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    posted a message on Are you okay with the changes in the price / value of the equipment sold by Kadala in the recent update?
    Tonight was the first night I've gotten legendaries/set pieces off Kadala. I got two legendary shoulders and two set gloves out of probably 800 shards spent tonight. In comparison I spent well over 50k shards before tonight and hadn't gotten anything. Up to this point I was just dumping shards for gold or regular crafting mats. I like this change so far. I also feel like they buffed the drop rates in general, because tonight it was raining legendaries in the rifts. I picked up more legendaries within a few hours of play tonight than I had since RoS launched. Some of it was complete trash, some of it wasn't, some of it was stuff I could use for other chars.
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    posted a message on CM Wizard: Autohotkey saved my life
    Quote from Loroese

    You should include a dislaimer that AHK is considered 3rd party software by blizzard so using it can cause the account to become banned. Whether anyone has actually been banned for it is another discussion but use of macros goes against the ToS and is considered automation of gameplay.

    Blizzard is fine with AHK so long as it's just one ability tied to a button. Multiple abilities tied to one button is when they start to get irritated if a noticeable chunk of the community does it. (Thinking back to WoW with TBC and WotLK rotation macros. One button you can spam to do your entire job for you! Took them a couple years to kill that off.) In the end I imagine that they could really care less about what you're actually doing, but are more concerned with you causing issues with hardware and software with the psuedo spamming. Most hardware has some form of a debouncer either mechanically or in software that keeps actual spam pretty low regardless of how fast you actually push the button. AHK basically bypasses that and that very bypass can cause issues.
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.4 Class Preview: Witch Doctor
    Quote from RookOyb

    If they TRULY tested their content before releasing the game to the public, the pets not being viable for NM, Hell and Inferno would have easily been spotted.

    Took them 3 months to figure out a solution to all these problems that could have been resolved by doing more testing in the beta rather than limiting us.

    I agree, most of D3 felt heavily untested past the parts that the "beta" part of the test. Many of the issues that came up should have been easily spotted if anyone would have actually played the game, which I highly doubt anyone truly did.
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    posted a message on Global Warming Disproven? New Study Shows 2000 Yrs of Cooling!
    Quote from Mormolyce

    Quote from Maxyim
    This is rather alarming. Any idea if this is legit?

    Pro tip: when assessing how biased a source is on the internet, try typing the name into wikipedia and see what comes up:

    Gee, I THINK Freep may have a slight ideological bias. And probably is not staffed by professional meteorologists. Just a thought.

    Quote from Maxyim
    If so, I just want to give a big fat "well played" kudos to left-wing parties around the world for such a highly successful power grab tactic! Wonder what will happen now...

    Why even phrase this thread as a question if you've already picked a team to join and are busy waving their flag around?

    There are very few unbiased sources on this matter. The most favorite movie on the matter, 'An Inconvenient Truth' was done by someone and parties who had everything to gain by causing panic and knee jerk reactions to the thought that if people didn't change their consumption then the world was going to burn.

    One thing everyone can agree on is that over the past forty years the planet in most regions has warmed up to a centigrade or so higher than in the past. The cause for concern is over the fact that this trend coincides with increased fuel consumption across the globe. What pro-warmers fail to properly respect is that trends are not proper cause and effect and the planet has a known history of warming and cooling.

    Quite plainly more data is needed and by the time we gather the relevant data it most likely won't matter.
    Now as towards the decreasing consumption of fossil fuels, I'm all for that. Fossil fuels are in dwindling supply, and more efficient solar power would be nice. Although do not forget that solar power harnesses solar radiation that would otherwise heat the planet, so the amount of use needs to be carefully managed or we could screw with the planet even further by creating new pockets of cool that were previously warm (If we ever bumped solar cell efficiency to somewhere around 50%). Wind and ocean current turbines extract energy from those mediums and remove it from that system, meaning the regions they extract the energy from move slightly slower, put in too much and you could take a blustery wind and turn it into a stale breeze. Take that into account when at the coast, coastal breezes help moderate temperatures inland, without that ocean air moving inland, inland temperatures begin to roast.
    But yeah, the entire point being, that no energy is free, if you remove it from a source, then that source has it taken away, take too much away and things can go wrong. For example, if you took $100 out of $1 billion, that really doesn't effect the $1 billion that much, it's still quite a large sum of money. Take $50,000 out and then it's a bit more noticable chunk taken away. Take away $1 million and that is even more noticeable and starts to seriously impact the overall value. Take away $20 million and that formerly $1 billion isn't close to $1 billion anymore, it's just $80 million (each subtraction is a separate event from an independent $1 billion pool).
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    posted a message on I seek your WD wisdom on a price check on this head!
    Quote from FBGKimpan

    Anyone else with abit more realistic prices? As I'm selling MF gear without any stats and no socket for more then 30k I doubt im gonna get that for a item with alright stats mf and socket.

    Those are realistic prices, it's a pretty trashy helm. The helm has basically MF and low Int, you might get 70 to 80k out of it, at best, but there are a lot better options out there. Sure it has a lot of MF potential on it, but it sacrifices everything else for that mf.
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    posted a message on Alternative to Acid Cloud?
    Quote from lorien1973

    Locusts is awesome, problem is it requires you to be too close to mobs. Not as much an issue now since they nerfed damage in Act 2. Thats why I stopped using it; but I used it all the way thru end of hell. I used the first rune (100% chance of spreading twice, not once). Acid cloud sucks; it's too much mana for too little damage. Add locust swarm to the passive that reduces enemy damage if you deal them poison damage and things get interesting.

