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    Good morning; just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what Diablo related news, if any, we might see premiere at Blizzcon. Blizzard is recruiting talent for an undisclosed Diablo project, but of course we don't know how far along they are in development.

    I'm optimistic for major news; Blizzard likes milestones, and this being the 20th anniversary of the Diablo series adds some synergy to a sequel announcement, although some may argue some of the events they've had this year constitutes their anniversary plans, which is certainly reasonable.

    if it is a sequel, here's hoping they blend the best parts of the series together; D2's loot system and replayability, with D3's great gameplay & QoL.

    How about you? What would you like to see at Blizzcon, or in a sequel?

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    posted a message on What Should D4 Look Like? (when it comes out 15+ years from now)
    Quote from JAH8177ยป

    I know everyone hates the "make it like d2" argument, but let's be honest, since blizzard north and brevik didn't create d3, look at what we have. Here's things though that should carry over from d3

    • combat-the best out of any arpgs , the animation and smoothness is awesome, well done.
    • transmorg or morph, whatever it's called, change the look of your character, that is cool.

    thats about all I give d3 credit, what I want to see return, and added.

    • dark atmosphere, get rid of the epileptic seizure of lights, I don't give af about all that, you're fighting demons, not unicorns.
    • make levels matter, screw paragon, it's a rush to get to 70, so you can actually play. In d1 and d2 I loved that levels mattered, and it was a super long grind to achieve final level. Right now leveling is useless, even paragons are a rush to get 800 so you can boost mainstat.
    • items-this correlates with leveling, how cool was it to get a unique at level 40, and still be able to kick ass in the 50's with it. Make the lower tiers be something besides some crap to re-roll, d1 and d2 again had this done right.
    • story/lore-make it dark, make it new, hell reboot the 1st story if needed since most kids only played d2. But I didn't feel adventure mode was needed, the story sucked and for a while there was no free roaming, if you recall. Don't give us Disney characters like Magda, aka maleficient. Bring back Cain!
    • give each character a stash, but allow a stash that can be accessed by any character.
    • item hunt-this makes me play the game, d3 shit all over that quickly. For a moment loot 2.0 was good, then kadala came, cool concept at first, but then it became a joke, same with cube, so easy to get all the gear. Then they went buck wild on sets, killed the game there. Make it awesome to not only level, but get stronger with items, and skills, not just items as it is now.
    • skills-I keep thinking about this, builds always get stronger than x, because theory crafters exist. I'm no mathematician but make all skills for each character output the same damage, maybe that could help even out builds? I dunno just throwing ideas out.

    thats all I can thinks of right now. TLDR-take the best of all 3 but bring Diablo back to its core, story, loot hunt, and leveling.

    i would say trading, but that's a tough one to tackle to stay away from bots. Also, I played since Diablo 1, still my fave btw

    My concept of a D4 is pretty close to yours; the gameplay in D3 is outstanding; if the loot hunt and build aspects were more like D2, well, no one would bother talking about D2.
    I would not be opposed to an open world Diablo; imagine a game with the scope of WoW, the gameplay of D3 and the loot hunt and skill building of D2. Game of the ages anyone?
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    posted a message on Breaking through to GR 70

    Thanks for the advice; I was playing around with some different builds so when you saw my passives they may not have been the right ones for the build; I'll work on the other things and give it a go; thanks again!

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    So I'm trying to bust GR70, currently at GR62 but dying fairly often. Just switched into Inner Sanctuary to try to combat some of the more dangerous packs, like Arcane groups. Looking for some general tips; I'm running the Inna's/Raiment/Shenlong build, with IS taking the place of DS.

    Is there a minimum sheet DPS to shoot for? Currently at about 1.1 million, and I cleared GR62 with 15 seconds left, about 5 deaths.

    How about minimum toughness? I am at 43M currently, and only the Arcane packs or charging mobs really hurt me (a well rolled cameo would not be amiss methinks)

    Using a well rolled Ouroboros and a band of Rue Chambers; how would these compare to, say, an average Endless Walk setup?

    Is there a website that you can enter gear into for comparison, that factors in procs and passives?

    Thanks for any help, I appreciate it! Armory Link is here.

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    If I had to rank them:

    Barb, WD, Monk, DH, Crusader, Wizard. I want to like the Wiz more, but I'm not a fan of Archon and I think it's essential to playing them well.

    I definitely prefer play your way to meta, as I play almost exclusively solo.

    Decided to play Monk for season 10 and I am enjoying it, but we'll see if I break through GR 70 if I'll switch after that.

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    posted a message on Which class will you run in season 10?

    Leaning towards DH right now; I am really interested in a high end Multishot or RF build, so I am practicing that now off season.

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    I started S9 a few weeks late, and I missed Destroyer by 1 (The 6 minute T13 rift), so I am hoping to at least get the stash tab this season. I play at a terribly slow pace, so some of the later timed events are a challenge, so I'm grateful for the non-timed conquests this season. How common is it to reach Guardian anyway?

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    posted a message on Last Chance Contest: Win 2 BlizzCon Tickets!
    Excited about Loot 2.0. Combined with the removal of the AH, I think D3 can finally be the game we all hoped it would be. Good luck everyone!
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    Hm...unless the door is in an archway that surrounds an open area, you'd think he'd either leap into a wall or onto a roof...might be a bug.
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    This is my first build plan, requires level 60, so it will essentially be a late hell/Inferno build. My thought process was simple: try to maintain WotB as much as possible, while still retaining some defense and mobility.

    Cleave will be my main generator, runed for Fury regen. Overpower will be my main spender, also runed for fury regen.
    Leap attack is my mobility spell, runed for stun for when I leap into a pack, to be followed by Earthquake, runed to lower the CD and cost no fury.
    War Cry is used and runed for a burst of 60 Fury every 30 seconds, and WotB is runed to, naturally, increase in duration as you gain fury.

    For passives I chose Boon of BK, Animosity and Inspiring Presence, which does two things; it gives me a passive health regen, and one less button to push every minute.

    This will need testing of course; I may find my regen to be so good that I can rune or switch passives for either more damage or health regen/defense, or I may get gear with passive fury regen as well. Can't wait to try it out.

    Good luck everyone, and thanks for the contest Dfans!
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    posted a message on Health globe area increase = bad?
    I wondered about this as well...I think it is a great mod for ranged characters, but melee might not want it, especially when strategically moving away from a mob where one dropped. I guess it depends on how often it shows up though; even a 10 yard radius isn't that close, so if you had two or three that gave you +2 yards, it probably wouldn't impact you all that much.
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