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    Why do you feel the need to answer in snide ways? We get it, you like the exact way you created your class and skills and names. Doesn't mean when critique comes you act like a child.

    It doesn't take statistical analysis to see that percent based max health damage isn't nearly balanced. In grift 70 thats 165 billion dps in a passive ability to the Guardian for ruby malady.

    The number of classes that use a certain main stat is irrelavent now with smart loot.

    Bile comes from within, but I doubt a stomach acid would lend to a large pool of otherworldly power.

    Malthael being dead didn't do anything to the world in terms of death. He embraced death just like a necromancer would. And being a former angel the power was much greater. Regardless, he wasn't actually death itself or anything that special., so his death didn't signify a spread of death across othe world, in fact, it was the opposite, innocent souls STOPPED being reaped, so even less dead than what was happening.

    Also, with the falling star in the very first act of diablo 3, why wasn't the necro called then with the dead being risen left and right?

    The amount of logical fallicies is mind boggling.

    However, you did well converting the base skills from the necro into the new age of d3. But then again, all you did was take all the exact same skills and revamped them.

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    posted a message on Skill Reworks by Plocer - Haunt
    Haunt is one of several various skills that has been overlooked and has been needing a formal rework for some time now.

    A rework idea I have had for sometime now is making it an Area of effect skill and having one of the runes do the current effect of the skill.

    "Creates an area of rampaging ghosts for 12 seconds that cling to enemies that enter the area, dealing 800% weapon damage over 4 seconds before disappearing." Either having a 15 second cool down and moderately large area, or have a smaller area, a hefty spirit cost (only 3-4 casts at full mana).

    This will create a heavy damage area that will have to be placed strategically to have maximum effect and still keep the theme of haunting enemies. Enemies that pass through the area will be damaged by clinging spirits, and enemies that stay or forced to stay in the area will take a more hefty dose of damage.

    Rune 1 - "8 spirits burst out of the area, dealing damage and then seek other enemies"

    This would not have a lingering area, but will deal up front damage at the cost of only being able to affect 8 enemies with the haunt"

    Rune 2 - "Send Forth a single spirit that deals 1000% weapon damage over 6 seconds , if the enemy dies before the spirit disappears then it seeks out additional targets"

    This is basically a more damaging version of the current haunt.

    Rune 3 - Regain mana for each affected enemy

    Rune 4- Regain Health

    Rune 5 - Summon a spirit that frequently curses enemies around it, causing 100% weapon damage over 2 seconds[/ul]

    Runes 3 and 4 are rushed, but I think one can understand the general Idea of this rework

    Any suggestions? How does my idea look? Feel free to comment any thoughts or concerns.

    NOT a pvp balance.
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0, discovering its true potential.
    Gaining even more power from pure luck? (Achievements) , Nah.

    Removing magic find instead of refining it as a loot vs power balance?, Nah

    Constantly using d2 vets as the only valid player wants? , Nah

    Rewarding players an insane amount to play mp 10, which is just suppose to be more of a difficulty level than a (mp10 or nothing), nah

    It's bad enough the amount of barbs and cm wizards that roll sololy because they feel like mp10 is the only true test of power and skill, and loot, yet are playing the most powerful builds that lack real positional awareness.

    A belt that allows a 2handed weapon in each hand? Great, A MUST have belt so you can wield TWO skorns. Yeah, Fun...

    Yes, there are some decent thoughts, but nothing I haven't thought of myself or heard already. A lot is just a mess.
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    posted a message on how much chance critical
    Quote from Gnarf

    Quote from irie009

    Quote from Andead

    45-55% buffed.
    But you need to also state what ML are you planing to play cause at ML 0-2 you can have as low as 30%.

    As a monk, I play ML4 with 26%, and 50k dps, and it is pretty smooth.
    this is barb forum and unlike monks, barb needs good amount of crit for steady fury regen and not just for higher dps

    You probably mean a decent amount to have enough fury to spam Ww and sprint 100% of the time...
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    posted a message on Two questions for players who vocally dislike the AH
    Quote from Slayardarklaws

    Quote from Bilge

    1) How does it tangibly affect you? I hear a lot of people say "it ruins the game" or somesuch, but I'd like to know how it does this in your opinion. Or do you have very bad internet, or a firewall at your university, or whatever, and have trouble connecting to battle.net?

    2) In D2 we had to join trading games if we wanted to trade, limited to 8 players. The other players might be afk, might not have good stuff for trade, might not want what we had for trade, etc. We began to use SoJs (unique ring ) and perfect skulls (good gems) for currency.

    But even this wasn't enough, and a site called d2jsp was born. Because it addressed a glaring need among d2 players by giving us a currency (forum gold), the site's founder got rich off it.

    2) And so my second question is, how could Blizzard have addressed players' need to trade easily with a fluid currency *without* implementing an AH?

    Since you asked nicely I will try to eplain.

    First of all, Blizzard's people stated that in no way the item droprate was designed with the AH as a first priority in mind.

    I think it is total BS.

    If you do not agree with me on this first point, then you'll most likely differ with the rest as well.

    I'm sure that anybody with a love for economy will acknowledge Diablo 3's AH as a success. From this point of view it is. It seems to work pretty well. Supply, demand, sinks, exchange rates... plenty of fun for all of those who like this sort of things.

