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    I'm about ready to just be finished with the game.

    1) I don't know why I bother farming, what's the point. Even when the pvp is installed it's just going to be a joke.
    2)After buying the collectors edition and playing religiously for hundreds of hours on multiple characters, and gearing them up the ways in which made most sense, I log on after a few weeks absence having been busy with life to find my item values slashed, my characters left feeling half as effective, and the value of gold being way down, very much inflated within such a short period of time.

    In the past I was an avid supporter of anything blizzard... Blizzard however has failed dealing with bots. They've wasted hundreds of hours of my precious time. They've failed to understand what "end game" really IS, and they've gone back against their word.

    "we want players to make overpowered builds and find overpowered items". What a freaking joke that was, what an incredible lie. Anything that is remotely "overpowered" gets nerfed the moment blizzard gets their little stat sheet for how the players are manipulating the game they made. "we don't want players to feel like strong builds will get the nerf bat" my ass.

    I am extremely fucking pissed. I also have a 60 barb with some decent items, but my demon hunter feels like a heaping pile of shit right now in comparison to a few weeks ago. I have better things to do with my time than spend hundreds of friggen hours playing a mother fucking game no less, only for all my "progress" to be turned on its head upside down in an instant.

    I expected more. I am disappointed and I will only be logging back into d3 sparingly when there is absolutely nothing else to do.
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    Watch out adon it's big brother PvM coming to tell you what diablo is and how to play it. Diablo deserves darker pastures.
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    posted a message on Am I the only one peeved about Magic Find socialism?
    Quote from CherubDown

    The only way to play with others as a Magic Find whore is to find 3 other Magic Find whores to play with...
    Could you not play with 3 kill rate characters and one uber stacked magic find whore in the background laying down some support/defensive(utility) skills or something which doesn't require high stats?
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    Quote from ecutruin

    Diablo 1-2 did work alright for its time. Unfortunately that was 12~ years ago. Games and gaming has evolved, you obviously have not evolved with it. Honestly, I'm quite confident that the average player wouldn't want to play with you at all... so I think Blizzard is doing the right thing reducing the incentives for more gamers like yourself. ^-^

    What like starcraft2, WoW, and other Blizzard-released games in this time period you mention? Players like us exist in communities like this for the express reason that all the blizz games leading up to this point have had and grown the player vs player community. We are the minority without feeling like the minority, because we are the "hardcore" who want a challenge and we know blizzard's pvm game by now. Out gear the opponent, beat the script gimmick a couple of times and it's yours to faceroll in the future. Then what, farm gear for the sake of having better gear? That's cool but it gets old, and so we quit and go to a different game which has infinite replayability for our liking.

    Anyone who has played the beta a lot, and quit or took serious time away because there was no point to continue playing for better itmes and there was nothing new to experience should understand what I'm talking about.

    The sad thing is, *like in this topic, I have made (2) topics with ideas taken even from across the isle so that the "PvM Player"'s experience will be left alone and people started arguing about resources and even turned on their own ideas for sad reasons like "people are too stupid/greedy, they will just want more and then ruin other people's experience in the end" (more or less), and for the simple sake of arguing then start playing social f'cking politics acting like victims of verbal-hostility when they finally egg people on too far while being uncompromisable just wasting the time of people who are actually trying to get something accomplished in the only place on the forums where that type of talk belongs, in the PvP forums.

    With that said this thread is different. This thread is going nowhere and had no chance even from the first post because of the topic title containing "vs". Upon reading the title people came into this thread, ignored the OP for the most part, and started geting angry and declaring what side they were on, seeking out like-minded player's attention. I think you have a lot of good points, but they are being ignored by most of the people posting here, as usual.

    Also I'd gladly play with or against someone like adon or vlad. The only things that kept wow and d2 charming for me WAS the open world hostility environment. I'm not suggesting that happen in open public games for d3, but I was a part of that pvp community where the mentality is basically "what's up" not "my gear score is so high I killed a dragon". I'd like to note that I vaguely remember playing against them a decade ago in d2 when I was a lot more childish and quick to anger, and despite that and because of it I'd much rather play with them than someone who can't handle having their manhood questioned.

