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    posted a message on The "new" content is not enough to get me to return.

    I hear you - but the show just started. I bet the developer panels talk about 2.5 and changes they are making to address the fans.

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    Hey friends - I wanted to share the link of a new podcast that I'm hosting with some clan mates. Our show is going to be aimed toward a lot of theory crafting, critical thinking about the game and the ideas we can come up with to celebrate Diablo. Our philosophy is to bring to light aspects of the game that can be different and then to make those suggestions and generate ways to improve the experience. We'll be posting questions here on Dfans for community response and share your responses on our show and discuss your ideas. If you are looking for a replay of news and our gaming experiences, this isn't the show for you ;)

    Thank you for listening and our next show will be recorded Sunday evening talking about the information coming out of Blizzcon 2016!

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    Quote from Karasu47»

    I wouldn't. There are too many unresolved plots left from Diablo 3. We aren't done yet. Imperius is begging to be put down, Diablo is running amock without a person trying to contain him, Dirgest is out of its Jewel, Lyndon needs to "have words" with his sister in law crusader style, and after looking at her handiwork in vanilla and RoS, I think we can expect a proper battle with Nereza as well,

    What we need is an expansion and as I have been saying for years now, the setting that would make most sense would be Xiansai.

    Why Xiansai and not saaaay Skovos? Welll......

    • The central theme is always a journey eastward so the Sanctuary version of the far east would be an ideal place for the final fight.
    • As the home of the wizard and Covetous Shen it is an important part of the backstory.
    • We know that Abd-al Hazir spent considerable time in Xiansai so bestiary entries and lore trivia are covered.
    • It is where several swords, bows, monk equipment, jewelry and 99% of the legendary gems come from.

    For final boss I vote Trag'Oul. He and his necromancers work to maintain balance. The Nephalem is an unstoppable demigod who killed the prime evil and the former head of the angiris council. He is a threat to the balance. Besides after we killed the head of the angiris council who was infused with the power of the prime evil and half the population of sancuary, I don't think anything beside a planet sized celestial dragon could pose a credible threat as a final boss. Of course we won't kill him, but we can still wound him badly.

    Also I'm pretty sure Tyrael will die. He has to. That's the point of being mortal. My guess is that after the Trag'Oul fight the dragons shoots and attack at us and Tyrael takes the hit. This convinces TG to leave us alone and Tyrael learns the final lesson of mortality.

    Absolutely wonderful advice and information here!

    I completely agree that there is a lot of story left to tell in Sanctuary and to further the good vs evil conflict away from the repetitive "battle Diablo" each iteration of the story. However, without some significant changes to the play style of Diablo 3 and foundational shits away from the min/max RNG hunt the game has become, I can't see more development being infused into this game.

    Any opinions on new systems, classes or something to change the paradigm of the game - in conjunction with the land of the Wizards/Sorcerers of Xiansai?
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    I'm asking this question for community feedback for a new, upcoming Diablo 3 podcast that will feature questions posed to the community and critical thinking about each topic, rather than just idle chatter about the game and news.

    So I put it to you - why do you want a D4 announcement? The main rebuttal I have is if a new game is announced in November of 2016, given development time for something new and ground breaking in the ARPG/Diablo franchise, you are looking at a potential release somewhere around 2018/2019. That's a very, very long time to wait with only D3 as your companion and patches, etc to keep you entertained.

    To which, imo, NO one would be satisfied any longer with D3 when the next newest thing is around the corner....a very, very, very long corner.

    Why do you want an announcement for a new game so early - what will keep you satisfied to play D3 for two to three years while you wait?

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    I just watched Quin69's video guide on Monk's U6 gameplay to "push" Greater Rift progression for the season. The sad word that I heard early on that made me sorta, mentally, give up on the Season is the fun word of "snapshot."

    If you haven't watched the video, a brief description; Monks are being encouraged now to fish for a GR with a Power Pylon somewhere near to the beginning of the first level of the GR. So that when you use the Pylon, the Exploding Palm skill of the Monk takes a snapshot of the damage and then you continue to piggy back the EP to new mobs throughout the GR. Even though the Pylon has worn off, your EP on existing mobs is still reflective of the increased DPS and you continue to spread that EP for the rest of the clear.

