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    The other thing you have to be careful about, but you didn't note, was not popping SS too soon. You suggest preemptively popping it, but if you do it at the wrong time (too early), you're likely to get caught with your pants down in that 0.5 second bridge between the time lingering fog's effect and cooldown end. If people are going to smoke screen glass cannon diablo's clones down, don't panic because it will get you killed.
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    When you do, run with stun. It lasts a lot longer than the tooltip would have people think, as you probably already know. It launches 8 bats, about one per second, and ends up stunning an area for about 8-10 seconds, and works on bosses unlike stampede (IIRC?, I used to use it at first but don't remember it having any effect on bosses) and nearly all, if not all, elites. It is VERY strong.
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    Quote from Cookiee

    Archon Armor Rare
    3 Socket
    200 vit
    200 dex
    80 all res
    10 max discipline

    or same with 1 hatred regen
    Not sure how high double vit, dex, vit+dex can roll, but I have seen stats above 200 on chests.

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    Tell me if I'm not being fair.

    Demon hunter, in general, especially while you're gearing up, is kill them before they kill you, spam smoke screen. Is it really a surprise to anyone that having more damage makes content easier when relying on smokescreen's mechanics seeing as how 99% of demon hunters get one shot by the weakest of mobs in acts 3/4.

    He won't teleport onto you if you don't touch the corners (inner and outer) of the level in any of the phases. You can see all this covered and more on an old existing topic where an *undergeared* player takes out diablo at http://www.diablofans.com/topic/46938-possibly-worst-geared-dh-inferno-diablo-kill-post-ss-nerf/
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    Though once you have enough damage you can just time some NT's within your smokescreens and kill reflect damage without dying anyways, so long as you're in a solo game and they don't have ridiculous amounts of HP.

    Still good point. Life on hit also useful affix to have more and more these days, as well as life steal, though lifesteal benefits even more from aoe attacks such as NT in most case scenarios.
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    Quote from StoneTheRock

    I'll try to adress the 2 main points of this post.

    1) SS. I take it. Then again, I am far from the OP's stats. I have 46k dps w/o SS, 114 with. In my case it makes perfect sense to roll with it.

    2) Entangling is GREAT. I used to run with caltrops because I found the use of a snare invaluable in certain situations. Instead, I replaced caltrops with the bat companion effectively making ele arrow the attack I go to 90% of the time. Entangling now serves as my snare for those tight situations with fast mobs or when I allow a mob to get too close. Sure, it's damage is pretty low but the projectile speed is still faster than ele arrow so it can be nice to finish off a target. I run with the 4s snare rune.

    The other problem with caltrops is that it depletes our all important discipline, which is almost always better spent on smoke screen, and the way demon hunters work, even if you have decent tank gear for now (I should know), is that you still kill them before they kill you, but it doesn't hurt to gain *free* damage, *free* snares, and *free* stuns, basically. Bats have a cooldown, but they cost nothing and buy time inbetween disc regen, prep cooldown etc, making them *an* ideal skill for a smoke screen build.

    I mean you can drop it before a fight like redhood once you have that high damage, and turret and not die often, but it's not the road I'm walking right now. Maybe once I can actually tank everything, I'll trade bats for 10% crit chance caltrops or mortal enemy mark.

    Prep and smokescreen seem too good to get rid of, even post-nerf to this day, though ultimately I bet anything people will be running bat companion, bait the trap caltrops, mortal enemy mark, with gloom shadow power to farm as quickly and efficiently as possible, but I don't think that day is here just yet, we'll have to see post 1.03.
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    Nether tentacles are strong. Theyare the highest single target and aoe target damage. People use hungering arrow with nether tentacles thinking "kill them before they kill you", using hungering because it is the highest damage (spam) hatred generator.

    Nether tentacles hits slow targets more times, potentially. If you don't believe me, try using NT on shire flowers, and then use NT on shire flowers under a 80% caltrops snare.

