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    posted a message on What's the point of Loot 2.0 Patch ?
    As the estimated release date is unknown, I guess just as everybody else that this patch will be released not too far away from the original expansion, so question is, what will be the point of this patch ?

    I mean, you won't seriously farm level 60 gear when expansion will come out a month or two after ?
    I don't think that this patch will bring back too many people since the gear you will get in the patch will be useless anyway, considering new level cap in the following expansion.

    I'm not sure why are people so excited about it when it won't change anything...
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    posted a message on What's up with D3 ?
    Past couple of months, news on diablofans and official site have turned into something that majority of people would find completely useless, stupid and childish.

    Whenever I visit this or official site, I'm expecting to see some news regarding PC (real) version of Diablo 3, some progress or good news but only thing I m seeing is utter useless crap connected to lame costumes, lame toys for little boys and bunch of stupid shit that doesn't help in resurrecting this game, not a bit.

    It makes me feel bad seeing fail Activition Blizzard passing all the news about console version of the game while the real version is completely demolished, boring and just too bad.

    Not sure if you feel the same way I do but there's literally nothing useful to read around here except seeing little nabs being excited about PS3 version which sucks ass anyway.
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0, discovering its true potential.
    Ideas are great and there is only one thing I would change there.

    I'm not sure why people force Gold so much. Whenever I see someone using mystic, it requires millions of gold to upgrade some items, that's just stupid.

    Involve better game mechanics to upgrade items, to find certain materials, I don't know why is everyone forcing gold and Chinese farmers so much.

    I don't want to farm endlessly and beg Gods for some drop so I can sell it for bunch of gold and upgrade my item. Upgrading items should be completely separated from Gold. Not everyone is getting billion worth items. I have over 1300 hours played and I m farming mp10 for past couple of months and I never got item worth more then 50 mils. Not everyone is lucky and have 160 million gold (just giving an example from your post) to upgrade an item.
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    posted a message on "Singler" enhanced diablo 3 experience
    Your thread failed at the point where you said "You can't trade with your friends".
    Game has been out for over a decade and you still haven't understood the main concept of it.
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    posted a message on The Devs on the Past and Future of Diablo: Full Interview
    It's a free to play game, we all had enough fun for 60$ already so we can't be unsatisfied.
    Game is far from being what we all expect, sadly, we ll have to wait, who knows how long.
    A year or more I assume.
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    posted a message on Self Founders UNITE
    You do realize Diablo was always and always will be a single player game, therefor, why the F do you care how people play ?

    This game is not competitive, never will be and never was, therefor, play it the way you want, no one gives a single tiny crap.
    I m seriously sick of people trying to get some attention by such lame topics.

    "Self founder unite ", wtf ?!
    Unite in what ? In self finding items ?
    Christ fucking sake.
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    posted a message on So, whats the story with 1.09?
    Blizzard should focus more and make skills usable while moving, which means that I can run with my WD while casting locus, haunt and any other dot skills.

    Also, they should work more on these DoTs I mentioned and therefor there should be a viable DoT build when it comes to WD. Other then using pestilence rune with locus for massive pulls (mostly in weeping hollow now), DoTs are almost useless. They should either buff it's damage or simply change runes to provide something more useful.

    I wonder how long it will go like this. For 2 months we ll play one build, then they ll buff something else then we gonna play that build etc... I m playing WD since day one, over 1k hours played, I've tried every single build and made some and right now playing anything but firebats build is completely stupid. Build is completely overpowered and therefor there's not even a close build that can deal that massive and effective damage.
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    posted a message on Spirits walk with me - Pure Spirit Build
    No offense my friend but I suggest you to first beat inferno and get known with the class before you decide to write guides about it.
    Your build is only visually nice, other than that, completely useless unless you are at MP1, which I think you are, judging by your gear.

    Thanks for the effort tho :8)
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 1.0.8 firebat /locus/zombie bear complete guide ! by Turk
    When I saw that you have 2 minutes CD skill at your left click, it instantly made me stop watching the video.
    Now, for sweet sake, could you please explain me why ?
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    posted a message on A very hot czech girl stream :D
    Quote from HanGtimEr

    I'm paralyzed and stream Diablo 3 - Give me 7000$ Dollars

    Oh wait... we already had that

    I haz tits - give moneyz !

    Ding! $$$

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    posted a message on A very hot czech girl stream :D
    "WTS my gender for few bucks"
    "I'm a girl making non-porn video, give me money"
    "Need money for a new PC so I can suck more on higher detailed graphics"

    Christ, so fucking sick of these streams and donations. Go out, educate and find a real job. Fucking completely useless retards trying to do nothing and make profit out of it. dammit
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    posted a message on A very hot czech girl stream :D
    Went to a stream, saw a random girl with the tattoo...
    Where is the hot one ?
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    posted a message on North Korea - a formidable enemy?
    There's no place on earth where USA came without bringing misery, death, doom, illness and war.
    There's no country on earth other then maybe England who loves USA.
    There's no place on earth which by majority doesn't wish all the worse for USA.

    That country brought so much evil past century that it makes me wonder, for how long will world suffer that ?
    Country that used 2 atomic bombs, war in Vietnam, Syria, Libya, bombed Serbia, half of the middle east etc.

    Every educated and intelligent person knows why. Drugs, oil, selling weapons and all the other resources which makes them pure evil.

    I completely support any country which is against America. I personally don't think anything bad against the normal people who live there but end of their government will come, we all hope.
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    posted a message on D3_from_Alpha to Final_
    What most of the people don't realize is that they've lost so much time building and working on different interfaces while they completely forgot that itemization, content, pvp, builds, characters etc are what people what. No one gives a single tiny crap about how the certain button looks like, we want content and pleasure.
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    posted a message on Just hit almost 600k dps!
    Quote from Koboldius

    Quote from FuriousBalls

    When I see that someone has 500 mil worth gems, I instantly stop reading the post. Makes me feel sad seeing people who rape their credit cards so hard still post and show off on the forums. Jesus Christ.

    Why does someone automatically use a credit card when he has marquise gems in all slots. I also have the 62 gems in all of my slots. Because you dont have the gold to craft them and others are better than you in getting gold due having luck or for the reason that they are just good at playing the ah doesnt mean everyone is paying for the game.

    My neighbour for example has so much luck in this game that he found a witching hour at the very beginning and sold it for 800m or just a few weeks ago he found a ring that he sold for 4 billion.

    Well if the only way for YOU to get these gems is using your credit card.... Thats another topic :D

    A guy who has one character, 6k elite and 160k monster kills has best gems in game, not to mention other billion items he has.
    I have 41k elite kills and 800k monster kills and I m not even close to maquise gems. I have over 1200 hours played and never got a single item that's worth more then 50mils, just as most of other people.

    Simplified enough to you now ?
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