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    While I must admit that last weeks pump the brakes article has basically eliminated D4 being an announcement next week, I still think something big is in the works. I can't see a "What's Next' for Diablo devoted to how it plays on the Switch. I kind of think we'll get a renewed D2 and/or a D3 Expansion, with a tease about a new game. We find out in 6 days!

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    I'm really curious to see what the new game will look like in terms of style. I am not of the mindset that a new game will go backwards to the D2 style of game play and character structure, but one hopes that the team looks really hard at the good aspects of the previous games, the good aspects of similar games, some new fresh ideas, and mixes them together. Personally, what I'd really like to see:

    Longer character development, in the sense that I can have stuff that needs to be done on the same character and maintain it, as opposed to the more transitory style of D3 characters, who can essentially be replaced every few months. This means a longer leveling process, rarer legendary items but more reason to hunt them down, a more static skill/trait/talent set, but still having some flavor options....for example, a Whirlwind barb would find it difficult to switch to being any other barb, but can be flexible in how he/she whirlwinds.

    D3's QoL: The UI, inventory handling and in game features are excellent in D3, and that is definitely something to build on.

    Seasons: While the concept of seasons does not really mesh well with D2 style character structure, I think the competitive spirit seasons engender is really good for the game, and since that has really been the main activity for Diablo the last few years, I'd be shocked if they veered far from that style.

    Crafting & Gear; As above, less is more I think. More static items that push you to look for them, a reason to craft gear at all, and the opportunity to reroll items; we've had these as staples and I see no reason not to keep those types of options around.

    Story:...no real thoughts on this, other than please, for the love of Tyrael, please no more bosses shouting how puny we are and how invincible they are through an entire act only to drop in 35 seconds. Diablo deserves better than Power Ranger villains, is what I'm saying.

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