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    Quote from Kamui1770

    skill and element% damage is factored into the same pool. It may not say on the sheet, but it is. 15% meteor + 15% arcane = 30% bonus. These are additive multipliers. They add up into the same pool and then get multiplied. In game sheet is quite insignificant. It doesn't tell you the effective damage or toughness.

    Area Damage is also NOT factored in. because that damage is relative to real time mob density. The only info that is given to you is 20% proc coefficient, 20 yard radius, and your splash damage pool. You can have 20% AD or 150% AD, you will always have a 20% proc rate.

    ultimately, you pretty much need excel, a calculator, or D3 planner up all the time or with you if you want to know how much dmg you do or will do.

    That is just not true.

    meteor% (rolled on items, not a legendary affix) is additive with itself and other skills like for example magic weapon or taeguk gem.

    they are additive since they are all in the category "damage increased by skills"

    element% is a separate multiplier compared to "damage increased by skills"

    so your example would go 15% meteor + 15% arcane = 1,15 x 1,15 = 1,3225 = 32,25% bonus.

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    it's actually very good. dunno how I feel when the season themed buff ends ^^ it's weird. can't go back IMO.

    remove rorg and change sets to 2/3/5

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    Quote from WordMaster»

    Quote from Foensh»

    There are many good ideas but there will be no more big updates anymore.

    So don't waste your time making all of this. It's sad but true but Diablo 3 is dead.

    I'm making it mostly for my own sake. I'm the type of person who can't stop thinking about an idea until I write or type it out, and I've been thinking about this one for a while since I haven't had any free time to write. Don't worry, it's not a waste of time to me ^_^

    Which ideas in particular did you like?

    Very creative ideas there. I read to most of the active skills and they pretty much all would just fit perfectly in the game.
    I could also read that you are passionate about it. that is what it's all about. do what you want and don't care if it's needed or whatever. It's what actually brings the most joy in life.
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    I agree. thud or bot, they are all cheats so they all should get the same punishment. first people need to realize that and delete any other software that enhances d3 in any way.

    the next steps would obviously for blizzard to react and ban accordingly, afterwards we could ask for some legit features to be implemented in an upcoming patch. some useful things that for example thud delivers right now.

    one can dream, ...I fear it just wont happen.

    look how blizzard handled the last NS cycle. people were essentially encouraged to exploit.

    What I'm saying is that I have not much hope for such a petition, especially if the community is pretty separated about what is legit and what is not. What's more important and what's less... it's not really a strong message.

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    well done. I don't think many people wont bother but it clearly shows again how bad looking for pools actually is. especially if you're low paragon.

    One additional issue with LF pools is that even though it's not XP/hour related you miss out on finding a certain amount of possible item drops / gem upgrades / mats. (time you could spend in the next rift or GR)

    I usually skip them all together during a season. Wouldn't bother before 1,5k paragon at all. It's just a nice to have bonus if you're running some normal rifts anyway and gather pools on the run to do some GRs afterwards.

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    posted a message on Challenge Rifts - A missed opportunity or an unfinished mode

    I agree that's the only thing I like about them, too. However the builds that came up (especially right after they were introduced and I checked them every week) were so messy it wasnt even funny to run most builds. Like Archon builds with no CDR, no Ressource regen ouside Archon. Just an example. No synergy whatsoever in those builds. Dull, stupid and no reason to play them at all. Even a pain to get those 5 min runs done.

    The original runners most likely came up with those builds while farming items and having no clue what else to put in cube, which items to use... or still farming those meta related items and on the way just putting placeholders in those missing slots...

    Blizzard announced CRs in a way that I thought we would see something like this:

    builds with interesting ideas using synergies of the selected skills/items. while not being top builds but still trying to make them work in the best way possible (zombie charger wd, spectral blade wizard, weapon throw barb, you name it...). no useless items equipped, no stupid gameplay because the original runner had no clue about the game, and so on...

    That's not the case. Not even close. That's why it's utterly disappointing and a waste of time to me.

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    tbh any zodiac variations of MH Vyr'Rasha builds are inferior to CoE.

    so it shouldnt even be listed here. I mean the end of the S9 has showed this not only in groups but also solo. zodiac is only good for speedrifting and speedgrifting (and even not so much, cus you should use in-geom effectively there)

    Wiz even came pretty close to Gen Monks this season. I hope OP is right and we get 2-3 classes that perform close to equal, so that there will be some variations in group play. It's sad enough, that WD AoE Clear aka Firebat is fixed the 4th season in a row.

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    Quote from Hellgate2038»

    Does nobody realize that this is actually a good thing?

    Paragon will now be even less important considering the diminishing returns on mainstat...

    This is a step in the right direction people!

    Exact the first thing I thought.

    Same was when they announced Caldesanns...

    It's about the grind yeah, but it's Diablo.

    I rather search for a primal ancient item than mindlessly farming paragon.

    But lets be honest it only diminishes the gap between 24/7 players and players (like me) who are efficiently playing between ~3-8 hours a day.

    Players with less playtime or determination will still suffer from this. It's why I can understand the mostly negative feedback.

    But in the long run it's a minor improvement to the game, especially if you're mainly playing NS.

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    Quote from Psyborg»

    Each class has a role, if you know that role that is the basics. This is not skill. If a Barb does not know how to pull and when to pull he doesn't know his basic role, etc. for the rest. This is not rocket science..

    Get the best Wizard in knowledge, since Wizards are the DD, so the runs are more dependable from Wizards, with 1k paragon and with 2k paragon, who both know how to stack twisters and how to position and with the same 3 supports and same maps. Who will get further?

    I will tell you, the 1k will get ~92 and the 2k ~102

    Wont agree with you here.
    As I said. I was the wizard in my grps and it was a huge difference when I compared the people I played with. Same for the wizard of course (only that I dont had the experience for that matter). I know it's no rocket science but I can only tell what I've experienced with the people I played with from so called "high end grift communities"
    Of course the grp with the 2k p wizard will get higher than the 1k p wizard (with same 3 support people). But when both wizards would in theory be played by the same guy then the difference would be more like maybe 2 griftlvls at most.
    the 10 lvls could be the case if the 1k wiz is less experienced, has worse gear, caldasanns and not only the 1k paragon levels of stat points are missing. But with your example it's more like 2 grift levels NOT 10.

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    posted a message on Paragon 10000!


    maybe some "basic skill" yes. But trust me the diablo community is full of people unwilling to learn basic stuff, or just not trying (or dont wanna try).

    At the end of the season I ran many 4 man grps (usually Im a solo player) with my wizard (so I was more or less the only paragon dependant class).

    There was a huge difference between running 85, 90, 95 or 100+ just depending on what the barb/monk/wd did right or wrong.

    Sometimes it was a struggle to do 90 and sometimes 99 was a 100% clear in time.

    So yes, experience and proper play was a much more deciding factor than paragon was.

    You could argue that it's only about the paragon when you always play with the same people who you know what they're doing. Then yes, paragon (and gear) of the DPS class is more or less the only thing you can try to improve to get higher in grifts (beside of RNG of course)

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