    I'm using ghost bomb now - primarily cuz of its 28 yard range, it's good at highlighting hard to see mobs (if you have enabled health bars) and blows up vases at a good range for extra gold. I'm gonna mess around with other stuff as ghost bomb takes a long time to cast for its damage output.

    I second the locusts. I started fooling around with a locust gold farming build last night. So far it's fleshing out nicely, and since I never really played with locust that much before I quickly became surprised by how amazing it is on clearing rooms. So try it out, locust swarm with pestilence. In the build I'm still tinkering around with I sometimes spirit walk up to mobs, then I'll harvest soul, locust swarm, and then run away, really, really fast. That combo works fairly well on avoiding any incoming damage. Sadly I have to use gruesome feast, honored guest and swallow your soul to keep my mana relatively stable.
    But ya, locust swarm with pestilence, if Blizzard ever ups the range on it, or makes the targetting a little better (sometimes you'll cast it on something, be facing right towards it and it'll just flat out miss, and then you're down 200 mana) I'll be celebrating Christmas early. A friend once called locust swarm something akin to an aoe haunt, but not even haunt spammish build could get me this giddy.
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    posted a message on Disappointed with Bliz's stance on bug usage.
    Quote from mavfin

    D3 has far less bugs and stuff in it at launch than D2 ever did. Are you a programmer? I mean, one who does it for a living? If not, then you have no idea...
    D2 had a LOT less development time and was more cutting edge than D3. D3 also has and had more staff working on it than D2. While Blizzard wants people to use the AH, player trading isn't anything new and was quite frequent in D2, they should have absolutely expected people continue the practice and built to make sure they could track it.
    I have done programming, and I'm very intimately aware of the issues around building a system and then going back to it because a new feature needs to be added, and all of the fun late hours of debugging because for some odd reason class x is inheriting p from class q, because some idiot decided to spaghetti code b to a. The fact of the matter is though, having a secure and stable trading system established is not something that should have been foreign when they first started development on D3, as it was a custom already established in D2. All this tells me is that there was either very poor planning at the ground level of the game's design, or this particular corner was cut off completely to encourage AH use. Either scenario is troubling.
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    posted a message on 1.03...more bad than good???
    Quote from Ryude

    We could theorize all day long, but until you actually play the new patch for at least a week you can't say if it's a good or bad patch.

    From what I played today on my WD, without dying I had repair bills higher than I've had with several deaths, I can already say that they inflated repair costs insanely high. The loss of a lot of gold from destructables, OH AND ALSO DON'T FORGET, MF doesn't apply to chests anymore, is a huge let down. I'm also loving still only getting sub 60 rares in act 1 and act 2.
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    posted a message on Zombie Bears back in action?
    Quote from Archie

    Funny you should post this, since 1.03 has broken Zombie Bears, and Blizz said they aren't gonna fix it till 1.04.
    Gotta love how slow they are on patching anything so far. Hot fixes on anything that lets people farm with greater ease, done in days upon discovery. Bugs, issues, or imbalances that create artificial barriers, or negate entire builds, "Eh, they can wait at least a few months to get fixed. Afterall, with one build down, you're probably going to have to re-gear, go ahead and use the AH, that's what it's there for." =/
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    posted a message on [Spoilers/Poll]Possible Plot expansions
    Most likely Adria, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's something like: Adria going after the Black Soulstone after it fell from Heaven (as was seen in the ending cinematic).
    Leah's soul is most likely stuck inside the Black Soulstone as well, so we may be able to save her too. There were rumors sparked by the "leaked release schedule" for the next handful of years for Blizzard products, that suggest that Blizzard wants to do two D3 expansions. Perhaps in the second xpack we fight Imperius? In the animation they released at the 100% community site thingy, it showed that Imperius has some inner demons of his own, as well as not being quite in synch with the rest of the Angerous Council.
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    posted a message on Millions of gold for good AH Pieces, How?
    Combination of farming inferno and being lucky on what they get to drop either being useful for them or useful for someone else. If you get hit with the crappy end of the stick and get trash rares and magical items, then it's rough to climb up into the millions.
    But ya, 5 NV even early on in Act 1 Inferno can give you ~900+ gold piles with no other GF equipped.
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    posted a message on Athene got hacked? (LOL if not trolling)
    Quote from rampagejackson

    it's kinda fucked up hes raising money for a charity yet still people bash him

    People bash him because of his attitude. I bash Newton and Edison over being self-centered dicks, both of them interfered and physically destroyed anything that could upstage their fame (too bad we didn't get to see all of Hooke's or Tesla's work).
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    posted a message on "Mirror Skin" the most used Wizard Rune
    Quote from TourettesOF

    Can we get back on topic please....

    How is there even a topic to begin with? The original post was a general insult to the player base. The title of the topic is a statement of fact. There is no topic to discuss.
    So far in this entire thread, Choda has actually put out something useful and worth discussing.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 - Epic Farming Spot.
    Quote from Küken

    Quote from X_Gr1m_X

    It should be wonderful in Inferno.
    Nephalem Valor disagrees ;)

    True story >:
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    posted a message on Farming Gear instead of using the Auction House.
    Quote from Flayzz

    It's possible to find some "keepers" in act1 hell. But I think if you arn't playing the AH even a little, you are missing out on a lot of upgrades. It's cheaper than you'd think, if you just always check when you can ;)

    Shop smart, not hard when it comes to the AH, you'll see tons of idiots trying to sell crap for hundreds of thousands or millions of gold, but you'll find some real keepers for tens of thousands, you just need to sift through all of the crap people put up, expecting to "make big".
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