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    posted a message on blizzard doesnt love diablo anymore.

    They'll announce D4 in 2016, with powerful graphics, new physics engine, more monsters, new mechanics, the return of necromancer and finally a new spellcaster class that works.

    The cutscenes will be something to lose your breath for. The gameplay videos will be amazing. The dungeons will be dark, full of horrors. There will be blood, terror, and difficult gameplay.

    You'll be able to trade items with your buddies, and even buy and sell materials. The craft system will be improved and meaningful, since they learned everything that was done wrong with D3.

    Unfortunately the game will suffer some minor delays during development, and Blizzard will release D4 in 2026. It'll cost USD 149,99, but hey, you'll get a DRM-online-only game that'll be updated and rebalanced everytime needed, and you can trust Blizzard to rebalance stuff, since they always did it correctly with D3, right ? Right ?

    FML. I only liked to play this game with Wizards, and they screwed my class so badly since RoS that all I can think about them right now is rant.

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    posted a message on <Viz> The Vizjerei Clan

    +1 to this.

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    posted a message on Paragon 10000!

    Thanks for the info, Bagstone.

    This is getting out of hand. The power difference of a P1000 and a P600 today is already bad enough, and the grinding is boring enough to make a lot of people quit or bot.

    Blizzard should address this, or the environment for competitive players will become toxic (if it's not toxic already) soon enough.

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    posted a message on Delrasha build for T6 speed farming?

    Though Beed post above is correct, I think you can still be pretty efficient on T6 based on Raw 2 handed damage, Tal's 6 piece buffs and the interaction between Pain Enhanced and Toxin gems.

    What's an efficient time of a T6 running from zero to killing the RG for you guys ? 2 minutes solo ? Less ?

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    posted a message on 500m+ crit with Rimeheart Coldbarb<3
    While I appreciate the thread, I can't stop thinking why the hell barbarians proc more rimeheart than wizards ? Sometimes this games sucks.

    I'll gear my barb to try this. Sounds fun! :)
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    posted a message on How do rockets work?
    Quote from RasAlgethi24»
    For T6, Maelstrom is definitely better. You want a better damage spread when enemies are spread apart, which is what maelstorm does. For Grifts, if you have enemies pulled together, obviously Loaded for bear is better. For solo Grifts, its debatable.
    Are they better than Multishot/Arsenal for T6 ? ( Hi Ras! :) )
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    posted a message on [2.1] What's up for Wizard ?
    Quote from Felk
    • Depth Diggers. OMG. 80-100% damage on sig spells ? Really ? MM+Mirrorball will just be insane.
    Wizards don't have that much resource generators. We have signature spells. Some of them have runes that generate AP on hit.

    MM/Conflag don't generate anything, unless you have APoC or you're using Prodigy.

    I'm beginning to think that Blizzard don't like wizards. Or don't know what to do with us. The next steps would be remove our native 10AP/s passive generation and add AP Generation on signature spells.
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    posted a message on [Video] Malakai's Lightning Wizard
    Quote from Hellfury

    Requires 2 very low rate drops and still does so little damage. I think that is a problem with the current end-game

    I don't see a problem with the build per-se by it requiring low-rate drops. It's just another build centered around that items, and since RNG is personal if someone happens do have those drops, it's a nice build to have.

    Regarding the damage: There's a lot of hidden damage from the procs of SoH on this build. It shines against multiple enemies, but against single targets you can get more than 900% weapon damage with crowd control from Paralysis and still be effective.

    Yes, there are more damage-dealing builds out there, but the requirements are also different.

    I'm not going to enter in a discussion about end-game, because end-game for me is a philosophical discussion, directly connected with each single player. What is end-game for you is not necessarily end-game for me, and vice-versa.

    If you do have the items, give it a try. Specially on higher torments, within a group, it's a very nice build.
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    posted a message on I have the items, you have the skills
    Mirrorball is also good with Glacial Spike. 175% times 3 with crowd control and some AoE makes it very cool (pun unintended) as auxiliary skill while something important is on cooldown.
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    posted a message on Any theorycrafting tools ?
    Hi guys,

    I ran a lot with my DH on patch 1.08, and I'm getting back to use her now in RoS. Do you have any good theorycrafting tools, like a spreadsheet or something ?

    I could only find this one: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/demon-hunter-the-dreadlands/53872-demon-hunter-dps-calculator , but it's not updated to RoS.

    I used to toy around with D3UP pre-RoS, but it still not updated with the new skills and mechanics.

    I tried http://www.d3rawr.com/ too, but I'd like something more DH-friendly or DH-oriented. It's good, but not great.

    What do you recommend ?
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    posted a message on Show Off Your Transmog!

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    posted a message on How do you heal yourself on your Wizard?
    I second people's suggestion, Jaetch's included. Stack damage reduction (also known through the forums as Mitigation) and build your healing after you have enough mitigation.

    What to stack depends on your build. Since you're using a Disintegrate build, I would argue that Life Regen is better than life on hit. But if you can afford both, that's ok.

    You're paragon 170+, so you can almost max life regen giving about 8k life / second. With high mitigation (say 92%+) that's a good amount of eHP healed back per second. Is that enough ? That's up to you and the torment level you're playing.
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    posted a message on DPS Calculator Including Elemental / Elite / Skill Damage / Resource Reduction / DPM / CD Reduction
    To add on Loroese's answer:

    This is the topic on the official forums: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10971757476

    And for those who can't find the link, this is where you find dolynick's spreadsheets (he has one for Witch Doctors too):


    By the way Loroese, I use both his and yours. At least while D3UP 2.0 is not 100%. Both are very good, and useful for different purposes.

    Quote fromCookiee»
    I was planning to do this from scratch.

    I don't feel this would take too long to make, although I do tend to underestimate things.
    I wouldn't recommend, unless you have plenty of time to spare.
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    posted a message on [PTR] Arcane Torrent Build
    I think I saw a video about other channeling spell which also procced several fire / ice balls with the channeling. Yeah, found the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz1hBnGzh1g See, he's using disintegrate, not AT. Is that a similar effect you got in RoS ? Edit: Another one, this with AT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABh8GPKi0bo It really seems that Arcane Torrent procs way much more of the ice balls than disintegrate.
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