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    Yeah, unfortunately in australia, WOW/Diablo maintenance hits us in peak gametime (ie usually 8:00 pm) so thats just something we have to deal with.

    I think that was the issue last night, they started maintenance and instead of getting an error saying server getting shut down in 5 mins etc, got nothing. Then the servers were all - Full bro, get in the queue, and i was all sif bro FU you suck, and my mates were all "f this, playing wow" but wow was off too. Bwahahahaha!

    As for no disconnects, any you guys in Australia? Id love to know, because i know my brother complains of disconnects as well, plus the guys at work also have disconnects and MAD lag spikes, but it is early days still.

    As long as the maintenance window shrinks for diablo ill be happy, i thought i read somewhere that diablo maintenance would not always be every week, and usually only a quick one unless there was a hotfix, same as SC2.
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    So i got home from work and after dinner had plans to get online with my workmates.

    Got into Diablo3 to see the AH is still whiffy, no commodities still.
    Played for 5 mins, only to get a Network disconnected error.
    My internet was ok so i logged back in - Servers are full - you are in the queue.
    So workmates arei n queue, im in queue and now their playing wow.<Sobs>

    Im getting over defending the game, it IS a good game, but how long will these issues be going on for?
    I know 2 guys at work who got guest passes that are not even interested any more in buying, they think its a big joke.

    Im wondering now if ill get an email at midnight, with a senior blizz exec resigning and apologising for the stuff ups (anyone get that one for FF13? - was hilarious)

    Anyone think the poor launch (more like abysmal really, entertainment products are not intended to be this difficult) will affect Blizzards sales of the game? It's already the lauging stock of the internet.

    And im not hating, its making me sad to see such a great game have so many technical difficulty's, i havent lost hope, im being optimistic that it will be fixed soon.
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    posted a message on Do Disintegrate + Venom Hydra benefit from Attack Speed % increases?
    No Recreational game should contain this much (if any) Math. Stop It!
    Go sit in the Garage and think about what you have done....
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    posted a message on How to Solo Diablo in 3 Minutes
    Quote from Indimix

    Zakarumite, your 3 posts in this forums are total garbage, no offense, just dont comeback, thanks :)

    Zackarumite, tell me if i am wrong, is the users status on the forum. Who were you referring to?
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    posted a message on us.battle.net/d3/en/status Dont believe the Hype
    us.battle.net/d3/en/status is claiming that the US servers are up
    Logging in says the servers are down for maintenance.(there is also a message on the client saying there will be about 8 hours of maintenance)

    Does that mean the status page is unreliable?
    Or maybe the status page needs a status page, to show when it is working?

    Too lazy to link a pic to xibit.
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    posted a message on Accounts being hacked on US servers
    I got hacked on wow once, found out my email had been hacked (gmail, had not used it for 5 years and didnt know the password) and it was used to associate with the email i used for my blizzard account (yahoo) and then they used that to reset my blizzard account.

    So i got a phone authenticator and voila" it got hacked again while i was at work, they used an authentication code and broke in.

    I had thought that authenticators could completely stop hacking, but as blizzard had me reset the authenticator code so it would generate new keys, so i guess they dont (couldnt play wow for 2 weeks there lol, authenticators are srs bzns). Heaven help me we use similar technology at the power station i occasionally work at.

    As for keylogging, my gaming pc doesnt have a browser on it, i use my laptop for all internets, and i use a portable mozilla browser usually, most of it being read only. may have got it when i was administering my account at blizzards website perhaps?

    Might seem paranoid, but i am a sysadmin for an it firm, and you get into habits ;)

    So hacking can happen whoever you are, and dont assume that just because someone got hacked, they are a moron.

    Oh, and keyloggers these days are nasty, they capture copy/paste, and most can on the fly decrypt the major virtual keyboards ;(
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    posted a message on Server Status on the Front page plz
    If you run the executable, on the front page it clearly says:
    " servers will be down for scheduled maintenance Starting at 1:00am pmt.....

    if it says this in the game client, login fails servers are busy, im am inclined that the diablo 3 servers are down.
    Or they have bugs, as none of my mates can login (as we havent been reliably able to since launch, welcome to australia) and thats another kettle of fish.

    I am now changing my stance on the whole online DRM design. i no longer like it. painful as it is to say, id prefer hackers to the game being offline so often.
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    posted a message on Ungrateful people
    Quote from Fomorian

    Usually the people who complain about the servers are people who don't have knowledge about what it takes to keep them maintained.

    Yes, but i dont sell a car and say, oh, we are expexting that for the first few months it will run like crap, but it will get better as you use it less.

    I was on the side of the "relax and stay calm" side, but now im more annoyed than anything.
    I got my mates at work into D3, so we could all play a good game together, but its online componant is so irregular that we have not had a chance to do this yet.

    Complaining about poor service because it is "Hard to deliver" does not invalidate the fact that the service is bad, and we were not told that they could would have problems providing it.

