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    Quote from MandyMemory

    Quote from BleuSnaks42

    Quote from MandyMemory

    If they raise the level cap, they have to add a new difficulty level. They can't raise inferno in case people don't get the expansion. So I'm fairly sure they'll never raise the cap.

    No they won't. Inferno is just all the content, with every monster 1 level above you. It would be very easy to keep Normal, nightmare, hell, inferno. If you buy the exp and level to (let's say 70) every time you go into inferno, the monsters level would be 71. If you're still level 60, then they would be 61. They don't need a new difficulty mode, because that's what the new content in the expansion pack will be.
    Then people who buy the expansion can never play with people who don't have it. It would divide the population in half and possibly kill the game.

    The only way they could possibly raise the level cap, is to raise it for everyone, for free. It's not like a higher level cap would do anything. They could easily add new zones, skills, and new classes without touching the level cap.

    What does everyone think a higher level cap would do? Make the game more grindy?
    Doesn't work, they'll be differently balanced games at that point.
    It is nonsense on behalf of the company to adapt a different business model then pretty much any other expanding level cap game and give the buyer less incentive to get the expansion.
    You have your lvl 60 original outdated d3 or your expanded current d3 and these people will be separate after cap.
    You can be casual or you can stay relevant.
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    Quote from Tralari

    Quote from Siaynoq

    Yeah that FAQ I think mentions that's the purpose of the chained zombies. Seriously that was so awesome. I never saw anything cool like that in any other zombie movie or game. It was just brilliant. Only thing I'm wondering is why the zombies on the chains aren't trying to bite her. Like if she uses the chained zombies to deter others, why aren't the chained ones all hungry for her. They're just kind of standing there.

    The zombies have their lower jaws removed as well as their arms. So they're pretty much hopeless with trying to bite or feed for themselves. :)
    Does she feed train them? Seems a bit ridiculous of her to have done but would seem the manner to get it done though
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    The zombie apocalypse is at hand, "Change, Change, Got any change"
    Zombie stuff is conditioning people to be good lil psychopaths resilient to screwing over our fellow man.

    Quote from Zanmato

    Quote from Graphics_I

    Schools might be an option. They generally have some good security for keeping delinquents out over the weekends. School tuck shop for food. Big open areas could be a problem though.
    Quote from Graphics_I

    Schools might be an option. They generally have some good security for keeping delinquents out over the weekends. School tuck shop for food. Big open areas could be a problem though.

    Naah, schools have too man entrances and windows at groundlevel. You need a place that allows you to point all your firepower in as few directions as possible.
    Dunno what schools your used to but ours are prisons without watchtowers, 10 foot solid fences all round, barred windows, completely gated and only actually a couple entrances in most buildings.

    What you really want is buildings you are able to climb with reasonable ease with fire escapes and blockable stairways.
    Our schools even let you get up on the roof.
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    Quote from Siaynoq

    The video just missed an opportunity to explain how they thought these things were bad. I think the graphics look fantastic. I love the landscape, it looks all painted.

    Graphically the only thing I don't like is the monsters flashing white when you hit them and I'm sad to see so far it's not an option you can just turn off. I think it's distracting and it looks like an arcade game effect.

    Some of the voice acting is actually kind of bad....The female Wizard particularly. She sounds like someone making fun of Asians.
    They should get in the guy from city wok on South Park for the male then.
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    posted a message on nephalem discussion.
    The soft lock on skills aspect of the buff is nonsensical, the design has been geared towards the ability of being able to adapt to fights and make use of many skills now recently it would seem all the aspergians have gotten their way with their overwhelming desire for player restrictiveness, with the inclusion of both this and specific skill items.

    It gives the implication of bailing out the designers from needing to present enemies requiring adaptive skill changes.
    It may be a step forward in one aspect of game play but it seems like a step backward in the other.
    The gearing option made sense encouraging more gear gathering but this lock attached to the buff is overkill and is restrictive in that it is the 'correct' thing you will need to do to operate in the game.
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    I've only really had like 300ms at best playing WoW.
    Much of the time it would be at 500,
    Didn't much matter outside of mass mob fights that would lock things up still manage to carry.
    D3 will be this consistently though.
    Wait and see it is though.
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    "If you don't mind getting in melee range"
    Are you serious?
    Yeah so you think that a skill is unbalanced on a caster because it does as much as a signature spell does passively at close range over time. You have to invent a scenario where it does 400%, Anyone can invent best possible scenarios. In them certain skills do 100000% given enough enemies....Every skill must be unbalanced because of random peoples blatant cognitive dissonance.

