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    Quote from cowa

    Just a wild guess: his weapon damage is higher and that makes the difference.

    I checked this on D3UP too. If I add his weapon to my profile, my DPS increases only 8.4k. See:

    Still a huge difference. What else I'm missing ? There is still about 50K DPS missing there.
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    Hi guys,

    I'm a (fairly) new Diablo 3 Player, and after some hours farming with my Wizard, I tried to create a fellow Demon Hunter to remain on the same ranged attack style. So far I'm liking the DH more than my Wizard.

    The problem is, I can't get to 200K DPS. And when I compare my char with ones like Motherload (link below), I don't know what I'm doing wrong, because almost all my statuses are better then his/her. I know Steady Aim gives 20% buff to DPS, but that's not the sole difference.

    I do have:
    More critical chance (52% vs. 49.5%);
    More DEX (2746 vs. 2590);
    More attack speed (36% vs. 35%);
    More critical hit damage (441% vs. 424%);

    My D3UP Profile:

    His/Her D3UP Profile:

    My Battle.Net Profile:

    His/Her Battle.net Profile:

    What I'm missing on my char, that is missing to achieve 200k ? How/what can I change to be near or pass the 200K barrier ?


    Disclaimer: I took Motherload as a comparison randomly, just because I found someone with worse stats and better DPS. I don't know he/she, and never s

    Disclaimer 2: I know 200KDPS is just a number, and doesn't mean much, but is a personal goal I'd like to beat.
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