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    posted a message on Self Founders UNITE
    You do realize Diablo was always and always will be a single player game, therefor, why the F do you care how people play ?

    This game is not competitive, never will be and never was, therefor, play it the way you want, no one gives a single tiny crap.
    I m seriously sick of people trying to get some attention by such lame topics.

    "Self founder unite ", wtf ?!
    Unite in what ? In self finding items ?
    Christ fucking sake.
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    posted a message on A very hot czech girl stream :D
    "WTS my gender for few bucks"
    "I'm a girl making non-porn video, give me money"
    "Need money for a new PC so I can suck more on higher detailed graphics"

    Christ, so fucking sick of these streams and donations. Go out, educate and find a real job. Fucking completely useless retards trying to do nothing and make profit out of it. dammit
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.9 Preview, a dream...
    It's sad that people on the forums got million times better ideas then people in Blizzard who are payed for ideas.
    Great post man, keep it up.
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    posted a message on Kripp and Alkaizer talk about Diablo 3
    Not sure why are people getting insulted by them. Every single thing they say is completely true and I'm pretty sure all of you are aware of it. The way they are saying it might sound kinda egoistic but keep in mind that those no lifers who are saying it are the best at what they do, games, so I m pretty sure they are right.

    D3 is completely poor in almost every aspect expect combat and as it is now, I m afraid that it will keep loosing more and more people every day. Why I still play it ? Cause I have pretty nice life and I don't have time to switch another game every month.
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    posted a message on So whats the point in playing anymore? (constructive no flame please)
    What I've been trying to understand lately is the question: "Is there point in playing SOME game" ?

    So before I give you my 2 cents, could you please tell me, what would be the answer to this question ?

    "Point in playing some game" ?!

    The point of GAMES is probably found in it's word and it means play, have fun. If you don't have it, then I simply don't understand why are you still questioning it ?

    Diablo 3 is not like Diablo 2, maybe because of the gameplay and probably because you got too old, just the way I did, since we played D2 like a decade ago, so you might also want to question that...

    I wonder when will people realize that games are just games and if you loose yourself into it, I m afraid your life gonna suffer a lot. Log in here and there, kill some mobs, play with your friends (if you have them) and simply log out and do million of other things that you can, for example, job, book, girls, friends etc. Games went too far, or at least people took them to serious.
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    posted a message on You Decide PoE or D3?
    Quote from Xpire

    Quote from FuriousBalls

    Diablo 3 is unfinished game, therefor comparing it to anything is just stupid. Diablo 3 has a lot of potential but I m afraid it will pass a lot of time until we get the product we deserved.

    Not sure how that is a good argument considering PoE Is in opend beta and Diablo 3 is officially the game.
    Considering you had to pay for it and all. Whorst. Argument. Ever.

    Exactly buddy, that's why PoE is still in beta stage, it wasn't released the way Diablo 3 was, unfinished.
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    posted a message on Players quitting after 1.0.3
    People are not leaving the game because of attack speed or any damage nerfs, you got it a bit wrong.

    People are leaving the game because of simple things they got bothered with :

    1. Drop rate is ruined and game is completely broken now. Farming is completely useless now, unless you want to vendor everything you get.
    2. People are annoyed with RMAH and AH. I personally don't have anything against those but it would be better without them probably.
    3. There are so many broken classes, broken skills and so many bugs.
    4. There is no end game for hard core players. This is not D2, this is not time of gaming from 1999. This is 2012 and people like challenges, end game content and rewarding system.

    So once again, there are many issues with the game and damage is the last problem. I m personally still playing game even tho I cleaned entire content 3 weeks ago. Loot is currently broken as long as many other things. I m not a flamer, QQ'er or anything like that.

    I m not fan of blizzard nor any other gaming company. I play games I like, I don't care who made them. Be realistic and don't look at the game subjectively.
    I hope blizzard will fix this game soon cause game itself has a lot of potential to rock and roll.

    Have fun
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    posted a message on Everyone complaining
    Quote from Cruzlah

    How about before you start flaming people for complaining about a class, you give examples on how they are wrong. You can't just say dumb shit and then not give examples on how they are wrong. Since apparently lots of people need to learn to play, why don't you give us your build and the stats that you build for.

    Instead of OP, I will answer your question nicely.

    I'm clearing Act 3 and Act 4 for 20 days with EZ mode.

    I never used Bears, I never used fail forum builds and any dps build you make such is locust, haunt, zombie wall will work.

    Just as OP said, if you are bad, reroll or learn to play. I killed diablo on Inferno 3 weeks ago. If you can't pass Act 1 then you really need to quit the game or just question your IQ.
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