    There is no truly viable melee build for a wiz as they don't receive the 30% passive damage reduction of the melee classes.
    If you can't do an immense amount of damage at close range as a wizard, (not as if this even does) you will be dead.

    This is your point? Arcane Orbit? A situational skill? And a bunch of synergies for your best possible scenario.
    Are people still unfamiliar with the randomness of diablo, difficulty level unforeseen differences from fight to fight, or does every fight amount to everything going perfectly according to how you imagine it.....
    I wonder what game you people are used to....
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    Loved the comics and I am mostly enjoying the show. One of my favorite things about the comics was how the writer handled the female characters. I was pleasantly surprised to find well-written "heroines" in a work of fiction in this day and age. It seems like every movie, comic, video game, etc. requires that strong female character that beats up the bad guys as easily or more easily than the male character can despite being a mere 100 lbs and having zero combat training (SEE! GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING GUYS CAN DO! YAAAAA!.)

    Michonne, for example, was an athletic, powerfully-built female athlete (Serena Williams?) that also happened to spend years practicing her fencing... and thus made a believable and interesting "strong female" character. Compare her to a character like... the girl from Pirates of the Carribean... or the "shield maiden" in Lord of the Rings that takes down the mammoth... I know these movies aren't exactly trying for realism, but it's the arch-type (100lb female warrior with no strength, training, or experience, yet somehow powerful just because girls can do whatever boys can do) that bothers me, not the lack of realism.

    Andrea's character in the Walking Dead comic was another good one. She didn't need to be battle-savy with "girl power," she just had very deadly aim and practiced daily with a rifle.

    I like the direction D3 is taking, at least with the female barbarian model. I was honestly expecting another lithe, scantily clad warmaiden. That being said, I predict she will be the least played class-gender combo in the game, possibly surpassed only by the female Witch Doctor. Most of the WoW crowd will wanna play the cute female Monk, Wizard, or Demon Hunter, and a few people will play the "ugly" female Barbarian or Witch Doctor mostly for lulz (and they will give them ridiculous sexual names, as per every single D2 Amazon having a reference to boobs in their name.)
    This "liberal" crypto-marxism is inherent of the agendas of those that back these industries they've been gradualism propaganda mills since day one, the wealthy backers in the industry are socialists that spend their time protecting their wealth with subtle and not so subtle programming.
    It's ridiculous that it's not apparent that the "girl power" is a hegemony tool similar to the "white power" tool that has always been intended to be divisive and push insecurities on the general public in order to silence them with intimidation if someone attempts to course correct from utter fallacy they are attacked by people pushing this fantasy.
    The insecurity you push on people is what drives them into the work force to make the rich more rich by standing on top of the labor force.
    The traditional female gender role has generally been supplanted by the service industry and government which is a service as well, this is the simplified goal of these industries as disharmony fuels their expansion as it creates a need.
    The female gender role of teaching and raising secures for you the future, you take a nations children and every generation brainwash them into being more and more rebelliously morally ambiguous, confusing them and feeding them emotional arguments and eventually you've established a revolution from the inside all the while the people think they are making decisions but they are only doing them based on the information immersively put in front of them, the path is controlled and it's even being waved in peoples faces.

    Walking dead are the people already dead thinking they are alive, already having their destination set by believing in mechanistic dogma, "because baby we were born this way".....
    The original archetype ate the brains of the living because they couldn't create/think for themself they would just eat others that went against the herd and use their ideas when it served.
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    posted a message on I cannot believe I was banned Forever
    Well, I can believe he got banned.
    It takes a lot of faith I know, putting yourself out there for mockery but I believe.

    Interesting signature in the above post is even on topic
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    posted a message on Which Dye Will You Use?
    Got anything pinker?
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    posted a message on Worthless abilities/runes?
    Quote from lorien1973

    I do not enjoy skills that have too much randomness in them.
    Shock Pulse
    %chance runes
    You can remove the randomness for the most part. Frogs - just stand close to your target and it's a nuke-spell. Tornado is the same. Stand up close and personal and you blow them away. For each of these, you need to find ways to limit the randomness working against you; that's all. Decide is this ability fits in your playstyle.

