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    posted a message on free i quit d2 lod /w *dan32492
    hey man,
    i read your post that you r quiting d2lod i hope i'm not too late for some man, cuz i'll be glad to recieve some free stuff from you. i have been playin for years and although have enough gear to do only nightmare baal run but so sux in hell baal, barely standing there and burn alot of pot so i wont die. so yeah if u still have stuff giving away hope u read this message of mine too please.
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    posted a message on mercenary ideas
    hey pet sound really interesting but hhmm chocobo??? to ride with it around lol.

    but ya i like that i dea...

    and also when i type help merc just stand one place stock there in the tree, he looks like peeing or playing with his dildo stick gg.
    but ya when i tele once he just so hyper think he can kill all the monsters but heeh iron maiden ownd him badly...... sucksor
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    posted a message on Dueling
    dude wtf! u sounded like my mom(a teacher) gg but ya like those ideas of yours man pretty neat. damn wish those will be in d3 some how, cuz pisses me off when some one nk me while taking bod. damn pubs!

    ohh ya hhhmmm i wish when creating a game for dueling should be 10-to-10 chars can join as same as other games too, cuz u see 8 people in one game and dueling aint fair cuz if 4 people teamd up and other 4 do same too well the percent of killing some one walking naked is 99%. some asshole will nk you cuz no one else will protect u getting bod.
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    posted a message on D3 items?
    for me there should be alot of items which gives +skills and some good mods in d3 items, because in d2lod the shako is the only one with most common head gear gives those +skills and some good mods too plus its most common or most popular to wear to get the WANTS u like to have in it. id say in my other side of opinion there should be rings which gives auras with +skills in it that would be sweet people.......
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    posted a message on Which Side would you choose?
    for me i would choose the heaven first. cuz it'll be just like that game GOD OF WAR where kratus once a heaven side-- lead an army of spartans but then come to an end thought its the end of his life when a barb leader on top of him ready to kill him but, then he call upon the gods of heaven to give him power to defeat his enemies then ya he became the bad guys after that. killing any one who stands in his way but, in the end he once become a good guy again and blah blah blah after that... so ya my point is that i would choose heaven first to save human kind once again-protect the weak against the forces of baddiees. and then turnin my back from who i saved and become an evil dude who seek war to and kill things who stand in my way- and then have a change of hearts and ya u know the rest....

    but hey i like that GOD OF WAR game i beat it fair and square.....
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    posted a message on Best MFing Class
    i'd say sorc too... but then hamerdin with 40%gheeds plus other highly mf gear would be kick ass cuz u see if u got enigma- u can tele plus that armor gives about x% of mf in it (level varies). my hammerdin is level90 right now and damn every baal run in hell drop uniqs even in the minions drop good shit there, i remember last week while baaling a ohm rune droped
    (sux some nublet picked it up) while killing the minions there and also in baal the last fight in chamber everytime i kill him he drop uniqs with other yellow items and less blue and zero white items..... so ya for my side sorc is good but think bout hammerdin if u cant solo baal or make a baal runs with some people your sorc is a waste of time but, hammerdin just teleed into group of monsters and them booooommm hammers flyin everywhere plus 1 skill to redemption too after killing monsters switch to it monsters bod will give u life....so see hammerdin is my home dog , although sux in pvp but thats another story there but ya bow down to hammerdins people........
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    posted a message on Rating?
    diablo2lod i give this game 10/10 a two thumbs up cuz once u play this game for hours in one day non stop this game so gg addictive and cant let go the keyboard ----imagine playing online with people killing monsters with u and imagine leveling tryin to get those levels u like to reach for the first time.... so ya 10 out of 10 here hommies....
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    posted a message on I get it back
    oops sorry cut it off

    2k diamond mil enigma
    30% hoto
    197 def um'd hoz
    231 def thundergod's vigor
    1xsoj/ 1xravenfrost
    197def trav boots
    6-6-3 cta (my switch weapon)
    lidless wall (my switch sheild)

    charms: 1xoff gc
    1xpcomb gc
    lifer gc's
    lifer sc's
    resists sc's

    merc: act2 nightmare with holy freeze aura with him
    wearing bonehew for now(tryin to get insight for mana to tele)
    armor? no armor yet tryin to decide if i should get stone or coh or fort
    but so damn poor

    so ya guys these is the gear i have right now but i dunno when i can get the gear i used to have bfore, and ya guys if u still hiring more member to your clans email me lily_mane19@yahoo.com i'll be online start 5 to 9pm at night central and in weekends maybe all day im on........
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    posted a message on I get it back
    hey guys i'm new to this forum. so ya i started playin d2lod again it's been 2 years now so ya all my acounts been expired but, then start playin a month and a half ago and hooked up to this game again non-stop now i got mostly the gear i used to have before. but non of my new gear are perfect i used to have perfect gears but i guess having these gear right now is worthit to start all over again.

    my main char is: hammerdin(paladin)
    99 strenght/ (but with gear strenght goes up to 201)
    125 dex/ (but with gear goes up to 213) .16k with h/s
    276 vita/ (but with gear goes up to 3k life include cta)
    energy absolutely zero

    gears: 139def um'd shako
    2-2 seraph amulet
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