    Snapshotting was a thing in vanilla with Sweeping Wind and it made the game play feel as though you were only being effective if you could maximize a gimmick, or fault of the design, to progress.

    Between this and knowing that to come anywhere near the top 200, 100 or even 50 on the Leader boards of any given Season, you have to play at least 8 hours a day, just farming Paragon points to get the damage increase from your main stat...it makes me sort of not want to continue playing in the Season.

    There are a lot of fun things to do, build you character, get the gear, improve the gear to Ancient, etc. Build a different type of character, repeat the gear process. But what is the end result? Even with its faults, the AH/RMAH gave you another purpose to play, because you never knew when you would find that hot item to sell. The Leader boards give you another reason to play, except after a week, if you haven't played 10 hours a day - what's the point? So you make a build that maximizes experience gain and you drearily farm experience. So that when you are ready, you farm the perfect GR to use a gimmick to try and progress.

    Not rewarding game play for me. I'm curious if it is for others? Clearly the streamers and many others enjoy trying to beat out some sort of rank on the Leader boards, but is it really that rewarding? Does it make you awesome that you spend 70 hours or more a week playing this game, so you can say "I got to rank 1 because I have thousands of Paragon levels and spent days looking for the perfect GR to gimmick my way to the top!"

    I hope that Blizzard runs the risk of pissing off their popular streamers, by putting a cap on Paragon levels for Seasons and for removing the snapshot gimmick from all classes and skills. Snap shot the dps and simply code so the dps increase ends across all instances of where it appears after the appropriate amount of time has passed.

    So if you make it to rank 1 in a season, it's because you found great gear and used your skill and gear to make it to the top.

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    posted a message on Guide: How to start a new season. Fastest 1-70, Gearing and Paragon farming strategies.

    First off - fantastic guide! I like the hybrid strategy the best. I did a lot of PTR play and going straight Rift leveling felt a little slow given the propensity of crappy mob type/density. I think it ultimately feels faster to look for chests and bosses.

    Speaking of bosses - for giggles - assuming the "easy" bosses are Butcher, The Power Ranger Moth Chick and Cydea? Can't see Azz, D or Malthy being considered easy?

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    Quote from Shinna1989»

    Selling all the new Items/reworked Sets at a Vendor wouldnt help. Its even easier to get all the items imo. Wont be any difference in regards of Q Times. The Problem is just the limited amount of players/open games on PTR. Since all 3 Regions loggin on the same PTR Servers on US thats even more the bottleneck.

    Setup PTR Servers on all 3 Regions. You can only connect to the PTR where you BNET Account is registered. Should be much better in Terms of Q Times. Blizzard just needs to take care of 3 different PTR Installs which is just a question of menpower aka money. ;)

    I have to respectfully disagree with you.

    If the legos were sold by vendors, I think people would lose interest real fast. Just my opinion, but I think the vast majority of folks that are flooding the PTR for the drop buff, just want to run around seeing all those beams and hearing clang after clang. If you remove that element, I strongly feel that folks lagging the PTR will get bored MUCH faster and leave.

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    Dearest Lizard People,

    Right now a giant falace with spikes coated in cayenne pepper is being prepared for you in the after-life. Not the good after-life, the shitty one.

    Hope you enjoy.


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    Quote from shaggy

    The worthless ones (the ones that have no special property) are exactly the ones they dropped the ball on and we're upset about. You know, for the 3rd or 4th time. That's why it's getting a bit of a tiresome subject. Someone at Blizzard *had* to know that going live with dubious legendaries wouldn't sit well with us after all the hype that Loot 2.0 got. But they rubber-stamped it anyway.

    It seems as though the developers made the drop rate more of a priority than they did the quality of what was dropping. There is no Auction House, no trading - why not make them over powered? Why not at least make regular legendary items (with no special power) have eight affixes instead of six? Why didn't 2-handers see a buff in the EXPANSION to the first game where they were clearly broken?

    My money is that the developers are obsessed with balance. Meetings, discussions, play testing, more meetings, more discussions, more testing.....to trickle out a few items and proudly display them to the group.

    This is how I feel the developers are in DANGER of losing touch. They hide behind pen and paper instead of a game that is so much more than that. And yes to the argument, "well if they don't balance it you will have the community complain that its over powered." True - that could happen. But which is more likely, people who complain that only one class, one item makes them overpowered - or that there are many overpowered options to choose from in all classes?