    If I were making a melee wizard, I'd definitely throw tornado into the mix.
    melee wizard would seem admittedly non-viable by melee classes gaining a 30% damage reduction from all sources that wizards will not.
    This is also a pretty terrible short range skill as it can just go completely the other way or straight through them barely doing anything.

    Quote from Harmonica39

    ok for anyone hating on the energy twister go play D2 Druid Tornadostormer its awesome and thats why i will use this spell
    Really? skill behaves very very differently the D2 skill goes in a generally straight line sometimes breaks up or down is based on mana.

    This skill has one functional capacity as runed to stay in one place becoming a dot where you are for melee range unfortunately it would seem wizards are not meant to be near enemies.
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    Quote from Keelyn

    As for the Arcane Missle split vs the Pulse, I get your idea. Still if you're playing a Fire build Pulse has a very good use runed into Fire.
    Also if you're splitting your missile anyway I would totally go for Electrocute since it deals more damage to the same amount of targets UNRUNED - and is even more controllable if I get the spell right (did NOT play the beta).

    As for Energy Twister, well, I've got one thing to say:
    So a level 13 twink killed a lvl 8 boss using a skill. Must be great.
    Not to mention the damage from shock pulse was the high numbers.
    Still though you can apparently rune it to just sit on the spot, this seems like the only half decent use.

    A hydra is a set and forget skill, an arcane mine, an armor, a familiar, a buff.
    This is rather tenuously fitting in.

    With the inclusions of 30% damage reduction for melee, casters in melee would appear blizzard has admitted non-viable.
    So then to would spectral blade be useless and shorter range spells and these random and midrange spells become weaker.

    There is a fair bit of weakness to the runes changes on skills, they do seem pretty half-assed.

    I can't see a lot of these spells being used with competition for slots. They seem very fringe.
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    posted a message on Real Life Wizard With An Orb
    How tall is he the knicks might want to sign him?
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    posted a message on Walking Dead Season 2
    I'm in Australia as well, that's a either a prison or military camp adapted from a villa or school by virtue of having watch towers it can't really be anything else.
    Zombie shows always incorporate a prison, they are the best place to accessibly hunker down.

    This is the only show worth watching til Game of Thrones comes back. Most of the shows with decent character interaction in an interesting backdrop disappeared after a couple of seasons from people with their non-thinking populist negative assessments.

    I think the zombie slayer girl has those zombies as either some warding or masking device or as an indicator of which direction herds are migrating.

    Kids are always going to be annoying at that age, and it's a Dewey Cox "The wrong kid died" scenario.

    A key ingredient to this show is people doing stupid things and being unprepared/inept else it's going to get redundant quick if they all kit themself out in shark armor/ring mail/military garb, grab some Wakazashis/bolo machetes and just start cleaving every zombie in their path effortlessly.
    The sense of danger would quickly disperse. As even the driving around constant headshotting in this episode seemed very far fetched.
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    Quote from overneathe

    I myself am a journalist and editor for quite some years now so who are you to say how qualified I am or am not? You talk as if people on the Internet are uneducated and in the majority of time have no idea what they speak of and have no right to demand being correct.

    Being wrong cannot be justified in any way. If a scientific theory is wrong it is wrong, it doesn't magically get correct because it was published by someone on the Internet or because a few delusional people don't know the meaning of what they're talking about but prefer using it because it's easier for them to put in categories.

    Diablo 3 is an ARPG, dungeon crawl, hack and slash but not MMO. Every poster in this topic including the company that is presenting the product and its entire community refer to it in one of the ways described above, yet we as a majority do not define the "populist definition"?

    In music a term for genre can be used a lot more loosely where genres have been mixed for a few decades now and there is no true definition besides what the artist thinks he is creating and presenting. In video games however we are still very much inside the boundaries of genres and therefor everyone should be using the proper, true term for a product defined not only by its entire community but also the creator company. Otherwise he is misrepresenting the product.

    If it's bad journalism it should be pointed out and not referred to as "using the spirit of a term". It's an incorrect term.

