...and socket with ber(for damage reduce)
    -don't use exiles since it's not base on maximum damage anymore...it's minimum now not max.

    dungos...damage reduce and life is all you need from this belt
    -nothing else can compare to this belt

    waterwalk or goreriders
    waterwalk gives life and extra common mods too...but life is what u need from this boots.
    goreriders gives useful mods but deadly strike don't work on pvp..sorry kiddies!
    -i suggest use waterwalk since smiters lack of life...u need lots of life as possible

    ---------------:switching gears:------------------------

    call to arms (cta) ...don't ask, you know why.

    paladin sheild spirit
    -don't use spirit monarchs..those got lots of strenght required.


    Grand charms and small charms

    here i suggest get less pcombats but more life sc's
    my build have 3-4pcomb gc's and rest are 20lifer sc's...i needed more life than damage.

    My smiter's damage and life
    1ksmite damage
    5k life

    and of course:
    paladin torch (with high attributes and resist...get one with that mods as possible)
    anni (same as i mentioned above)


    dueling strategy

    when dueling barbs..they tend to ww since most barbs these days are base on ww's now.
    all you need to do is to tele/smite them...don't charge lol!

    casters...just put the resist to light if you're dueling a light user duelist like sorc's then charge them till they'll get knock back and die!
    and you can use salvation too and charge again to them till they die.

    smiters and zealers are fun...just smite them till they die.
    or charge them first to knock them back and cut a little bet of their life and smite all the way till they die!
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    posted a message on Offecial Useast Ladder trading thread

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    posted a message on dupe programs
    nahhh i just scammed 10people for the last few days with the program almost exactly same autoit.mpq as that file u got from that person who tried to scammed you.
    i mean, like the people i scammed to are bunch of wealthy ass bastards who spent their money on ebay trying to get items that they thought they can call them selves godly but on other hand they don't have skills to use them...bunch of ediot wondering how the items work!
    wat i did was something like this:

    i tried to mf then a level96 sorc came askin me how's my day? then talk bout the weather from where i live and i said, it's cold in here how's there? and so on...blah blah blah.
    until he start talkin bout he got godly charms and showed me them and yes indeed he does have godly skiller cold gc's from 40-45lifer cold gc's and some good gears and so on.
    and he called me sayin "hey dude please don't tell anyone about this okay?"
    i said, sure what is it?
    he said, all this items are duped so if i live game please perm me okay?
    i said, umm okay sure why not..(he was nice n drop some low unique)
    he said, here's my first items on my other char i just exfered since i wont be using these nemore because i can dupe now! gg i'm fealthy rich!!!.
    i said, wow thanks
    he said, well, if you want me to send you the program and you work it your self alone or with a trusted friend but don't tell him bout the program...you just need him to exfer the stuff and s.e
    i said, okay sure dammmnn i want it ( NOT ^^)
    he said, okay, give me your alternate email beside the email u used for the this game.
    i said, okay, here xxxxx@hotmail.com
    he said, kk it'll be there in few second and he ask for perm
    i said, if i have trouble can i whisper you bout it?
    he said, sure i'll be welling to assist you on duping if you trust me enough
    i said, ummm i'll think bout it n he left permed.

    then now i create a game asking for a : bring free acc.
    then an ediot came gave me an empty account
    then i used it to open the program the person send me an email with the prog on it
    and then open the program and went thru those script blah blah blah
    then opened/run it up then it picked a char from the char screen n stayed in chat screen then minimized d2lod and the program flashed a box sayin " waiting to start duping OK"
    I pressed okay then it make a private game called "Im a//fool"
    in there my char run around in circle then post a over head message counting numbers so fast from 5-0 then AUTO-IT kicked in all keys locked in game then opened chat bar then whispered to a random anonymous account my game name/pass then 2-3people came and start searching for the scammed drops but lil they know i didn't drop anything cuz i was using a normal level1char.

    so they said, watchout your cdkey bitch we'll get it banned and all your char will be fucked up for life you fuckin asswipe.

    then they left bitching at me and i'm like hahaahhahaha fuckin no lifer nutcases whispering each of them.

    and 1-2 weeks later the account did got baneed...phew good thing i didn't use my main acc.
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    posted a message on the best pally aura?
    make a bowamancer necro -.-
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