    If the developers want to balance every single item, every single skill, every single class - they are going to piss off a lot of people that are waiting for them to get out of their meetings...
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    posted a message on 3 hours farming T3 Rifts + Kadala = 0 legendaries
    Quote from magier556
    Quote from Polrayne

    I am of the strong opinion (I can't prove it with direct Blue statements, so therefore I won't say it is a fact) that your characters/accounts are seeded with a luck rating upon creation. This lets the RNG system be a little more kind to some "lucky" folks and not so frequently kind to some "unlucky" folks.

    However there are just bad streaks of luck. The timer is there to prevent one from going on too long, but it doesn't mean that after a bad streak you will have a good streak. It just means that you get a lego every two hour or so.

    For instance - I have given Kadala thousands of shards and in return I have gotten one legendary item that soon transformed itself into a Forgotten Soul of Shame. Other folks have gambled 100 shards in front of me and walked away with 3 legos that were decent.

    OP - I know you are frustrated. I don't get amazing drops all the time or very frequently at all. I have two set pieces because the other few I have encountered weren't even for my class. Oh I did get a Blackthorne that had really, really, really bad affix rolls. But its just the way it is.
    When you start making theories like characters/accounts with a luck rating , think to yourself : why the hell would the game developer do this ever. There's your answer , they never did it. Notice how very often people who claim they always have bad luck often claim it's across multiple games. Most likely just ineficient farming or being very selective on what being lucky actually means.

    Yes , I gambled 14.000 blood shards to try get a witching hour , no I didn't get it. But if I only single out this event than ofcourse I might seem unlucky , but just singling out one event means nothing. There's also the day where I found 3 amazing upgrades that I still use as of today. Try looking a bit more at the actual good drops and focus less on the times you had bad luck.
    May I ask you the same question you asked me; why would a developer put a seed/luck rating mechanic into a game? I don't think you considered that for yourself before you responded to my statement. Let me answer your question - in a general sense and then you can tear apart my feelings as to how this general sense applies to the Diablo 3 system.

    Seeding a luck rating is actually a part of a lot of games. I know (very personally) a couple of lead game designers who educated me years ago on this mechanic. Its there so that when a game is launched there are players that immediately begin to gain access to the content available. Find the right weapon at the right time, go into the next area of content right away. Get your character to the furthest end point of the content because you are lucky - then make a new class of character and start all over again. This equates to something they call "fun." When people have "fun" they tell their friends about it, they go online and rave about it. People believe other people and they go buy the game for themselves to have "fun."

    For games that have an economy (like D3V did) this lets players immediately begin to find quality items (that have been designed on purpose to be of quality) quickly and begin to populate the trading system. Aside from profits that can be made by trading, this fast seeding of an economy also lets other plays (who aren't as lucky) see the items out there and it motivates them to continue to play. A low luck rating actually makes players invest their time longer and longer into the game. They will inevitably complain about the experience, but rest assured there are folks out there that will tell them "RNG is just RNG."

    RNG is too random in many cases to be uniformly the same for everyone. And if you actually STOP and consider what I'm saying, you might see another side to this discussion. If it is truly random for everyone, then at some point everyone is going to have a bad streak. If too many players had a bad streak at once, they wouldn't have anything to trade or sell. They would complain on the internet and other people might believe them. The general public would stop liking the game and start to hate it.

    And a final, general comparison to real world events that show you mechanics like a seed/luck rating is viable for video games; casinos. Ever hear the statement "the loosest slots around!" This means that by law the Casino has to pay out a certain percentage of their take to their patrons. If all the machines paid out at the same flat percentage then everyone has an equal chance of winning a jackpot or losing. So everyone could win at the same time (theoretically) or everyone could lose their ass at the same time. This would be bad for the Casino. So some machines have a higher pay out percentage and some are at the base. So when you are pumping in dollar after dollar and someone next to you sits down, pops in their first dollar and they win a jackpot and get all excited, the average player might think "my jackpot is just around the corner - better keep putting in these dollars!"

    It exists. I just don't say it that way when referencing this game, because unless I can link to a quote from a Blue, people tend to get all wonky on these forums when you state a theory as a fact.

    So after that analysis - do you Magier556 have any thoughts about what I've said that might be a little more diplomatic than your first post?
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