    And to wrap it up let me say this. The public queue system creates assholes as bad as the griefers I hear about so often, they are basically closet-griefers. Why? Because there is no real consequence for skrewing around with people or not carrying your weight etc. What are they going to do, kick you out of a game if they notice you're not playing to their liking? There's nothing to stop people from being self-proclaimed elitist prick "bullies" either, or joining up with 2 friends and just griefing people out of games once the kick feature is added. Back when wow was a same-server community you had to be nice to people and earn people's respect. There were rivalries like nothing that exists today even in the arena over battlegrounds and territorial disputes and guilds. But what happened when they added cross server and later added pick up group queues cross server? The communities died and everyone became something of an asshat. You didn't need to be well liked, you just need to click a button and you're in. Your gear not good enough from a quick inspection, see ya later. Also the content got dumbed down enough, even the end game content, so that it was puggable by a group of completely random players. Back in vanilla and in TBC raiding was freaking hard, but carried soooooo much more gratification when you finally triumphed. That's gone now. The game is a joke in every aspect. You aren't being social by queuing into public quests, you're just looking for things to move around your screen like pets independent from you and hoping for a quick clear for exp and a bunch of convenient, easy to get loot (not too different from the queue system in wow nowadays). Are you seriously going to drop that epic chest piece you found to some complete random kid who's jerking off in the game? No, you're going to save it for someone worth your time or sell it yourself. With that said Diablo is not wow, but the fact remains that there is no real noteworthy consequence for being an ahole in d3 all the same, and I expect nothing more from the people playing in public games together. People ninja'd crap all the time in wow, and you could even roll on it and see every little thing that dropped. 999/1000 times people are going to keep anything of value they find themselves. If you were playing with actual friends however, it'd be a different story.
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    Here come the pet builds!
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    Melee typically have it rougher while continously fighting new content unless you get lucky and keep finding/making super gear. Keep in mind that melee, or at least the barb, will have more physical mitigation than other classes once we're getting the final tiers of gear especially. It shouldn't take THAT long to level up to 60 and begin attempting inferno and farming hell for random loot. It's the same for arena pvp.

    If you are undergeared as a melee, you will always be a primary, and easy target. Why? For the simple fact that you need to be in or near melee range to even hit things/contribute. So since you get hit more often gear that increases your survivability has a massive impact on the game around you. A few pieces of high tier loot and you can easily faceroll what used to be total mayhem, a few pieces of loot and you can live long enough to pick up globes or trigger a life leech skill again or get enough fury for a sweeping attack or stun etc etc.

    It really scales, damage is survivability too, for everyone, but armor mitation is especially important for the barb.

    With that said, in the BETA barb was the second easiest class for me to play through as(with constantly crafted bsmith gear), the witch doctor being the first and also ridiculously powerful in the beta. Who knows what the game will feel like later on though, the beta is a limited sample of skills/runes, gear and monsters.
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    posted a message on PvP should get more love
    Enabling duels or hostility in private games (only) may be the *best* solution I've heard so far. You only play with your friends/family in private games so you know what you're getting into and if someone is a douchebag what are they doing on your friend's list in your private game.
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    I'm a competitive gamer. When there is a legit competitive environment I will of course exploit any edge within reason, which requires basic efficiency. However in a game like Diablo 3 where the pvp will likely be a joke for a long time/always and at most a silly little ladder system for leveling which I couldn't care less about, I'll take my time, play a bit here and there with people I care to play with, sparingly meet and play with new people etc.

    The kind of gamer I am... Well, I usually prefer to check out the beautiful scenery and artwork in a game than rush through it. I like to submerge myself in the story and in the world.
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    posted a message on German Diablo site claims Blizzard has booked a holding area for Diablo 3 boxes
    I don't believe anything anymore! I can't be hurt again.
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    posted a message on [possible spoiler talk]Bosses
    Quote from TormentedDoss

    Did we kill Diablo or just the vessel for his soul? Does one become Diablo or does Diablo just possess this body so we have never killed him just his tools to walk amongst men on there plane
    I've been wondering this too. I never really took the time to read the monologue playing diablo 2/lod, and haven't purchased much lore either. But didn't we go to hell and kill him? When over the past year or so we've been told that hell is where the evils reincarnate and that they cannot be killed? So the person who wrote the new story probably had to keep that in mind and somehow make encountering diablo 2 significant in a way.
    I remember someone mentioned the possibility that diablo faked his death in order to crush the soulstones, which would mean he's the only prime evil that could supposedly still have a link to sanctuary through leah.

    Lore wise they are way bigger than Duriel/Bartuc.

    I didn't realize that (about Duriel anyhow, bartuc was just an assassin). I wasn't much of a magic find player, I wasted my time through steady aquisition of trading once I got a few good items, and cleared the cow level like an idiot to MF, joining 7 player games which did XP runs in a5 and whatnot.

    Visually duriel was seemingly the largest boss in the game lol.
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