    Cull of the weak is amazing paired with entangling shot. Given the two points above, these skills have amazing synergy with Nether Tentacles. If you have high attack speed, high crit, or both, you've realized how little sharpshooter does for you. You're geared now, sharpshooter was great when you had 5% crit chance using a slow 2h crossbow, but those days, thankfully, are over. So gain 15% static damage with COTW, or gain an extra smokescreen with night stalker (if you have 38 max disc). If there are two targets, entangling hits for double normal damage anyways, *always* guaranteed, also out damaging hungering, especially since it buffs it's own damage (second shot+ beyond) by 15% damage.

    Gain damage, gain a snare, why aren't we doing this? No further explanation needed.

    "Nearly" every rune for entangling is viable:
    Chain Gang: aoe intense areas (less viable)
    Shock Collar: Recently buffed (stealth buff? pretty sure) to 58% weapon damage per second, for two seconds. If you pop one every two seconds it does optimal damage and keeps COTW buffed for NT. It's not really for spamming, but still great damage.
    Heavy Burden: Once you have huge damage, this is potentially the best option because you can kill things before running out of hatred is an issue, meaning more time spamming nether tentacle and fewer applications of entangling shot.
    Justice is Served: Benefits you more the faster you attack. It's very viable for me, since I use a bow and have a ton of attack speed.
    Bounty hunter: Not yet viable. Would need more gear, but I don't think it's even close to worth it vs the other options right now.

    Anyone else noticed this? Any problems with what I'm saying? Let me know whatcha think.

    This is more geared towards geared demon hunters, who like myself have enough crit/attack speed that sharpshooter is pretty much irrelevent, and those who not only have high damage, but are building a survivability set and don't like dying in one hit from random spears etc.

    I am currently rolling with listed stats:
    92k dps
    23.5% crit
    96% crit damage
    45k hp
    400-600 resist all
    2500 armor

    I am still sporting a beckon sail and boj anglers, and have far from perfect gear in other slots, though most of my gear is still pretty sick, to be honest. Ultimately I plan to replace my dinky, full out attack speed+dex items with high armor, high resist all, high dex, etc, and obviously everything can still improve beyond that.
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    posted a message on End game weapon? Bow or XBow?
    They are both great. Either are viable. If you are undergeared and are relying on sharpshooter I suggest crossbow.
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    "increased attack speed by" will work on existing armor in 1.03?
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    posted a message on Diablo 3: The Last Airbender
    Quote from nazzazzan

    I don't know if anyone has noticed but I swear alot of the voices in Diablo 3 sound like they we're on Avatar the nickelodeon cartoon.

    2 quick examples of which I can think of.
    1: The wizard sounds like Azula.
    2: The mayor sounds like and I am positive that it is the crazy guy who thinks he has a brother which is actually himself and sells the dirty fish.

    There are heaps more but Id have to concentrate and write them down.

    Does anyone else notice this?

    Yes. I did, immediately. Also the monk looks exactly like the airbenders in the series, especially the newer ongoing series.

    Also I noticed (or believe) that the nearby vendor in act 1 is the voice actor of Jiriaya from Naruto,
    the voice actor for the male wizard is the voice actor of the closet perv jounin specialist trainer in naruto.
    Covetous Shen in act 2 is the voice actor of the father goose in Kung Fu Panda, and if I'm not mistaken, shen is the name of the peacock actually.
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    Is it just me or do butcher runs and festering woods elite valor buff stacking yield the actual quickest actual gold on the ground from creatures? I mean things in act 1 seem to drop it so often. You can kill things there and practically never die so your gold goes up slowly over time and every once and a while you'll find a teir 1 or so item with good rolled stats like all resist vitality+ primary stat and sell that for a few million (for example).

    You don't find good weapons to sell in act 1. you basically identify them to vendor them.