    I don't. I really don't. But i'm a huge Diablo fan. I played the first one and the second for hundreds of hours. And never, never did i indulge in trading or speculating or making gold for the sake of gold or to buy godly items. In those two games, it was never mandatory. This is why I feel cheated, in my expectations as a Diablo fan, by this auction house. And this brings me to my second point.

    Why I don't enjoy buying items.

    It's not like I don't enjoy it. It's just that finding them is pretty much a thousand times more enjoyable to me. I like, when browsing my caracter's stuff, to remember how I got this or that. Was it on a boss, in an urn, on a pillar? Did i explode on a molten viper in my eagerness to pick it up?

    An item you found has a story. A story you wrote by playing. Items you buy feel soulless.

    The auction house and the stupid drop rates that came from it ruined much of this pleasure.

    Seriously, with good mf, you may find like 5 rares/elite. How can you still call those items "rare" in any way? And 99,9% of them are crap. So much for the stories.

    Well in fact this is not so much the auction house than the way you're forced into it. I'm not this kind of stupid people who resent others for enjoying something they don't. It's a real good thing there's an auction house for those who like this sort of things. But I wish the game wasn't design around it. The way it is, I'm forced to bear the downsides of the auction house when I play, wether I use it or not. That's why it feels wrong as a whole to me.

    Now. At first, when I played D3, I blamed the always online thing on the Auction House.

    But as for the droprate, Blizzard's people stated that the always online requirement is not drm and it's BS too. It would have been the same with or without auction house so...

    Final word : don't mistake me. I love the game. There has been much improvement from D2 in other aspects. The two first had their flaws too. I say it again, I love the game. But this is all the more frustrating. We were just two steps away from perfection.

    You think it's bs? What a reasonable and non- subjective answer. The drop rates are FINE, it's the affix rolls that are just a tad too random, however there are TONS of decent items up for trade, and a decent amount of amazing items. That means someone is getting them, or you could think blizzard is putting those items there. Even though I'm talking mainly of the gold AH. The AH is just trading made easier..
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 for $9.95 at Toys R Us
    The promotion is any game for 10 dollars AFTER purchase of pokemon black or white 2.
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    posted a message on Lore Books Now Colored Light Blue, Diablo 3 for Just $9.99, Diablo Drawing by MrKonda91, Curse Weekly Roundup
    It says you only save that much if you buy pokemon black or white 2... your post is misleading, please change it before the idiots come. And it's 70% off ANY video game when pokemon black or white 2 is purchised.
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    posted a message on Paragon 100 too easy?
    Quote from Kaoskadosk

    Quote from Serefkana

    Because it's not fun, unless there is an impossible goal to strive towards for years.

    No, it isn't fun to have a goal which is impossible to reach unless you play for hours upon hours each day for years ahead.

    Many have already said that 1-100 Paragon is roughly equal to 1-99 in Diablo 2. Your memory seems to elude you. It's perfectly fine as it is.

    The difference was that in d2, you had farm mobs that wee way under your level, giving really bad xp, in d3, you get a buff, farm mobs above your level, and combat can be much faster (if you are a barb or really geared)
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    posted a message on INSANE legendary drop rate?!
    Drop rates for normal monsters went up 4 times.
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    posted a message on 1.0.5, CM Wizards are still viable?
    It still caps the same as it is now, it will take a few cc's to get it to that point
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    posted a message on Simple Loot Solution
    Quote from Zubacz

    I don't think loot is a problem in Diablo 3. Diablo 2 had a very similar loot system and it was fine. Why do you want more loot anyway? To improve the killing speed slightly? Or for the future pvp?

    People left Diablo 3 because it was extremely repetative and had a level cap. The level cap is gone, now the paragon levels give people something to strive for apart from loot. The repetition is still there though. Diablo 2 had randomly generated areas, which were also much larger than the areas in Diablo 3. Doing the exact same places of Act 3 over and over gets old very quickly.

    The thing I think would restore the glory to Diablo 3 is a randomly generated, endless dungeon mode.

    It's still a cap, just because it's harder to get to doesn't it's gone. D2 leveling was boring after a certain point, You out leveled EVERYTHING, diablo 3 has a much better system.
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    posted a message on Simple Loot Solution
    Quote from Aldoran

    my thoughts: 90% of ideads from the forum are better than what is in game now, but blizzards do not give a fuck about uhappy minority, that acts like this game is a mmo

    Posting on a fansite instead of the main website and expecting to get seen by the higher ups? lol

    What is items for just your class? How do you define it? Part of diablo 3 is that almost every piece of gear can be used by any class. What if a SICK weapon drops, it rolls 200 str, and 190 int, however, you are a wizard, so it doesn't BoP , and you can sell it .
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    posted a message on [1.0.4] Things that Own Our Pets
    They already addressed that blizzard is looking into these things and that they plan to expand what gets a 90%+ decrease in aoe damage reduction to the pets.
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    posted a message on Getting loot from drops
    The problem is everyone is decently geared, when people say they need more drops to beat the game, it's a lie, they just want to face roll mostly to the end.

    Good usually means = very good right now. And the longer the game goes, the more useful drops now will be looked over completely later on, causing people to say (they nerfed drops, nothing "good" drops).

    tl:dr, It's fine, there's is plenty.
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    posted a message on The fun is over.. ToC nerf
    If you just want to feel overpowered,just play normal or nightmare...
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