    If i had done this sort of crap to my clients, i would be looking at a lot of refunds i guarantee. But i would not put myself in a position where i could not deliver what I promised.
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    posted a message on Server Status on the Front page plz
    but it says they are up, but when you log in it gives a 3000 error. also there is a window in the diablo client saying servers are down for maintenance, and it looks like a wow message.

    Blizzard, why u so silly?
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    posted a message on Servers down for anyone else? Error 3003.
    Server status says it is up, but it isnt.
    Maintenance is for wow only? how come launcher says it is undergoing maintenance?

    Really, i wasnt expecting maintenance downtime like they have on wow on a game like diablo. Maybe a quick one, but this seems excessive.

    Lol blizzard, im fucking confused.
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    posted a message on Simple Question (semi spoiler)
    Ha Ha - sometimes you want to cry when you see blues come at you with 3 affixes. Extra life + 2 other affixes is one of those

    there are some mobs that naturally teleport ie near oasis, so you can get teleporting mobs that have vortex, eleccrify and mortar, as well as say extra life or waller. Try taking that on without a move button or your spells mapped! 1 wrong click and Blammo!
    Sometimes the pure synergy of their affixes they carry make them almost seem immortal.

    Fun times.....

    Oh, and to all those people saying inferno is too easy, try hell first, then come cry to me that the end game isn't hard enough.
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    posted a message on Is anyone else tired of the complainers?
    Quote from Zera

    I haven't complained much but cause ur giving me such an excelent excuse I will. And don't get me wrong I like the game but there are some things that just feel deeply flawed and other games that needs tweaking which I think they will do down the line but that doesn't mean it's good as it is now (think wow if an expansion comes out thats terrible just because they will patch it down the line doesn't mean the initial product doesn't have flaws they need to fix. And they will never know about them or spend time on it unleas enough people complain or the problem is big enough they know this is bullshit).
    So I will start first off spells need tweaking damage whise. wizard for instance since thats the only class I'm playing needs their signature spells balanced and power spells increased in damage so a blizzard isn't dealing the same amount of damage as arcane orb over 6 seconds instead of 1 second. This is the case for several things for instance kiting is fun and all but ranged are squishy as fuck without any real damage advantage over the melee classes (I know they can kite and I aprove of them being easier to kill but not this much difference). The fact that act 1 is stupidly hard in hell/nm compared to last acts cause u gear up (I know this is a gear issue and mostly about luck) but the content should get harder as u progress through the acts not easier (bosses get harder by abit but not much). These are things that need slight tweaks so I wouldn't complain on a forum usualy and it wouldn't really be moaning it would be constructive critisim (if posted on bnet).

    A thing that isn't a tweak fix though is that unqiues are kinda bad (high level ones are ok and I know not the best of the best but still it's decent) and the low level ones needs to be buffed or the point of them being there is moot. I like the unique that drop at lower levels and how it feels but if you can't use it for 5-10 levels or heck even use it when it drops becuase it's just a blue item with more but not better bonuses. And another thing is that the set feel from d2 got lost when they became uniques and the drop rate is so low you wouldn't really get any while leveling (sigon etc from d2 u could actually get a few items if not a full set if u were lucky).

    So why can't people complain if they are unhappy with the game? I played d2 and I have problems with the game and I hope they get solved but if people went with the mac mentallity (sry this is not meant as a insult to you guys in any way but more to the majority of apple consumers) that you don't complain and buy the newest/best things because it's new and cool looking past any flaws becasue it's "the best" the problems would never be fixed cause blizzard would think they had a perfectly working game.


    Its a fun game, gonna go have fun playing a game instead of complaining how they should of made it better.
    Oh and Blizzard, on behalf of everyone who is hating, thanks for an awesome game, ignore us, we arent getting any at home.
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    posted a message on D3 - spoiler free review
    So far i havent found anything i could criticize (except hydra)
    I really wasnt a fan of forced online, but i see it works (and makes multiplayer SSOOOOO good)
    the skill system so far - cannot fault it, enabling elective mode prevented me from wiping a few times as i was then able to balance my build. It feels right, and every level is fun - ooohhh a new skill - how does it work?
    while playing, I totally feel like a Nephalem....

    oh, and my wizzard is stacking vitality as well as int. dunno why id want to stack str, but if i wanted i could.... dont see ur gripe
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    posted a message on Code Red: Hamsters Down!
    Maybe blizzard have a cat in the server room?
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    posted a message on The Yellow River
    Ok, so far i have only got 1 character which i have levelled up to 18

    I have sold 3 Yellows on the AH, lent 5 to my brother plus 1 legendary, and have 4 in my stash.
    In the beta i saw only 5 or 6.

    Granted i have killed more bosses than you coukd in the beta, but a Legendary witch doctor helm dropped in act 2 from a pile of rocks.

    Anyone else experienced this?
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