    Also my opinion matters as much as your opinion. By that they are on the same level if one of us has more arguments to support his statement then he is by conclusion the correct person. I have no bad feelings towards the author of the article but you're continuing with your absurd claims even though every single person is correcting you.

    A troll is someone that uses no arguments, the wrong arguments or is involved in the argument for the enjoyment of angering the opponent. I am in this debate because you and the author are using a term in an incorrect way and it should be pointed out. Having an AH that connects people does not, by any means, make a game an MMO. It brings interaction between players but the players do not depend on it and can completely ignore it. An MMO has features that make playing in parties necessary in order to achieve completion in the majority of aspects of the game. There are no such in Diablo 3.

    And no, achievements do not make a game MMO either, even though there are achievements for parties. It's just a multiplayer game. What is so hard to grasp?

    So I shall counter with the wise words you yourself mentioned: "Please cease your ad absurdium nonsense and false statements" and also correct you on "absurdum".

    If the mods think this is too much then please feel free to delete/modify my comment.
    Wrong in this situation is a matter of personal opinion as already detailed there is no science to what you're saying.
    Science is knowledge proven experimentally, for something to be scientific it must be a working system of knowledge which in communication/dialogue, negotiation, is that of contract so when you decide something for more then yourself it requires at least tacit consent from the recipient, if the communication is recognized for what the writer intends the message has done it's job.
    The writer doesn't need to be a regurgitating mouthpiece, they simply serve their clients.
    I at no stage suggest that you need to agree. I do ask you to cease the absurdness of relating a scoreboard to an auction house, these things are not the same.

    You are a troll and I have reported you as such, this message you don't need to agree with either but you are both derailing this thread and behaving in a petty manner.
    Your opinion is unqualified as you do not speak for every person in an agreement based matter, though you assume you are the be all authority, unfortunately that would require my agreement and all others that you don't have but fascists like yourself are unfamiliar with this clearly. You are dealing in beliefs and subjectivity and want to impose what you believe, again a majority doesn't make one correct in agreement matters either, This is not a matter of justification because there is no wrong outside your mind.

    Saying "you're wrong" is not an argument your statements are utterly nonsense, to suggest an object is another object when it's function is different and directly effects the game experience is not is not an argument, assuming you're right and that others not agreeing makes them wrong is just simple arrogant fascism no matter where it stems from, repeating yourself does not alter anything.
    "correcting" assumes correctness.
    I at no time suggest something is not a popular terminology. I say again my terms are worded as intended specifically within the context of their individual sentence. Hatchet jobs do not aid you they are of no consequence as you continually speak of redundant opinion.
    You essentially have not said anything else other then that you think it's wrong beyond the absurd and insubstantial, it isn't incorrect for the writers purpose, it isn't for others, else others would not of already conversed about this,
    This dialogue is not a new one, what you say is bunk due to non-agreement and people don't have to bow down to populism even populist authority needn't be agreed with.
    You don't have to agree with any of these statements.
    If you still want to take out of context someone else's definitions you can, if you want to feel like contextual hatchet jobs aid you, by all means.
    Your words don't change what others have decided or game features, people that don't work for blizzard have no requirement to stick to what they advertise especially when creating an umbrella article or their own games.
    There is no new argument here from you much less a correct one that you assume.The writer can choose to use a word and be inclusive of what they like, the conditioning from your education means absolutely nothing here it is you that are behaving as a policing agent, assuming of others and imposing a brand of correctness.
    It would be assuming of me to say you were intending to do so or not, but you can just as well troll without intending to.
    If you are not enjoying what you're doing you should perhaps not be doing it
    I'm not making any absurd claims you are simply biased, to myself both definitions are true within their own environment, unless specified a definition is inclusive.
    Take advantage of the beta links provided perhaps comment on them, enough of this nonsense, you've already shown a petty nature in your quotes your behavior is trolling, derailing, assuming and arrogantly fascist. Perhaps unwittingly in parts but all the same.

    I would ask the thread be locked if this person cannot restrain them self.
    I'm weary of this crap.
    Nor am I concerned with the quality of any of the journalism, trolls are very rampant in journalism and this personality is not at all surprising. Ignorance or subtlety doesn't negate the behavior.
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