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    posted a message on How do skill damage bonuses on items work.
    Quote from Kamui1770

    skill and element% damage is factored into the same pool. It may not say on the sheet, but it is. 15% meteor + 15% arcane = 30% bonus. These are additive multipliers. They add up into the same pool and then get multiplied. In game sheet is quite insignificant. It doesn't tell you the effective damage or toughness.

    Area Damage is also NOT factored in. because that damage is relative to real time mob density. The only info that is given to you is 20% proc coefficient, 20 yard radius, and your splash damage pool. You can have 20% AD or 150% AD, you will always have a 20% proc rate.

    ultimately, you pretty much need excel, a calculator, or D3 planner up all the time or with you if you want to know how much dmg you do or will do.

    That is just not true.

    meteor% (rolled on items, not a legendary affix) is additive with itself and other skills like for example magic weapon or taeguk gem.

    they are additive since they are all in the category "damage increased by skills"

    element% is a separate multiplier compared to "damage increased by skills"

    so your example would go 15% meteor + 15% arcane = 1,15 x 1,15 = 1,3225 = 32,25% bonus.

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    posted a message on paragon..diminishing returns

    that's why it wouldve been the best even with the infinite benefit of paragonleveling to cut mainstat gain from 5 to 1 after paragon 800.

    easy solution while keeping the grind on...

    but it's hopeless at this point. +5 for each level is ridiculous.

    the augmenting helped a bit, even though it's also not the most interesting thing they've implemented it at least helps dedicated players to at least keep up to a certain degree and close the gap a bit.

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    posted a message on I wish D3 had more active player base on HC through seasons! (EU)

    used to play it alot but looking back at it I can say that I lost 90% of my chars to random computer/internet/whatever issues. not for my own gameplay "mistakes". I even tried it with that BS char losing ratio and noticed that there is NO excitement left if you can randomely lose anything.

    Never again. I don't call this a challenge but insanity to continue on this mode.

    If there would be a 100% safety net that you can ONLY lose your char to gameplay and nothing else then alot more people would play that mode.

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 Duriel fight sneak peek.

    I think you dont know what he's refering to.

    it's about the grabbing of your character

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    posted a message on Paladin & Amazon Confirmed According to this Insanely Accurate Leak

    i wouldnt care less about genderlock to be quite honest. the main thing that concerns me is the gameplay and the mechanics.

    I feel like the class name paladin and amazon would be boring. the theme can be similar to those respective classes in D2

    if they really wanna succeed with the game they cant build it entirely on nostalgic reasoning.

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    posted a message on Diablofans is back! ? !!!

    great news !

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    posted a message on Season 16 length doubled by Blizzard

    it's actually very good. dunno how I feel when the season themed buff ends ^^ it's weird. can't go back IMO.

    remove rorg and change sets to 2/3/5

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    posted a message on DiabloFans says farewell. Let's celebrate the good old times once more!

    those are some shitty news :/

    however thanks for all, especially the build creator. I used it alot. Looking for a decent alternative, any available?

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    posted a message on Help me out here ... totally confused!!!

    maybe partially the answer, because why would you want thank them? they were just farming and probably didnt care whoever joined.

    in the process taking away the best part of the game. being a noob and experiencing everything by your own from scratch.

    Being boosted and not knowing what it even meant is a bad thing and can ruin your overall experience.

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    posted a message on Idea for a new leaderboard: solo self found

    not so much. I'm regularly ranking within the top50 solo leaderboards of a season.

    Top10-20 early season.

    I mainly play solo, sometimes with a few friends (lacking lots of paragon thats why I always fall off the ranking later in a season)

    I always try to improve the meta builds (which to be quite honest is possible) and play it the way I like. However this is not to be mistaken with playing for fun everything that comes to your mind obviously. You have to stick to OP items. sets and skills.

    So I don't see the problem of the question.

    There is already a community made up solo self found leaderboard as far as I remember. I didnt bother with that since you need to take screenshots of your achievements and GR pushs and such for them to be valid. I'm just lazy I guess...

    The founder of this SSF leaderboard I think was Leviathan. He has some youtube videos about it and is one of the "Westmarch Workshop" guys. Correct me if I'm wrong, not 100% certain xD

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    posted a message on [2019] Upcoming aRPGs
    Quote from Zoenova»

    Diablo 2 MXL - Blizzard will take it down.

    PoE 4.0...when?

    Torchlight Fronties P2W

    Wolcen been in alpha/beta for five years still only have one act.

    Pagan Online...sounds like a loot box game from looks of opening trailer. P2W probably

    Where is the massive year?

    while some of your statements might be true, that's a very pessimistic comment...

    I still wish I could get into PoE. But I just can't. Gave it even a 3rd chance some days ago.

    That D2 mod is promising. I will give that a shot.

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    posted a message on My New Class Concept: The Nomad ("Desert Druid")
    Quote from WordMaster»

    Quote from Foensh»

    There are many good ideas but there will be no more big updates anymore.

    So don't waste your time making all of this. It's sad but true but Diablo 3 is dead.

    I'm making it mostly for my own sake. I'm the type of person who can't stop thinking about an idea until I write or type it out, and I've been thinking about this one for a while since I haven't had any free time to write. Don't worry, it's not a waste of time to me ^_^

    Which ideas in particular did you like?

    Very creative ideas there. I read to most of the active skills and they pretty much all would just fit perfectly in the game.
    I could also read that you are passionate about it. that is what it's all about. do what you want and don't care if it's needed or whatever. It's what actually brings the most joy in life.
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    posted a message on [Poll] Season 15 Theme

    out of your list "no set items dropping" is BY FAR the most interesting, the rest is pretty much almost the same. Double goblins, is like a 10-20% faster progress early season, but overall has no real impact on the game.

    We shouldnt get all too excited about themed seasons. But at least it's something. I expect xp buff and double blood shards as themes going forward. So nothing to get crazy about ;)

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    posted a message on Bored out of my mind this season and of course this drops...

    for a primal kinda bad rolls since it's the worst you can get (100 chd and socket are fixed for primal travelers pledge) ;)

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    posted a message on EU Challenge 36 impossible?

    I also finished it today in 6:30ish. But to be fair I tried it alot. It's a really difficult challenge.

    Also it should be obvious that first you need to get used to the build, which 1) is not everyones taste and 2) is pretty difficult to get into. At least when you wanna be efficient, which you need to be in this CR.

    Compared to wudijos original run I think it's better to grab the shield and immediately go the lower pathway in the battlefields. There are 4 elites pretty close with alot of density as well. It's really one big chunk of progress you can make during this period, especially with shield (since I think it's very difficult to survive the battlefields mobtype without it)

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