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    Quote from Umpa

    A lot of the people complaining about not having competitive pvp are "competitive gamers".

    To me, a competitive gamer is a person who cannot play a game unless it involves competing with others. I know a guy like this. This person literally doesn't enjoy ANY game, unless it is "winning" at something with a defined score and opponent to defeat. The term win does not include beating a game. I'm talking about the guy who only plays games with a singular goal of winning.

    Opinion: These people completely miss the point of video games in the first place. They garner some misplaced e-peen pride from winning in-game, while completely failing or avoiding their lives. They crave this sense of self worth via a video game. If there is no such goal, the game is useless to them.

    Because of this, they do not actually enjoy the game. They take no time to appreciate the game itself. They take pleasure in one thing and one thing only. Winning.

    These people are not gamers by my personal standards. They're just people with unfulfilled dreams that they make up for, via winning in video games.

    From personal experience: They are rude, with no sense of sportsmanship(aka don't say gg when they lose and boast and gloat and antagonize when they win), and very trolly.

    However, I'm not saying that everyone who wants PVP is among this crowd. But they are certainly a part of the driving force behind it.

    Edit: Also, there is NOTHING wrong with competing via video games. I'm not saying that. I certainly have my own fair share of e-peen when it comes to some games like Halo and Wc3(sc2? ehh not so much). And we all know that competing is incredibly fun. It's the driving force behind online gaming which is so crucial to our ever evolving community of gamers. However, if competing is your only enjoyment..well..you read the thread.

    I was confused having read this, and here's why- you:

    -pretty much categorized most people who enjoy pvp into one category
    -made insinuations based off of (what I can only guess to be) what you've experienced to be the truth as an individual, personally concerning said category of players
    -those insinuations may/may not belong in a post talking about how players take the game too serious/personally, as they contain rants which an average man would read and see as "insulting"
    -you end the post saying that competition/pvp has its place (is a driving force) and that you yourself have enjoyed the competition and have experienced e-peen yourself

    I guess my point is you're trying to be in the right by agreeing with the masses, but in doing so you're contradicting yourself and appearing somewhat hypocritical and thus nonsensical, not that you're alone in doing so as I myself have been known to contradict myself time from time. But aren't you kinda just falling into the category of people who take the game too seriously/are too competitive by trying to make correlations between in game preference and peoples' actual lives, which are all incredibly complex and different?

    Putting the drama aside, in the end a video game is just another source of entertainment. It may operate differently with our psyches than say watching a movie/tv, but nothing can change the fact that playing a game is just drowning yourself in another form of entertainment for one reason or another, whether you randomly got addicted to video games, to releasing chemicals the entertainment makes you feel and putting the game down, or for the reasons you mentioned.

    Whether this is good or bad, who really cares. In the end if you really want to hate on any part of the community I suggest we point the finger at ourselves because in reality we could all be doing something better with our time than watch tv or play a game.

    And let's say you were right about competitive people. Is there something wrong with that? Seriously, what's wrong about being competitive, especially as a male? If you aren't competitive as a person and stand up for yourself and what you believe in you're basically just giving away your either(or all)individuality, pride, purpose, rights, etc.

    In terms of enjoying the game for what it is, I'm right there with you. I will approach diablo 3 the same way I approach any game, and do whatever I want/can so that it's enjoyable for me, and that's all there is to it. Can you really ask more from players of a video game, without sounding too serious/egotistical yourself?
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    Quote from Deventh

    I think your signature was the perfect visual backdrop while reading ^this.

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    Yeah, either something's going on or someone with a blue chalk crayon got a little short tempered/irritated.
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    Isn't it strange for them to go out of their way and specifically say they aren't going to announce anything at gamescon?

    Either they got ticked back at our depression resulting from the conference call flop or they're hinting at something. I mean not only is it vague for them to talk about it at all, but to talk about a specific date? Especially considering they're teasing us with the "this quarter, update your beta profile settings, the beta is coming soon" stuff.

    Despite all that I'm going to be realistic/negative and guess nothing big will be revealed up until the end of the quarter where they finally push even the beta back, and we're looking at a more realistic 2012 launch.

    Sc2 pushbacks scarred me for life! I can't be hurt like that again!
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    DH looks sweet! I'm planning to make one of everything but I'm thinking dh, barb and sorc are my choices, classic. (range snare/trap, melee face mash, glass cannon face melt). Hoping you can kite things like crazy in pvp with good character control.
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    Have u seen PoE thread? i counted 200+ new accounts created with first post just to get a shot for beta keys, and not 1 bothers to introduce em selves

    Haha, yeah. I looked at PoE and wasn't all that interested though, so I'm not one of them. Youtube channel did draw me in however, Force has been quite consistent with updates and it seemed like my own thoughts were being mirrored in what I heard in the podcasts for d3, which was cool.

    Good to meet you fellas
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    Heya folks, ran into the vods on youtube and they led me here, seems like a lot of work has gone into the ytube channel and this site/community so I'm excited to join ;) I've been dripping at the mouth in anticipation waiting for d3, biding my time playing starcraft 2. Played warcraft 2/3, Diablo II/lod, Wow, Starcraft/BW, and SC2 at respectable levels. Got into rts with AoE/Wc2 and fps with duke nukem 3D/Doom.

    I'm looking to focus on Starcraft 2 for some time now, waiting for heart of the swarm and also diablo 3 for some monster mashing since apparently it's not being made into a competitive pvp.

    While I'm sure you don't need me to tell you, let me know if I overstep my bounds at any point in time mods ;D

    Glad to be here! Hope to meet a lot of people, can't wait.
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