    Act 3 and act 4 you probably die enough, in the process of gearing up, that your gold stays neutral, and once every few days you get lucky. I'm a rough patch where I've done 20 siegebreaker runs, maybe 4-5 valor stacked act 4+diablo runs and 10 shire runs and have found dozens of teir 3 rare armors and weapons but haven't rolled the right affixes on any one item, many potential riches but no such luck as of late. My second playthrough act 4 farming up to and through diablo, I found a 1300 1h sword that sold for like 50 million gold and since then my main has been made in the shade, it can farm anything though I have to wonder why I bother do it now that I can.... I hope they do a good job on pvp but I'm not holding onto any high hopes for it.

    Either farm easy content like act 1 and make small consistent gains, or farm act 3/4 and make no gains until you make a killing every once and a while. Get lucky. There's nothing more to it. They're nerfing all the gimmick farming spots. Resplendent spawn chances etc getting nerfed, chance of pots dropping gold getting nerfed, and some of the changes I either imagine are hotfixed and aren't, or were hotfixed and they didn't bother to bring us up to date.
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    posted a message on Tanking Diablo on Inferno (Video Included) by: Cookiee
    I'm holding onto my resist all stuff just in case, though this type of idea really can't be done without nearly every piece. You have a time limit against elites, unlike diablo who you can simply kite, and even 54k dps spammed through 6 glooms is just barely enough to handle some of the later elites in the game, and it's nothing you can't do with 6 smoke screens and higher damage alternatively.

    The gear is way too expensive for me right now, but very cool nonetheless.
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    posted a message on Why do DH's prefer 2h bows over 1h xbows?
    In other words bows deal more damage than xbows (assuming you're standing there firing unprohibited) until you reach ~30% crit. At 50% crit you'd be dealing +25% damage, 10% higher than bow.

    The difference really isn't all that big. Personally I've tried stuttering bows with ~just 2.7 attacks per second and it's very tiresome while I can normally do it or something close to it, and it's pretty fun to just shoot really fast, but I'm not even in full attack speed gear yet nor is the bow I use for funzies even have core increased attack speed on it, so even what I have is already too much, makes me want to lean towards a 2h crossbow for that reason alone.... I mean I'm going to be attacking about that fast in the end if I use the slowest possible weapon there is, and it is more than fast enough lemme tell ya. Stutter stepping with left click+shift attacks is really, really annoying beyond a certain threshold.

    It may look and feel cool, like you're a super hero with super speed, but I'm more of an old mannish type player. Plus I like the consistency of crossbow damage. Bows have a 800ish damage difference between minimum and max damage so as someone above mentioned you could crit for less than you hit...
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    posted a message on A question about attack speed (for bows)

    Weapons have Min-Max damage.
    They have a base attack speed, a bow's is 1.4 attacks per second.
    Above the weapon lists the DPS.

    My question is how the IAS% on weapon works with the ASI% on your gear. For instance, say you have two bows.

    Bow A)
    20%ias= 1.68 attacks per second

    Bow b )
    0%ias= 1.40 attacks per second

    Would 20% ASI% on your gear increase them both by "0.28' attacks per second further beyond that, or would it influence them differently, would it influence:

    Bow A by)
    0.34% increased attack speed

    Bow B by)
    0.28% increased attack speed

    Sorry bought a cheap bow (200 gold) with 10% IAS and tested, it is the later. Your weapon's total damage output is what's important in the end, the amount listed on top, because the attack speed is increased further the faster the weapon itself is (including IAS% on the weapon itself) by outside sources. 10% IAS on the bow (1.54 attacks per second on the weapon itself) added an entire .27 attacks per second with my outside ASI% from gear.

    This doesn't take into account gem slots or other misc stats on the item, however. Would delete topic but can't. Derp.
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    posted a message on Possibly Worst Geared DH Inferno Diablo Kill (Post SS Nerf)
    harsh, chill out dude he made a topic about killing diablo not farming all of inferno.
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